Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Anti-Mary: Princess Benedikte Does Official Duties While in England for Olympics and Isn't Afraid to Hang With British Royals

"Just stay away from Daisy's eldest's wife. Look for the downmarket version of your niece Kate: orange hair extensions, uneven spray tan, wonky eye. Try not to make eye contact with it. I've already warned your mother-in-law."

Wha!? A Danish princess carrying out official duties while in another country, taking advantage of her visit to cheer on her daughter during Olympic dressage competitions? Kudos to the team of secretaries and schedulers who pulled off a logistics coup. No flying back and forth between London and Copenhagen for this dutiful one. On days when daughter Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg is not competing for Team Denmark, Benedikte actually gets down to business. Noice!

Of course, it helps that she was able to underscore her relationship to Britain's Queen Victoria, whose wedding shoes her great-great-grandaughter saw on view at the Northampton Museum of Art (Benedikte even made a donation of a pair of her own shoes to their impressive if slightly odd Shoe Collection). This is something that Yrma cannot do - either claim royal heritage to be of interest to the Brits, nor give up a pair of shoes. Benedikte also toured the Carlsberg factory and The Guildhall with Danish trade and business representatives.

Earlier, Benedikte had been present - as she has regularly - at the horsey events. She was even chatting with The Countess of Wessex and her two adorable children Louise and James. Nice to see distant cousins keeping up relations. Perhaps Louise would be a wonderful partner to grandson Richard and little Ingrid would be a wonderful Viscountess Severn one day. Pity we won't be able to make such matches with the Danish main line, "unfortunate gene cocktail" and all. (Yehudi will never hear the end of it from Yrms.)

Article and Video: Northampton Chronicle

Danish Princess Visits Northampton

Princess Benedikte of Denmark gave Northampton the royal seal of approval during a visit to promote Danish businesses in the town.

The Princess, who last came to Northampton in 1974 to open the newly-built Carlsberg Brewery, visited the town again today and was given a tour of the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery where she viewed wedding shoes worn by Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother. Joined by Councillor David Mackintosh, leader of Northampton Borough Council, and the town’s two MPs, Michael Ellis and Brian Binley, the Princess then met representatives from Danish businesses in the town including Carlsberg, Opus Energy, Gemco, DKL Marketing and Nordjysk Eldhandel.

Laura Thorborg, a member of the Danish trade council who accompanied the Princess, said: “This is the Princess’s second visit and she is delighted to see all the development that is happening in the town. Carlsberg has plans to expand its business in the town and this is down to the welcoming atmosphere in Northampton and the availability of skilled workforce.” Lisse Skeppstam, of DKL Ltd, based in Moulton Park, said: “I feel very honoured that the princess is visiting Northampton. I think it is great publicity for the town and will encourage other Danish businesses to come here.”
The leader of Northampton Borough Council hailed the “very positive” relationship between Northampton and Denmark during an address to Princess Benedikte. Councillor Mackintosh said: “Our cultural and economic links with Denmark are a shining example of what we have to offer, and what we are working to achieve.” Conservative MP for Northampton South Brian Binley said the visit of Princess Benedikte would help increase the image of the town as a global centre for businesses to be based.

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