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Charles in DK: Embarrasses Derf & Yrma In Record Time!

Oh, SNAP, Mary and Fred! Royal arse-licker Berlingske features an article today on Prince Charles being crazy about Danish Environmental Minister Ida Auken and how he's looking forward to meeting with this person of substance and talking about things that he could take back to Britain to benefit his countrymen and women. No Danish royal could ever do thatty! Note to the DumbleDorks: people will tolerate you and maybe even respect you if you get off your blondes and your shopping trips and get to fucking work for your country.

So, here we are less than three hours after Charles and Camilla arrive in Denmark, and His Royal Highness is already receiving ministers at Amalienborg as if it were he who were running the place. And this particular minister is known for not being at all impressed with her own royals. And he made sure that she would be part of the larger group that will go to Rio in June. Charles, you're a keeper! Bravo, monsieur! The video below includes a short interview with Ms. Auken. She and Charles spoke for 40 minutes and she said it was very exciting and that they had a lot to talk about. FRED AND MARY WHO?

Video: DR

Article: DR

Ida Auken and Prince Charles Chatted About the Environment

Denmark gets a place in the environmental group that the British Prince Charles has set up to focus on the threatened food security in the world.

This was announced by Environment Minister Ida Auken (SF) after a 40-minute meeting with the prince, which he had specifically asked for.

The group, which includes countries like the U.S. and India, should also look at how to focus on the relationship between energy, water and food security.

"It is very serious that there is a future shortage of energy and water. It may come to threaten everyone's safety," says Ida Auken to DR News.

Taking the prince's ideas to Rio

The Minister said that the meeting with Prince Charles was very exciting: "He is a man who has worked on environmental issues for years. And he said 25 years ago they tended to laugh at him when he talked about future problems with sufficient water and energy. But now it's something we talk about in all international fora."

Environmental Minister Ida Auken will take Prince Charles' ideas for the big UN conference on sustainable development, Rio +20, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"Denmark currently has the EU presidency, so there was also a talk about how we ensure that it gets on the agenda in Rio in June," says Ida Auken.

Article: Berlingske

Prince Charles Crazy About Danish Environmental Minister

Denmark's Environment Minister Ida Auken (SF) will be one of the first to meet with Prince Charles when he and his wife, Duchess Camilla, on Saturday afternoon land in Copenhagen, where they will be welcomed by the Danish Crown Princely Couple.

Prince Charles has specifically asked to meet the Danish Environmental Minister to get Denmark involved in one of his projects about sustainability and food security worldwide.

The project is part of 'The Prince's Charities', England's largest charitable foundation, which each year supports different primarily social and environmental objectives funded at nearly 900 million kroner. Prince Charles' interest in environmental issues is well known, and Ida Auken looks forward to the meeting.

"He has worked with environmental and climate issues for many years, long before anyone else was interested in it. And I have great respect for that. He must be a far-sighted person. The speech which he delivered during the climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009, was one of the best and emphasised his strong commitment in the case," says Ida Auken to Berlingske News Agency.

Prince Charles and his counselors in charity work have been invited to meet with the Danish Environment Minister, among other reasons because they heard her speak at a UN meeting in February in Nairobi on food safety.

The Prince's specific project that he wants to involve the environment minister in, is all about ensuring food security in future. The question is tied to environmental, sustainability and energy consumption. The Prince's project works up to the so-called Rio +20 meeting in June, which will be the world's largest conference on sustainability.

Ida Auken attracted attention earlier this year when during participation in the New Year's Banquet with the Queen, came to say that the she didn't have much time for royal events. But not meeting with Prince Charles.

"I am glad that he wants to meet me as a professional environmentalist. And I am also glad that it is now rumoured around the world that Denmark has a green government."

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla are in Denmark until Tuesday. The Prince's environmental and architectural interest is also apparent in the programme. Tuesday he will, together with Crown Prince Frederik, visit the renovated residential complex Gyldenrisparken on Amager, which also takes into account energy consumption associated with the conversion. Afterwards he heads to Avedøreværket, where he also will hear about green energy.

Duchess Camilla's interest is apparent in other directions. Tuesday morning, she along with Crown Princess Mary, will watch footage of a new episode for the TV crime series The Killing, which has been very popular in England.

The last point during the visit to Denmark, which is Camilla's first, is a visit to the ecological farm Barritskov at Horsens. Here, the pair will participate in the packing of organic vegetable boxes.

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