Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Investiture in NL: Abdication of Queen Beatrix, Solemn Oath of King Willem Alexander: Angry Bogan in Church, Beware of Lightning Strike and Carry Garlic!

Bitchface Donaldson strikes again!
What a glorious day and full load of activities for the Dutch investiture. There is so much emotional support and love between the members of the Dutch royal family, it is impossible not to notice. No matter any individual family member's 'ranking', they are all a wonderful team, and everyone seems happy and not jealous and even though there are so many strong female personalities, and in fact, probably because of it, the joy grows exponentially when they are together. All the sons and cousins seemed to have chosen their partners very smartly. Mabel is lovingly included as now Princess Beatrix's escort, two women who have no doubt bonded over the devestation of losing their husbands sooner than should have been. Maxima was gorgeous and proud of her husband, daughters and mother-in-law, and she wears her feelings on her sleeve: love.
All the other princesses were in fine form, and this includes Camilla. Everyone looked so beautiful. All the ladies, Masako front and centre, are so clearly loved and adored by their husbands. It's fun to see how time goes by but these marriages seem to get stronger, as real, mature intimacy and support grows between these princes and their wives. Even the ones who were commoners at the time of the wedding have grown in their roles and wives, mothers and princesses in service to a nation with the love of their princely husbands. Mathilde and Philippe can hardly keep their hands off each other; Stephanie and Guillaume keep their respectful, Catholic distance, but the look on Guillaume's face lets down the side; Letizia and Felipe are physically in sync and positively smolder; Charles is button-popping proud of his wife; Naruhito is tickled pink his beloved Masako is finally sitting by his side; Haakon still has the hot-kons for his wacky wife; Victoria and Daniel are like twins and may have an announcement soon? What a treat to see beyond the glitter and fashions.
Contrast with the bogan bitch from Denmark. Madam MoreMore is hyper-competitive; a total snob; ill at ease in the company of others, especially if that company is perceived or is actually prettier, smarter or more accomplished; a raging narcissist; greedy, passive-aggressive jerk; a self-centred prat with an entitlement complex; and a vacuous, redneck, mannish bogan who cannot stand her husband. Oh, and Mary: you are NOT supposed to take Ingrid's rubies outside of the country. You snuck them into Luxembourg and you wore a few of your new hair pins to church today. Naughty, naughty. Daisy, take note! Then get rid of her. Your own monarchy contrasts too much with the Dutch one. Yes, they have a particular style that works for them and their country, and your style is different, but it is not working with your countrymen and women. Change things for the better. The people know there is a problem, but when no one is allowed to talk about it, it's just going to make the inevitable blow up a major problem. People will accept major changes that will have a modern, positive impact. Get with it. You can do this. Forward!






Sheikha Mozah
Princess Margriet and Peter van Vollenhoven

Princess Irene and her youngest son Prince Jaime
Princess Marilène and Prince Maurits
Princess Aimée in a dress from Maxima, and Prince Floris


"Goddammit, Fred, I want one of those!"



Photos: Rex Features, Zimbio