Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Mary Fund Wants You To Know That Derf and Yrma's Marriage is JUST FINE THANK YOU And To Prove It, They Sponsored a Footie Match Photo Shoot With Kid Thinggies As Props, Er, Beneficiaries

"Oh, hahaha! What fun. We'll deal with this AT HOME, Fred. Hahaha! Fun day!"
So The Mary Fund has a new venture! Klubfidusen. It's a football game where all the kids have to hold hands. It shows them that teamwork and togetherness is the best thing ever and gets rid of bullying. AND, it allows Mary to bring Fred somewhat willingly (it is under the guise of sports, after all) and make him hold her hand for the demonstration game. The game that demonstrates for the naysayers that Mary and Fred ARE SO IN LOVE. See? What more proof do you want, already? Crikey!
Video: YouTube
"I look super cute in my Olympics jacket from Vancouver. You know who else has been to the Olympics? My soul sister Kate. I want her to see me in my own Olympics gear!"

"Don't mind him, he's just mad he couldn't get through Argentinian airline security recently with a tango lady folded up in his bag."

"I totally look like Kate doing her usual maniacal grin, don't I? We are like SISTERS."

Mary: "I said HERE, bitch. Stand here and look goddam loving, arright?"

"I look super contemplative here, I just know it. Like a warrior in repose! Like Diana of the Hunt! DIANA! It is all so symbiotic with me!"

"Shit. I should have made sure only the court photographer was here to ensure Photoshopping my complexion and roots."

"Sorry. This is the face I make when I can't understand Danish types." 

"Now that play has stopped, Mary, I'll just take you by your one sausage finger."

"Get ready to be dragged and thrown all over the place, Mary. I'm still on my jet ski high!" 

"Let's beat the crap out of them, Mary! I'm still smarting from my windsurfing disaster yesterday!" 

"Fred, I told you. This isn't a real game, it's a photo shoot! Now look in love! With ME." 

"Hands clasped so the cameras can see them, Fred!" 

"This is SO reminiscent of Kate playing hockey just before going to hospital. The world press will see it immediately!" 

"Whoopsie! Sorry kids! Had to get in an action shot to make my legs look long!" 

"Yay! This seems to have gone off without anyone the wiser! Just the publicity I need before the Vietnamese State Visit tomorrow!"

"And that's the story of how you can lose everything that's important to you. So let me hear you! What's the moral of the story? That's right! Don't listen to your mother!"

Hm, Madam doesn't seem to command a whole lot of respect from the very children she purports to help, based on what the blond kid behind her is doing. It's like kharma is serving up a little dish based on Mary giving Felix the bunny ears treatment at the Hubertus Hunt a couple of years ago.

When kids screw up your message of Madam being so bloody wonderful by giving her bunny ears, then just have them throw up their hands in the air! Yeah, that's it! Everyone seems to think it means something fun. Go with it!
Photos:  Jens Dresling and Jesper Sunesun/Billed Bladet


  1. In the first picture, that is heavy blocking Mary is doing with her leg. It's like Fred's trying to razz her about something and she's trying her best to ignore him and make him stop or shut up. Body language is screaming that they are not in sync.

    And is that a gigantic bruise on the left side of her nose? not even her theatrical/burn victim makeup is disguising it. Wow, guess Mary's up to her old kinky games again. But is it with Fred ...

  2. Our handsome crown prince looks like my grandfather...

  3. Both of them look bad and ageing. The wrinkles on her face are getting deeper and longer each day. No matter how much money she has wasted on her sun-damaged face, she will always look like a wrinkly dried plum.

  4. Not ONE of those photos shows Fred and Mary making eye contact with each other. However, they each make eye contact separately with the kids. Check it out. In photo 3 when he doesn't think the cameras are on him, Fred looks really depressed. I feel sorry for him. Depression is a real challenge for anyone. Even the "slow" Danes won't be fooled by this PR ploy. I wish for their happiness that they could call a truce and at least grow to LIKE each other. Sad. Photos 6, 7 and 8 show a rather viscious look on Mary's face. Like she's not going to give up the sinking ship (and all the stuff) so easily. Maybe they could sweeten the pot for her and give her more "stuff" in the settlement- a Black Am Ex with no limit, a couple of chateaus, a title etc? Worth it in the long run??

  5. Love that 1st photograph of the CP couple!
    Nice to see them looking so happy and having fun, especially after 13 years together!

    1. LOLOLOL!! Are you stoned on cold medecine or a part of Mary's PR machine?

  6. Seriously what is with everyone and your negativity? Haven't your mother taught you that if you don't have anything nice to say then not to say anything at all? They are royalty so they can't defend nor comment on any of this negativity published/written about them. I have come and look through these posts for "updates" on the Danish royal family through pictures cause anything written about them is nothing but rubbish written out of pure jealousy! If you are going to attack anyone then attack the adults but leave the children out of this, they can't help who their parents are nor have they done anything to justify being painted as villains or "bogans" by you. If you don't like the royal family then doing something useful to promote change like create a petition. This blog only adds to the publicity for them.