Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrpppppp!: Two Grifters and a Signet Pinkie Ring: Jock Boganson and Susan Moody Riding Their British Royals High

Nikolai has the right idea: body language AWAY from The Dumpling!

"Foolish modesty lags behind while brazen impudence goes forth and eats the pudding." - Eleanor Brackenridge, American suffragist

Professor John "Half-Mast" Donaldson and his wife Susan Moody, aka The Dumpling, along with the gold signet pinkie ring avec infinity symbol, are taking their brazen impudence on a Grand Tour of Denmark, even after getting kicked out by Daisy, who was afraid of spending Christmas with her daughter-in-law's parents, and even though they were not told of Yrma's arranged twins pregnancy except by an aunt in Scotland who heard the news over the radio. These two have balls. Big, hairy, smelly, Pictish balls that they are going to throw as if they were bowling, with Daisy and her family as the pins. Watch out! They came to sluuurrrrrppppp at the freebies trough, trade on their relationship to Yrma and the tiny, demented future king (hehe, that could be either Derf or Xian!) and network for more opportunities for freebies! Hey, Danes are uber-polite in company and with their noted slowness, can be taken for granted easily, ensuring many years of invites and buffet tables.

This time, it was poor Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksberg's turn. Poor Nikolai and Felix, though! At least the good manners their parents are teaching them will help deal with strange creatures more like Prince Charles does than like Mary Donaldson would! Alex had to put up with the Sluuuuuurrrrrrpppppsons before at the English Speaking Union, for which she has long been the patron. In fact, the Donaldsons were interviewed at that event and Suse was all too eager to let down the side and spill the beans, while Jock publically corrected her not to talk too much! What a hoot these two can be. Good luck, Denmark! You'll never get rid of this family!!

Photos: Hasse Ferrold blog

In fact, these grifters have a friend in photographer Hasse Ferrold, who not only took the photies of Jock and Suse at the English Speaking Union the other day, but is also with the International Club of Copenhagen whose site the photos are on (Jock got to speak to this illustrious group not long ago - en kilt, bien sur!) and is in addition to that - hey! - the ol' chap's also a dentist! Now we know where Jock got his new Hollywood chompers.

At the International Club gathering, 2011

Photos: Hasse Ferrold

Mary Fail: Bitch, Please: Only Solitude and Pink Princess Porcelain For Mary's Arse!

"Step away, people! This is Mary's toilet, peasants must tinkle in the bushes outdoors!."

Oh for f*ck's sake. At the premiere of the film "A Royal Affair", Mary was out of control demanding her own restroom and cinema staff working overtime (probably without pay) to attend to her every need. But what do you expect from an entitled narcissist with no gall bladder who has birthed four children and probably has a particularly wiggy bladder from all of the funk that she has invited into the presque-zizi zone since adolescence? She must have really needed to take a dump, a rare and therefore cataclysmic event for someone who subsits on celery sticks and blades of wheatgrass. Or did she need to have a good cry after being photographed next to the gorgeous, feminine and tiny star of the film Alicia Vikander? She must have let go of the loudest, most trumpet-like farts when she took a seat on the porcelain god. When you eat only grass like a cow, but don't have the cow's multi-stomach digestive system, you can really build up some powerhouse methane. If only Danish energy interests could hook up a tube to Yrma's arsehole and power the nation's electrical grid! She'd finally be useful to her nation!

Photo Gallery: BT

Article: Se og Hør

Mary at the gala Got her own WC

The Crown Princess demanded special treatment

There are always huge queues in front of the few toilets in Copenhagen's Imperial Cinema - both before and after the movie. But last night, at the premiere of "A Royal Affair" people were waiting for a toilet extra long.

Although the theater was crowded, there was a toilet area completely blocked off. It was reserved for the royal visit - namely Crown Princess Mary.

The toilet area was locked throughout the gala event, where theatre staff stood guard so that no one urinated on Mary's toilet.

When the film ended, the Crown Princess was just as needy to pee as all the other invitees and sit directly on the john. And it caused PET security personnel and theatre staff to work overtime, when they had to remove all that just to be near the door to the toilet.

The rest of the evening remained cordoned off from the area - only when the pee prestigious Crown Princess had slipped out could they close.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bangladesh: Crown Prince Freddles Steps Up to Work with Children

Work2Learn: "The Crown Prince with 12 year old Ronny. Ronny works six days a week, 12 hours a day, at a lunch box factory."

As reported earlier, Freddums went to Bangladesh 16-19 March, with Save the Children as part of their observation of the efforts of the Work2Learn program. When he's far away from Madam La Comtesse de Monpezat, he is indeed a different person. Being around kids helps - he's one himself - but when he's separated from his wife (the relationship between miles distance and happiness is in direct proportion), you see tiny, little glimmers of the man who could be or once was or could have been. It's rather sad, but nice in the moment. Hopefully, he is also getting a bit of a lesson in humility since he is meeting with children who have worked more in their young lives than he ever has in his.

Photos: Danish Royal Website

The Crown Prince together with Save the Children's Secretary General, Mimi Jakobsen, visited one of Save the Children projects in Dhakas slum. The project tries to give older children the skills to teach the younger ones to read, write and know their rights. During the visit, the children played in the theatre for the Crown Prince and Mimi Jakobsen. The play must get the children to discuss how to help a girl who has been abused. The Crown Prince, in connection with a visit to Save the Children project Work2Learn, also visited the elementary school attached to the project. Here the children learn, among other things, to read, write and speak English.

Bring in the Clowns: "It's Me!": Mary Breaks Etiquette at Kolding Hospital

Enlarge this photo and look at how old Madam's forearms and hands look! Dare you!

Even the uber-polite Danes are smelling the stench and unable to pretend they don't detect the unpleasant Pictish-poo odour that wafts in the door with Madam. Couldn't bring myself to tidy up the Google Translate article: the original version is too funny. Mary screwed up because of her ego and selfconsciousness and anxiety and narcissism and she's starting to get called on it. BT ran with a link to the short article below. No more arse-licking, no more isn't she beautiful, no more mr. nice guy. The snark is apparant and the empress has no clothes (except for a loud, nauseating print on an otherwise flattering form). Poor Tanja couldn't even look in Madam Yrma's direction! Mary has learned absolutely nothing from the star turn that Camilla made in Scandinavia this week. But, when you know it all already, there isn't anything else to learn, is there? Pride goeth before the fall. "It's me!" is the new "Sportif!"

Video: YouTube

Photo Gallery: Dinby

Article: Dinby

Eager Mary was breaking speech row

Inauguration. Princess Mary was about to break the label, when she at Kolding Hospital was to speak at the inauguration of the new Mother-Child Center.

The Children's Princess, Crown Princess Mary, was so in breaking speech row when she Wednesday morning was to break the new Mother-Baby Center at Kolding Hospital.

A department manager was coming up to speak, when the princess got up and headed for the vacant pulpit. Eager to get to talk.

"Is it me," said Mary, when she suddenly discovered the blunder and went back to his chair beside regionsformand Carl Holst.

Then to the faltering department at the hospital still treading the podium to keep the speech he had to keep before Mary initiated and kept his speech.

Charles and Camilla in DK: Loose Ends and Final Appearances Before Returning to England

Thank you, Camilla! You're a peach! Have a lovely flight home and a nice glass of sherry tonight with your feet up!

Charles and Camilla have done more than a goodwill tour on behalf of mummy Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, they have shown the Danes not only a large dose of British grace and warmth, they have inadvertantly demonstrated that Danish royals do not have one ounce of dignity, nobility and nobless oblige. Pigs are coming in as the next monarchs of Denmark and the Danes got a big, ugly view of their future. Just look at the photo of Charles so easily and happily greeting people who came out to see him at the Gyldenrispark housing development. Charles does in one second what the Danish royals cannot bring themselves to do: extend a hand to a Muslim immigrant to greet her as if she were a human being with something to offer her new country. Wake up, Denmark! The Brits just handed you a big gift!

Photos: Starlounge

Video: DR Push the video to the white mark at about 24:00 to see the preparations and the visit footage for some of this week's events. See a disengaged and beta Prince Freddles see his worth as his kingdom's royal slip away, too!

Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall arrive on Monday 26 March 2012 to Elsinore, where they get a guided tour through the old town and see frescoes in St. Assumption Church.

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall at Kronborg Castle, where they attended a Hamlet workshop with young people from the theater group Ragnarock.

The Prince of Wales visits the Rud Rassmussen furniture workshop.

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall arrives on the set of the tv-series The Killing in Lynge, north of Copenhagen on 27 March.

Sorry about that, Milla! You deserve better. At least you got to see Sarah Lund in action!

The Crown Princess and Duchess of Cornwall greet the welcome committee at the entrance to the Center for Clinical and Basic Research in Ballerup, where the royals were briefed on site treatment of osteoporosis.

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales greets some of the attendees during the visit to housing development Gyldenrispark on Amager on Tuesday 27 March 2012.

After visiting Gyldenrisparken, The Crown Prince and The Prince of Wales went on to Avedøreværket where they were presented with sustainable energy projects along with Daisy's bestie, Chairman Fritz Schur.

Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visit the VIA University College in Horsens, where they presented a 3D lab and developed innovative technology. They were greeted by school pupils.

After the visit to VIA University College in Horsens, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall went on to the organic farm Barritskov that producies vegetables and packs boxes of organic produce. They were toured around by the Danish son of Daisy's British nanny who owns the Barritskov estate.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Charles & Camilla in DK: Derfie The Boy and Charles The Man

Not much to say here, the press didn't hardly even pay attention to the blokes given that the gals were over on the set of The Killing. Just look at the difference in interaction, body language, empathy, kindness and connection to others in Charles and Freddles. Derfie just pales in comparison to Charles. Derfie will never be the royal that Charles is and this visit to a senior centre just proves it with photos. Look at the photo of the walkabout (a very un-Danish event), Fred is in the background, totally recessed into the scrum of gray men, Charles is turned to and engaged with the crowds.

Just think of the turmoil that has been visited upon the British Royal Family over the past twenty years: the separation and divorce of the future king from his very popular wife and the latter's untimely death, the queen having to pay taxes, the shrinking of the Civil List, the "fake Sheikh" event, the insistence that distant cousins start paying market price for the former grace and favour homes. Couple all that with social events from the same time period: the introduction of the internet, global financial booms and busts, great divides between the haves and have nots, the Murdoch media empire imploding in disgrace.

Yet, against conventional wisdom and with enormous courage to be forward-moving, the royals have come out on top. Some of what has helped is in the distance from pain that time brings, some of it is in the remarkable aging of the monarch, and her grandchildren reaching majority as older members of the family reach mortal end. But mostly, the royals have seemed to say to themselves, if we are going to serve, we must do so without distraction from but with lessons from the past, and not being its slave, embrace the world as it exists. What we have is a fairly modern and functional family of hereditary privilege who are consistant in their goals to better Britain. It is ironic, indeed, but in one of those funny twists in the rules of nature, such as that all babies are the most beautiful baby in the world (even the ugly ones). If only Denmark would demand better of its highest representatives.

Charles and Camilla in DK: The Killing and a Mentally Disturbed Girl Named Mary

Get 'er, Milla! Do it, girl!! Do it for all of us!!!

Is Princess Mary retarded? Her Baboon Social Tourette's is in full swing. What in the heck is this little patty-cake clap that she gives when the delightful and calm Camilla receives a "Sarah Lund cardigan" from The Killing star Sofie Gråbøl (video in the Sjællands Nyheder link below)? Never fear, The Killing crew knows what they're doing. Despite the smiles (these are actors, after all), Mary was given a crime scene coat. FITTING! She is a crime scene! Plus, it's a nice homage to sister Patty's arriviste tendency to wrap herself in a faux-fur coat made from brown crime scene carpet. Zing!

Poor Yrma, she made such an effort with her Kate Middleton scarf and hair weave. Yet she forgot to pack her manners, rudely interacting with Camilla so that all focus would be on Her Boganness and leaving Camilla to walk alone so that she could get camera time with an actual tv star. Overreacting is Yrma's way of attempting to connect with people. I wonder if Yrma bored all the crew and guests with stories from her own time as an actress (in a Victoria train advert)?

Camilla's interest in the show was greatly appreciated by the actors. Nikolaj Lie Kaas - who is a big star in Denmark - has a role on the show and mentioned on video that keeping shows alive (and therefore actors and crew members employed) is due to people being expressive about the show's popularity to them, and what better fan of the show than the high profile Duchess of Cornwall. Mary doesn't show interest in Danish things, unless Heartmade or Malene Birger are giving away freebies!!

Video: Sjællands Nyheder

Article with Video: Daily Mail

Article: Sjællands Nyheder

Sofie Gave Camilla A Sweater

The Duchess was presented with a real Sarah Lund-sweater when she visited the filming of "The Killing".

In the company of Crown Princess Mary, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, visited the filming of the TV series "The Killing" on Tuesday.

The framework for the royal visit was as atypical as the gift the Duchess was given by the series' main character, Sarah Lund, played by Sophie Gråbøl.

The visit took place in a garage in Lynge, north of Copenhagen, where filming for Season Three is in full swing. Camilla received a sweater like the one Sarah Lund wears in the series, while the Crown Princess was presented with a warm "crime" coat.

It was the second time series producer, Piv Bernth, author Soren Sveistrup and Sofie Gråbøl met Prince Charles' wife, Camilla. The "crime" team greeted the princely couple at a reception at Amalienborg on Monday.

And for Sofie Gråbøl it was something special to welcome the Duchess the day after on her own workplace.

"It is very special to meet her today. Now, I was away with her yesterday, and she is here today. I told her to bring flat shoes," she said with a smile, shortly before the royal motorcade arrived.

The Duchess was later wearing high heels as she and the Crown Princess were shown around on set. They saw light trailers, make-up trailers and greeted the actors.

Also attended the filming of the sixth episode, where Sarah Lund is on assignment with two colleagues.

Both Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla watch "The Killing," which is what "Forbrydelsen" is called in Britain.

Seasons One and Two have been shown on British TV, and it was Camilla's own desire to visit the filming of the series in connection with the official visit to Denmark.

At home, the series will be back in autumn, when DR dazzles up for Season Three to debut on 23 September.