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Bravo!: Prince Henrik And a Danish Rock Group Collaborate On a Recording of the King of Thailand's Original Piece, "Echo": Royal and Artistic Sensibilities To Honour Friends and Help Wildlife

Fantastic effort by Prince Henrik who recently collaborated with Michael Learns To Rock and Michael Hanson to record "Echo", a piece written by the King of Thailand himself. King Bhumibol is a noted jazz musician (saxophone mostly) who has played with Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Prince Henrik is a noted poet and pianist, and he tickles the ivories for this gentle and Asian-inspired melody (link to YouTube below).

In 2012, musician Hanson was invited to the Copenhagen Zoo by a former Thai ambassador to Denmark to celebrate the 50 years of the Thai elephant at the zoo. Prince Henrik's opening speech at that event inspired Hanson to "produce an audio CD as a gift from Denmark to Thailand to celebrate the relationship between the two countries", according to the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce. In August in Bangkok, Hanson presented Princess Sirindhorn with the CD as a gift to her father the king.

The music on the CD contains 2 tracks, the first is the poem Le Fleuve written and recited by Prince Henrik. The second track is "Echo", written by King Bhumibol. Both pieces were recorded in Copenhagen. Hanson said that he found Prince Henrik's poem very relevant for the essence of the relationship between the two countries. Hanson hopes to have a live performance of the music from the CD.

The profits from the sale of the music will be donated to an elephant foundation in the Surin province to support the elephants and the workers.

Bravo, Monsieur le Prince! This is a perfect example of noblesse oblige! Fred gave up on his piano lessons as a child, and when he's in Thailand, you'd be more likely to find him on Pat Pong Road!

Michael Hanson

Article: Euroman

People meet and make beautiful music together, as they say. And sweet music is certainly arisen in a new number, which is the result of a somewhat unusual collaboration.

His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, along with Michael Learns To Rock and music producer Michael Hanson recorded the track 'Echo'. And as if that phrase does not contain enough surprises (Prince Consort plays the piano! Michael Learns To Rock is still there!), a musical number has been presented as a gift to the Thai king, Bhumibol Adulyadej.

'Echo' was in fact originally composed by King Bhumibol, who is a highly regarded jazz musician and composer. And now the Danish emsemble led by composer Michael Hanson recorded a number of new and donated it to the thailanske king. According to the press release HRH the Prince Consort played the piano, and his particular piece of "binding instruments beautifully together." There is not a dry eye in the house.

This piece will be put up for sale on iTunes, 2 October. Until then, you settle for a recording of 'Echo' from Youtube
: Echo by Prince Henrik, Michael Learns To Rock, Michael Hansen

Sportif!: Derf at the EM Volleyball Championship Awards Ceremony: Despite the Homeless, Depression Beard, He Continues To Be Happiest Without Madam and Near Sports Venues

Fred was present yesterday at Parken in Copenhagen for the European Men's Volleyball Championship. The Russian team won and Derf gave them their trophy. My, Derfie's pixie size really is in stark contrast to these Russian giants! Half credit for being at a sports event without lycra or a number attached to his shirt.

Photos: Keld Navntoft, Scanpix

Yrma In Odense To Open A New University Hospital: Looks A Bit Sobered, But Picks Up That Microphone With Ease: Can You Hear Me, Now?

"I'm back, baby!"

Returning to Denmark triumphant from her world stage debut Awake the first morning of true gender equality around the globe due to her powerful 2 minute speech in Central Park Jetlagged and poopy looking from a lack of meaningful, positive attention from either Mr. Bach or the mother-f*cking WORLD, Mary headed out to Odense to open a Hospital + Innovation Congress at the Radisson Hans Christian Andersen Hotel where fairytales come to die. From a stage with Bono and the President of Malaysia to a building with sick people in the countryside in the span of two days. Life's a bitch.

At least someone measured her wasp waist on camera so that all the jealous bitches can read those low numbers and weep! A sister's got to get something out of an early morning visit to the provinces!

Video: TV2 Fyn



Photos: Frank Weirsøe

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sportif!: Freddles Rides His Bike In the Forest While Mary Tries To Be a Global Celebrity Hypocrite In NYC: Who Is Taking Care of the Kids In Their Pyjamas?

Joizus, Fred! You may have a high aerobic capacity, but lay off the beers, man!

It's both sad and encouraging to see him on a bike, ready to undertake a bike marathon. It's hard not to root him on to keep him going in what seems sometimes to be a herculean effort for him to even get out of bed. But then again, getting out of bed for another sports enterprise? Really, Fred? What are you trying to prove? I think you should get a nice morning running or biking routine going, you know 4 to 5 mornings a week, let that be your "you" time, both your downtime and your daily build up. Take it from those of us who work for a living - it'll make you sharper at work! And when Madam the Countess of New York is off seeking celebrity and attention outside of puny little Denmark, then use your morning to hang out with the kiddos. You have four of them! Do you remember all their names? That's ok, you can use this time to get to know them. Yeah, a couple of them really have the Boganson genes, but then again, Daddy Far didn't really do much to prevent that, did he? Is that why you're trying to get strong, now, Freddums? To fight the bogan and re-emerge from a potential divorce a stronger man ready to find a better gal? At this point, it's probably just about survival for Fred. But supplementing his exercise routine and some serious work with a bit of psychiatric counseling and regular AA meetings would be a really good start to being a better dad and a better person.

Article: Billed Bladet

Crown Prince Frederik Got a Good Start In a Cycling Race

Denmark's tough sports-prince gives the currently gas on his mountain bike to reach the finish in Merida MTB Marathon 2013

At 9:00am Sunday morning, the starting shot was fired for this year's Merida MTB Marathon in Hillingdon, where 2,000 cyclists will compete to get the best times.

In the midst of the crowd sat Crown Prince Frederik clear on his mountain bike with a smile, a black helmet on his head and number 213 on the back.

He is part of the Elite team, who will be cycling 103 km through a wooded area. Same distance as he rode last year.

The Sports Prince is in top form after he recently conducted an Ironman, and his time came around to 1 hour and 40 minutes when he arrived at the first depot on the route at 32 km.

Here he took a short break when he got his bike aired, filled his water bottle up and got something to eat.

"Things are looking very good", said a fresh Crown Prince Frederik to Billed Bladet, before he again disappeared into the woods.

Now it will be interesting to see when the crown prince bikes across the finish line on Slotsgade in Hillingdon.

Photo: Krestine Havemann, Janne Mulvad

Alexandra Opens a Breast Cancer Campaign in Aarhus: Still Keeping a Public Profile and Giving Back

Those Schackenborg ladies are ever reliable! Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg opened a breast cancer campaign in Aarhus yesterday. The 49 year old former princess still comes out of a mostly private life every now and again to work with her few remaining patronages from her days as a royal highness and the high standard marker that Mary could never reach. Good on ya, Alex!

Article: Billed Bladet

Countess Alexandra Opened the Support the Breasts Campaign

The fight against breast cancer this year has been titled "Let us fight together"

300 volunteers from mid-Jutland gathered at Turbine Hall in Aarhus, where Countess Alexandra gave a speech and opened this year's campaign against breast cancer.

This year, "Support the breasts", which belongs to the Cancer Society, celebrating its 10th anniversary, and Countess Alexandra think there have been major advances in cancer research in the period in which she was patron.

"The curve is broken, the dying one percent fewer women per year of breast cancer. It does certainly something to support the campaign", sounded Countess Alexandra's call.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

FAIL: NYC Celebrity Poverty Festivities!: Saviour of the World Princess Yrma La Douche Nervously Gets Her World Stage Groove on with Refugee-Hating Mr. Bach By Her Side: Looking For Bono and Hugh Jackman and Shoe Sales

from @marcscarpa's Instagram

Accompanied by "brown nanny" Tanja Kjærsgard Doky and Derf's Court Chief Christian Schønau, and of course, new bestie and favourite flirt Christian Friis Bach, Mary hit the Big Apple ready and anxious for the flowers at the airport, the waving fans on the car ride into the city, the cheering hoards waiting impatiently outside her 5 star hotel, and the reporters (English language only, please) shouting questions about how she managed to eliminate poverty and what designers she'll wear to the Opera House celebrations in Sydney in October.

In reality, Mary is still a little nobody at the United Nations, and her body language reveals her knowledge of that truth. That's because The Mary Fund is just that - a fund for promoting MARY! Not for actually helping people. That's how it goes with narcissists and sociopaths. Why, just ask Lance Armstrong who, like Mary, could lie without blinking, and soak up more and more riches. But even Lance actually rode his bike - drugged up for sure - through the French mountains. Where's Mary's "bike"? What does she do with that money? Why she goes to African countries and MENA countries and gets the locals to treat her like a visiting dignitary, then only "observes" anti-poverty and pro-women's groups doing whatever they're doing so she can get a photo-op to make people believe she really does something positive for humanity (not Denmark - eww).

Yesterday, Mary attended the High Level Task Force's meeting on female genital mutilation. No word on whether she gave a testimony of life with a Presque-zizi. Today, Mary got herself clearance to tag along on the Star-Studded Celebration of Global Poverty With The World's Most Elite Douchebags in Central Park. Her radar will be carefully honed for the people who mean something to her like Major Asshole Bono or Australians like Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. What with motherfucking Harry coming to Oz and motherfucking baby George getting christened, Mary needs to reinforce the Australian publicity prior to her visit 27-28 October, and a photie with Kylie or Naomi or shit, even Jackie Weaver would help a sister!

Introduced by Barbara Bush, daughter of President Bush who himself was treated to a birthday party by Daisy several years back and who Mary met in Malaysia, Mary got on stage, nervously stood there, then said, "I can't see", which was picked up by the microphone. A few steps over to the left, she could finally see the teleprompter to begin her canned speech on gender equality. Lord have mercy. The oversized butterfly necklace was no doubt a nod to The Mary Fund (and therefore the real beneficiary of all this attention!).


It's a MARYGASM! Wha hae! "THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR - GLOBAL ADORATION!!!" Except for the scowl due to facing the sun, and the less-than-overflow crowd of out of work Millenials, Mary is surely feeling pretty darn good right about now and is just waiting for her phone to start ringing off the hook.

Video: Billed Bladet - hilarious to hear the BB editor talk about how Mary had a very big slot at the festival!



Iron thighs and men's cut trousers do nothing for you, Mary! We've been shouting it for years!

Actually, it's Mr. Bach who has been on the run and doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to governmental action on these important issues that the UN is trying to address. The Danish UN Mission's Twitter feed does not have ONE mention of Yrma, but they are plugging Bach on his busy schedule in NYC, even as he rides one of those ridiculous circular bikes that six people pedal together. Guess Madam had a massage and shopping session planned before her big concert debut and couldn't join him. Shame!

Mr. Bach at the main dias with no Saviour Mary in sight! Strange!

Panel discussion in front of suited biggies. No Saint Mary in sight! Weird!

Talking poverty with people he'd never want to emigrate to Denmark. No Mary anywhere!

Mary: "Yay, you're black! I love getting my photo taken with blacks. By chance, you poor, too? Oh, do you like my hair? I hope this is over soon. Barney's is having an AMAZING shoe sale!"
UN Delegate: "Honey, you know you're only here because your Prime Minster called in a favour, right?"

Oopsies! The stereotype of Denmark as a perfect welfare state with no one slipping through the cracks is not quite true. Things are getting bad for the poor there, and with this neo-liberal strain of governing going viral, and the global recession getting worse, real answers need to be found. This could be the ideal focus of The Mary Fund, but sorry! It's for MARY, not Denmark, see. Sowwy!

Fact Sheet: Børnesagens Fællesråd

Facts on Poverty in Denmark

Poverty in Denmark is not the same as poverty in Romania or Ethiopia.

The OECD has set a poverty threshold of relative poverty. According to this method you are considered poor if you earn less than half as much as the middle income in the country.

For a single person in Denmark, the poverty line is 105,423 kroner per year, or 8,800 per month. The amount is calculated after tax and is supposed to cover all expenditure such as rent, food , insurance, clothing, medicine, transportation, repairs, recreation, etc.

The number of poor people in Denmark has been increasing over the years, and there actually measures with the OECD poverty line, nearly a quarter of a million poor people in Denmark.

Of the nearly 250,000 Danes who live in poverty, there are 67,000 children. In 2002, the number of poor children was 42,000. Thus, there has been a growth in the number of poor children of almost 60 percent.

Looking at the long-term poor, that is, people who have been poor for over three years, the group is 105,000 people - or 62,000 children, not counting students. The group of long-term poor (excluding students) has risen by 80 percent since 2002.In total there are now 14,600 children who have lived for three consecutive years in poverty.

Poverty means that many Danish children must choose between healthy food in their lunchbox, the cinema, leisure activities, children's birthdays or warm winter clothing. For the children there is much for the carefree lives of play, laughter and togetherness, which is a given for most other children.

The largest group of poor children are the ones who grow up with a single parent, usually a mother, who receive transfer payments in the form of cash benefits, sickness benefits, unemployment or disability benefits. Transfer payments are not increasing at the same rate as everything else in society. The longer these children's parents are on benefits, the deeper poverty will be.

Anyone can for a month or two - or six months - clock in with a low performance. But when the low performance is her basis for years, problems arise with regard to accessing proper diet, to going on holiday or to the movies, paying rent and the replacement of furniture that breaks or natural wear up. Many single parents on benefits fail to go to the dentist, they do not buy prescription drugs and they do not hold or participate in family celebrations, requiring gift purchases. In this way, poverty also to isolation because they can not afford to be social.

In addition, poverty - in addition to being stigmatising - also tends to reproduce itself. Children of single parents have eight times more likely chance to end up as a municipal file case than other children. Children of single parents have significantly less chance to get an education - and thus a well-paid job - than other children. Children of single parents on benefits have a significantly higher risk as a 25-year-old to be on benefits than other children. Poor children become poor adults.

Denmark is also the only Nordic country where the poverty curve is not broken. In Norway, Finland and Sweden, poverty is declining.

Round shoulders, Mary! Careful, good posture makes you look more princess-y!

"MeMeMeMeMe? Hello? Anyone?"

Wha Hae!: Furious Ekstra Bladet Takes the Piss Out of Mary's Claim That She, Derf, and the Kids Spend Saturdays Lounging In Their Jammies

Good one, Ekstra Bladet! Making fun of ridiculous Mary's "Denmark sucks, all praise Australia" interview with Women's Weekly. Quote: “A good weekend is when we don’t have any plans. We love a Saturday morning when you don’t have to rush, when we can play, read the papers and stay in our pyjamas until late,” says Mary. In their justifiably furious response to Mary's blatant disregard to the very people who pay her extremely high bills, EB finds two male models, and dresses them up in pyjamas to pretend this is the royal couple on a Saturday. As if they wear PJs! Fred spends the night wherever he passes out and Madam sleeps upside down in her coffin before waking to her IV drip of puppy blood.
Best line: "She still dreams in English"! Yes, because she wants to be only an Australian star!
Article: Ekstra Bladet
We Wear Pajamas Most of the DayAs the readers of Ekstra Bladet know, it's not a packed program of work that characterises Crown Princess Mary's and Crown Prince Frederik's lives.

Now Mary reveals that even at home there´s no rush when they are with their four children.

In an interview with the Australian monthly magazine Women's Weekly she gives a rare glimpse into everyday life at home at Amalienborg.

"A great weekend is when we do not have any plans. We love a Saturday morning where we do not have to hurry and where we can play, read newspapers and stay in our pajamas until late", says Mary among others things in the exclusive interview with Women's Weekly.

Thank goodness Mary notes that pajamas can be on most of the days in the month.
Ekstra Bladet checked last month's calendar, and it reveals that in August, she was only out of the castle twice for "work". Fred had a similar number of work days.

She emphasises, however, that there is a lot of activity in the royal chambers - or rather outside.

"We love being physically active. We go for walks, cycling, walking in the park, walks in the woods and we all love to swim.

In the interview to the Australian media she says also that she is a mother in line with the other women who have children going in the children's school.

Therefore she will go on camping with Prince Christian and his classmates and their parents.

"I have to sleep in a cabin somewhere where we need to go camping with all Christians schoolmates", she says.

In the interview she also says that the Danish language at the beginning caused her major problems, but today she thinks in Danish.

She still dreams in English, though.
Photo Manipulation: Ekstra Bladet

Friday, September 27, 2013

Trine Villemann: Amalienborg Is Afraid of Facebook: Danish Royals On the Losing End of Social Media: Big PR Fail From Mary and the Gray Men

"Just getting back from a top brass party with friends, pricey frocks and gravy boats, eek! Got an audience in the morning, so I better get some shut eye. Hugs and kisses, M."
Tell 'em, Trine! Our good friend Trine Villemann (of 1015 Copenhagen K  - now available on Kindle - and wife of Malcolm Brabant, author of the fantastic e-book Malcolm Is a Little Unwell) is on fire with her column at Politiken. Here she rails against the royals' choice to not use social media to buttress its popularity and meaningfulness to the Danish people.

Poor Daisy. She understands so well the importance of ceremony and performance - all the theatrical aspects of a monarchy! Big hats, big galas, loads of diamonds, lots of waving from balconies, summer cruises to the outer reaches of the kingdom, silly titles for the landed gentry, lots of blue elephant ribbons, carriages, staff photographers, grand portraiture, positive relationships with uncritical, sugary friends in the media. But lost in all of that glamour is the real world and how we are all communicating with each other, and forging our own brands and connecting on several levels through several web programmes. Daisy's missing a big one here. The Norwegian royal house has a wonderful FB feed that includes the whole family down to Milly Kakao the dog, and Mette-Marit controls her own information on her Twitter account. They are great examples of combining professionalism with social outreach.

The Danish royal house continues to allow itself to be anachronistic by allowing cobwebs to grow around it. And yet poor Fred had a Facebook account, albeit under a pseudonym. One of the great ironies of "young, dynamic, modern" Mary Donaldson is that she of all people should be urging the court to use social media carefully and judiciously, but as time goes on, she herself appears in the court-Photoshopped photographs as older than her years and more and more out of touch, as with her recent, ridiculous interview with Australian Women's Weekly. In other words, the longer the Danish royals go without engaging in social media, the more out of touch they are with the very people they supposedly represent. Added insult to the fact that their future queen doesn't even like them and focuses her gaze exclusively on Australia and bigger media markets than little Denmark. Get on FB and kick Mary out of the family, Dais!

Column: Politiken

Amalienborg Fears Facebook

About 3 million Danes are on Facebook, and for a time Crown Prince Frederik was one of them.
He was hiding under the name of Jens Peter Hansen and had far fewer than 100 friends, but His Royal Highness disappeared less than 48 hours after the undersigned - Facebook - had spread the message that we were able to add our next king as a friend.

The crown prince should never enjoy any of that.Representatives of many of the top ranks have since accused me of unsportsmanlike behaviour because I revealed the crown prince's secret profile.
I maintain, however, that it was His Royal Highness  who turned out to be a lousy athlete at the prompt to pull out of the community in which he for once really had the chance to get in touch with some of the souls
one day he will rule over.

But such is the style of the residents at Amalienborg. One does not communicate. They disclose themselves - through the court's website.

It is a strategy that has long since been allowed to die off among many of our European neighbours.
The Dutch, English, Swedish and Norwegian royal families are accustomed to social media.

In Norway, Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit have put themselves out there and with such success that the royal couple's profiles on both Facebook and Twitter have been expanded to include King Harald and Queen Sonja.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit also has her own personal Twitter account, where she busily brings together people, ideas and organisations.Swedish Carl Gustaf, who this year celebrates 40 years on the throne, also lurked and got the advantages of speaking directly to his people via social media.

The Swedish people have polls showing declining enthusiasm for their king, after a book in 2010 revealed him as a womaniser who partied at Stockholm nightclubs with shady elements that certainly do not appear in the Swedish nobility calendar.

The castle has responded by carpet bombing the roughly 105,000 that follow the royal family's Facebook page with updates and photos of an apparently busy and dutiful majesty who troops up to both the library openings and scout gatherings.

It is of course impossible to determine whether the Swedish court's targeted efforts have been weeded out the number of Republicans, but it shows at least that Margrethe's cousin on the other side of the Sound and - not least - his advisers, understood that they had a problem and that social media was one of the tools that could be used to solve it.

I have asked the court's communications director Lene Balleby why it has taken this approach, and got the following response:

"That the Danish royal family are not on Facebook and Twitter at the moment is a conscious choice. We naturally follow the evolution of social media, but have so far given priority to focus on the dissemination of the royal family's duties via the new website, and in the spring we launched an app."

Some royal experts believe that it is the right way to be a royal family here in 2013. Historian Sørensen argues that one of the reasons for the Danish monarchy's popularity is that it has managed to keep alive the story of the royal adventure by staying away from social media.It is a fallacy about the size of Prince Consort's French vineyards, and apart from Hovbakke and Her Majesty the Queen is shown no longer someone who believes that the Royals are demigods.

A royal house does not stand or fall, of course, depending whether you are on Facebook and Twitter, but it is tremendously regressive of them to select from when a single update can reach at least a hundred times as many people as the royal couple's meetings on one of the Royal Yacht Dannebrog's annual summer cruises.

It is not about that distance that creates respect for tradition - on the contrary. The tradition is in danger of losing respect because it managed in a way that is less and less impact on its foundation: the Danes.

We have a queen who will not have cell phones within her doors, and a crown prince who is almost sewn to his smartphone.

Somewhere in this field of tension, it should be possible to create a conversation with those of us who still have confidence in the Constitutional Act, the form of government in Denmark that is 'limited monarchy'.

And in today's Denmark, we talk to each other - for better or worse - through social media.Amalienborg's problem, of course, is that the conversations in this universe can not be controlled, which is the real reason why the Danish royal family these past few years has turned a blind eye to today's biggest and most important communication tool.

It is not so much that the royal family feels too genteel toward social media. It's more that they simply fear it. Amalienborg is afraid of Facebook and the voice of the people, for imagine if it were critical?

We have a monarchy that works with its own preservation in a century in which modern man eventually find it difficult to understand the meaning that a single family fed for so many privileges without having to give much back, but should a royal family not
be able to also endure the less positive comments on the social media?

In my eyes it is a worrying weakness in the Danish democracy that our head of state has opted out of the dialogue with her people and hides behind her website's one-way communication.

It is a monarchy-like behaviour that neither clothes the monarch or the modern democracy in what she is supposed to represent.

Bien Jouée!: Princess Marie Gets Her Awesome On: Invited to the European Autism Congress In Hungary, and to Give the Opening Speech: Goes "Full Spectrum" As Denmark's Most Professional Royal Lady Export!

Well done, Princess Marie! What a great score: an invitation to give the opening speech at the Ceremony to inaugurate the 10th Autism-Europe Congress in Budapest, Hungary. This is something else for the new patron of the Danish National Autism Association: to be immediately pulled into the fold for this dedicated group of people who study this condition and work hard to demystify it, and to have those who have it suffer less, especially from myths and stigmas. Chapeau!

Marie has spoken in the past about a family member having autism. Wonder who she's talking about? Her oldest brother is the only one with children and due to his last minute absence from Marie's wedding because of a bad cold or flu, we were never able to "meet" his kids via photos. Marie and her husband between them have four children, none of whom have been diagnosed with autism, nor show signs. Hm, who else does that leave?

Article: Billed Bladet

So Princess Marie Goes To Hungary

The royal calendar says that today, Thursday, Princess Marie was sent on assignment to Hungary
Princess Marie participates on Thursday, 26 September as patron of the National Autism Association in the Autism-Europe Congress in Budapest, Hungary, and will deliver the opening speech.

Princess Marie gives the opening speech at the official opening ceremony and during the congress will have the opportunity to speak with international researchers and other prominent professionals in the autism field.

In addition, the Princess during her visit will meet with the President of Autism-Europe and be presented to the organisation's work.

According to the royal court, the 10th Autism-Europe Congress is currently being held in Budapest under the theme "New Dimensions in Autism", wherein the Congress will address the latest developments in equipment, communications, elderly and best practice.

Congress held every 3 years of Autism-Europe, which is an umbrella organization for about 80 European autism associations. Its aim is to disseminate new knowledge about particular research, practice tools, pedagogies and technologies in the area of ​​autism.

Princess Marie's patronages
AIDS Foundation
Copenhagen Cooking
Copenhagen Jewellery and Watch Show
Danish Ski Federation
The Danish National Commission for UNESCO
The Danish Student House in Paris
Danish Church Aid
National Autism Association
Prix ​​littéraire des Ambassadeurs
Tønder Festival

Photos: Austin-Europe Congress

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!: His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge To Be Baptised In St. James' Palace When Soul-Auntie Princess Mary Boganson Is In Australia

"Mary, my dear possum, you bet too big against Harry, George and now me! What were you thinking? My advice dear? Pack all the rubies and the elephant and blind them into noticing you."

Poor little Mary Boganson. All that planning, begging, phone calling, yelling, threatening, blackmailing, scheduling, and STRESS, practically all for naught! This was supposed to be fabulous and All About MaryPrince Harry's coming to Oz in early October, and he's packing his ginger-sweet charisma as the grandson of the Queen of Australia. The Australian Queen's great-grandson and future king Prince George will be christened on October 23, the day her heavily-Photoshopped unsophisticated ladies' rag photo shoot and interview of lies will hit the supermarkets. The star-studded Opera House 40th anniversary celebrations will take place 27 October. On 28 October, you've brought the Crown Prince Couple Awards out of Denmark (such a stupid, cold place, it's not like anyone will notice, roight?) into the Opera House. Which will be televised in Denmark and not merit any attention by Aussies. Shoot! So much for that strategic planning expertise and her crap PR personnel. Poor, poor Mary. At this point, her best bet for getting noticed in the flash of Better Celebrities is staging a pratfall off the stage and being caught by Hugh Jackman. C'mon, Mary, you can rally and find SOME way into the greater media! It's your destiny to keep trying to be loved by your former (FORMER, Mary) countrymen.

Official Website: The Opera House, Celebrating 40

Fred's face seems to reveal that this 40th anniversary could be the wifey-poo's swan song.
Oh, please, please, let that be it!

Article: Express

Prince George to Be Christened By Archbishop of Canterbury in October

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's son will be christened by Reverend Justin Welby at a service held on Wednesday October 23.

The private service will be held at the Chapel Royal in St James's Palace.

Kensington Palace said in a brief statement that Kate and Prince William were "pleased" to announce the christening of their son Prince George.

The Palace added that "close members of both families" would attend but said the list of senior guests that have been invited would be released at a later date.

Reverend Welby said he was "delighted" to be invited to baptise Prince George and that it was a "great privilege and honour".


Reverend Welby said: "I am delighted to be invited to conduct the baptism of HRH Prince George. It is a great privilege and honour and will without doubt be an occasion of immense joy and celebration.

"I am looking forward to welcoming him into the family of the church."

The Chapel Royal, where Prince George will be christened, dates back a number of centuries.

It was originally set up as an establishment for priests and singers to serve the needs of the Sovereign.

It was constructed by Henry VIII and was used for the marriage of Queen Victoria.

While in 1997 the coffin of Princess was laid there before the altar so family and friends could pay their respects in private.
The news of the christening comes on the same day that Kensington Palace revealed the new Coat of Arms to represent the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as a married couple.

The Conjugal Coat of Arms which was approved by the Queen combines William's coat of arms and Kate's shield from the Middleton family coat of arms.

Both shields are supported by the royal lion and unicorn, each wearing a three pointed collar, known as a label.

The label has a red escallop shell derived from the Spencer coat of arms which has been used by William's ancestors on Diana's side for many centuries.

The Royal Baby was born on July 23 at St Mary's Hospital in London to much jubilation and celebration across the country.