Friday, August 31, 2012

MeMeMe: Daisy Opens Exhibit at Trapholt Museum About Her and Her Family-Thinggies: You Will Love Us, Danes, Even If We Have To Remind You All The Time

Even Oil Paint Fred is despondent about how things went so wrong so quickly. "One minute I was eatun' cereal in my underwear, the next minute this plasticised greed monster is talking about unfreezing the Miracle Triplets. It was just supposed to be a one night thing!"

Daisy showed up at the Trapholt Museum in Kolding today to open an Exhibit dedicated to her favourite subject: her! "A Queen and Her Family" runs through 24 February 2013 and features paintings from school children and from artists such as Andy Warhol, Michael Kvium, Preben Hornung and Niels Strøbek. But it's not just Daisy on parade. "Oh, do throw in darling Henri and those two boys we had to make and their wife-thinggies, oh and do we HAVE to show the grandchildren, because we're losing focus on ME." Daisy's been around Yrma La Douche too long!

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After her accession to the throne in 1972, HM Queen reintroduced the royal portrait as a major artistic genre, after it had been stopped since the 1930s. Princely portraiture was originally a substantial part of the classic representation of monarchs and the intention to uphold the ruler's power through splendour and symbols. But instead of simply restoring the classic power of representation, the Queen and HRH The Prince Consort invited both new and controversial artists to do portraits, where they further develop and modernize the genre to a contemporary and present media for the story of a queen and her family.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Princess Marie Opens Wadden Sea Festival: Successfully Promotes the Offerings of Southern Jutland

"At first I was scared 'coz I thought they said 'Princess Mary' but then you came and now I'm ok, but boy, was I freaking."

Princess Marie was at the Tønder Culture House today to open - as their patron - the Wadden Sea Festival, celebrating the cultural offerings of the southwest coastal region of Denmark. It is nice to see how relaxed she seems to be conversing in Danish with all the organisers and participants. This regional activity is very important for this neglected corner of Denmark, so it is especially good that Marie is comfortable living out in what many Danes would consider the boonies and supporting events and the general betterment of life far away from the capital. (Slightly related: the Schackenborg Inn (Slotskro) won "Best of Nordic Taste" at the Copenhagen Cooking festival Marie opened the other day - more regional good news!) Even Princess Alexandra, a model royal, had a hard time staying put so far from Copenhagen and its surrounding chic locations. What an anti-snob, well done, Marie!

Official Website: Wadden Sea Festival

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

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Wadden Sea Festival: Princess Marie set the tone

Her Royal Highness Princess Marie set the tone this morning for the exciting opening concert of the  2012 Wadden Sea Festival. At exactly 10am today, this year's Festival started with an interesting opening concertTo get the great cultural festival well underway, Princess Marie, who is patron of the festival, was a part of the concert audience and she "set the tone" for the festival's first music show.

School classes from all over the municipality were invited to the concert, so the seats in the Tønder Culture House were well filled. Princess Marie was received by the Chairman of the Wadden Sea Festival Lisbet Rosendahl and Tønder Mayor Laurids Rudebeck and the princess received a nice bouquet of heather and salt marsh flowers from flower girl Marie, 4 years old.

After the welcome and opening, the more than 400 guests listened to INTER:ESSENCE - a newly developed multimedia performance that blends music, and all sorts of different noises and cinema. The show is directed by musician Casper Mikkelsen and the band AUDIOGRAPH and Casper Mikkelsen was also allowed to present the band's thoughts behind the show.

The Wadden Sea Festival runs for the next 4 days with many great cultural events, ranging from a falkon show with music at 4pm in Skærbæk today to chamber music installations and exhibitions.
The program can be seen on the Wadden Sea Festival website.



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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Strange Family: Derf Leaves Kids in Sweden to Go to Venice Biennale, MoreMore Comes to Sweden to Have Her Own Photo Opp With the Little Darlings: No, That Doesn't Cost the Danish Taxpayer Anything!

"Feels good to be in Italy as a single man, amarite, ladies?"

Fred left the kids with the nannies in Sweden so he could head down to Venice to open the Danish pavilion at the Architecture Biennale yesterday. Nice that he's actually working, but what a strange family. So, Frex, all four kiddos and some blonde nannies sail on the slightly oversized, and government-funded Dannebrog to head over to a neighbouring country so that Daddy can pursue private recreational activities, then leaves this large and cumbersome mess to head down to Italy while Madam La Comtesse de Sandy Bay heads over (on a plane? a train? it's within driving distance!) to be seen in Båstad, Sweden with the children even though she doesn't sail, and the whole reason they're all there is now in Italy, and then they will head home on this huge luxury yacht, fully staffed with members of the Danish Navy? What a carbon footprint for nothing!

I think it's nice that Fred wants to share his sailing hobby. To bring the oldest two with a nanny, ok, no biggie, Sweden's not that far, show the little ones how to tack and jibe. Fine. But why empty out the nursery and put all of the kids on the Dannebrog for a weekend 200 kilometres away , then have MoreMore come out herself to meet them? Clearly, these kids are used to being in the company of their nannies for days without their parents. What a waste! Waste of energy (how much petrol lost for on the flights and the energy-eater Dannebrog), money (paying & feeding Dannebrog staff, unnecessary flights, overtime for nannies & bodyguards) and time (there is no need for anyone but Fred to go to Sweden, then run off to Italy before returning directly back to Denmark without all the kiddos, nannies and Clown Princesses running after). And where the hell is Xian? Hopefully in school, but how'd he get there if Daddy was heading south and MoreMore was heading north? Was there a third nanny to bring him back? Don't be afraid to rethink this system, Denmark!

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Derfie with geology professor Minik Rising and Culture Minister Uffe Elbæk at the opening of the "Possible Greenland" exhibit.

Professor Rising is the head curator of this Danish exhibit.
MoreMore with three of the children and a couple of blonde nannies after the Dannebrog arrived back in Copenhagen, crossing from Amalienhavn back to Amalienborg. So, how did Xian get home earlier (assuming he is back in school)? Oh, and put your damn dog on a lead, Mary. Flaunting the law, as usual. She probably doesn't bother picking up his poop, either!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MoreMore Get Freebies! MoreMore Happy! MoreMore's Smile Finally Hit Wonky Eyes!

"Yay, freebies!"

Mary's meaningless and rare Mary Fund activities included a visit to this kindergarten in Brøndby for a Read-Play event today. No other information. Of course. This empty shell of a woman, in a new white (with children!?) top and her Kate Middleton wiglet pneumatically enhanced and refreshened, came to a kindy class to watch these poor children wrap a present for her. Good luck with your reading stuff, bye!

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