Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mary 40: Søren Pind Licks the Royal Arse

Evidently, Mary tilting her head 45 degrees when being spoken to by Africans lifts them out of poverty, gives them employment training and options, and ensconces them in a safe environment with everyone putting down their guns and picking up their briefcases and self-esteem. It's better than the fairies that fly out of her arse every day at noon! Either someone has a big, big crush on a very masculine, rapidly aging, opportunist and arriviste, or someone really, really wants an Elephant. In a blog entry today for the pro-monarchy broadsheet Berlingske, Søren Pind writes with stunningly sick affection for Crown Princess Mary on the occasion of her birthday. Mr. Pind was Mary's escort to Africa after she decided to bail on Daisy's well-planned summer boat tour that she and Derfy took with the twins with all sorts of fun pratfalls along the way like the awkward photo session in the klits (dunes) and the very awkward kiss through 1/2 metre thick glass at a fish tank.

Article: 7 February Berlingske blog entry

In an unlovable time it is good to remember that grace exists. In a time when among intellectually gifted people it has become fashionable again to question everything - faith, hope, love and royal family - it's good to know that some people fulfill their role. That they discover a concept like Denmark. And to find people who personify and represent our country.

In such days minds naturally wonder to our Crown Princess, to our next Queen that one must believe fully complete. A mother, as you get from the articles. The Crown Prince's life companion. A symbol. It's a peculiarly good choice that the Crown Prince has made. When a part of the elite are busy giggling over his speeches, and make fun of his performances - as a future king he toils, no, he works. That's what he does - you could in a more amiable moment notice the wise choice that our crown prince took his time in making. Not least right here with me.

I have experienced the Crown Princess in a variety of contexts, as most know. Her empathy for Danish efforts for the world's weakest in the guise of development assistance. Her close contact with the women who have been victims of the terrible disease fistula. I experienced first hand when she - in her capacity as patron of a UN program - and I met women who suffered and then healed, who talked about their harrowing stories about everything from rape, to the birth of the child, the exclusion from family and village because of the stigma associated with women holding high positions, the loneliness of travel as modern leper and hope.

Hope is kindled by stories of Western-sponsored hospitals that can perform complicated surgeries. The long journey of the Apostles horses. Redemption. And the return back to life among family and friends. As she sat on the edge of the seat, she took them in. Talked with them. Comforted them. Gave them coffee. Touched them. Magic.

When the elections were called [last fall], I was on the way to the Horn of Africa and was trying to focus on the hunger catastrophe there. I had invited the Crown Princess to come along, and the day after our arrival, the plan was that I should participate in a live transmission from Adis Abbaba in a large tv telethon that was promoting progress.

We stopped over in Amsterdam, and got the message that the elections had been called. There were doubts about whether the journey could continue, so a call to the Foreign Secretary showed that we could, but now with a minister who could not "fill up as much" as had been expressed. Imperceptibly, the Crown Princess stepped forward, and the minister stepped back. The night after she completed - to the onlookers jubilation, including Danish journalists - a flawless live interview to the entire Danish population, instead of me, which resulted in tremendous support and many additional millions. It was the first live interview in the royal house's 1000-year history.

By traveling around meeting with people in appalling circumstances, dying and diseased children, suffering parents, it came again. The magic. And you might, just as politicians see from the outside, welcome that the royal family made the decision to let her take the extra step forward, pleased to know that she never could have otherwise delivered it, rejoicing that Denmark could be proud to send the best we had.

In times where there is the strangest attack on the monarchy one can say that no other system can replace the presence, cohesion and grace which is reflected here.

Your Royal Highness: you made an effort - work - that makes a political man proud of his country. You, alongside your husband and your family, do something that nothing else could replace. You make a difference. For Denmark. And for the powerless, poorest and most oppressed people on earth. Therefore, we owe you thanks. Happy Birthday.


  1. Søren Pind, the now deposed Søren Pind, had a vile agenda during his (gratefully) short stint as Minister for Integration, a position he inherited after the law breaking battle axe Birthe Rønn Hornbech was fired, and that was to rid Danland of all foreigners by fair means or foul, - so that barfworthy crap on FB about Yrma is in the grotesque league, maybe his head is still up Yrma's orifice.

  2. Very appreciated commentary from "on the ground", lupina! Thank you. Danish xenophobia is probably not helped by such a loser Crown Princess, after all is said and done. Pity anyone non-royal without an EU passport or Danish skills. It must be so difficult for people like Søren and that nasty little racist Pia Kjærsgaard among others, to be so right-wing-y, monarchy loving and yet have to tolerate Daisy's non-Danish wifey-poo requirements.