Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yrma in Morocco, Day Three: Imitating La Petite Danseuse de Quatorze Ans May Not Have Brought About Madam's Preferred Comparison

"Which one of you bitches said I'm not feminine and lithe?"
According to the website of the Danish Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum where the bronze sculpture was on display in a wonderful Degas exhibit that ended last Saturday, the Little Dancer of Fourteen Years was not cared for by all critics.

She was too far removed from contemporary ideals of beauty and there was the widespread notion that an ugly exterior reflected loose morals, so it is not surprising that the sculpture evoked negative associations.

Better luck next time, Yrma! But then again, maybe Madam La Boganne was really only caring about the reaction of one person?

Yeesh, the reality of those corned and bunion toes is something more like this:


  1. Her outfit is not appropriate for visiting a mosque. She as usual is an embarrassment.

  2. LOL! the Degas versus the BoganBunions!!

  3. Diana, Princess of Wales adored the ballet. Just like Mary does. It's uncanny isn't it? And it is just amazing how a lifetime of training is so ingrained in her that she naturally walks like that! Just amazing!

    1. No kidding. is Mary really that deluded? I guess so. Is this to get noticed by William, make him cry because she remind him of his mother so she can be the godmother to George? It would not surprise me I'm sorry to say. She wants to get in good with the Brits maybe to take over Australia from them. She's really stupid enough to think it.

  4. This is so embarrassing for her! What universe is she living in?!

  5. Did she dress in the dark??? This jacket and skirt look ridicilous together, bah! And Madam is not the 'danseuse', the gold digger scratches the carpet. One knows, that such carpets sometimes contain gold filaments :-D