Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FAIL: In Case You Didn't Hear The Previous Weak PR, Er, Peasant Roar: Mary Is More Fabulous Than You. Deal.

You crabby bitches don't seem to get it. MARY IS BETTER THAN YOU. And since you don't seem to be understanding this properly, Mary's PR unit, The McCann Group-Copenhagen is trying a dual approach. They're hitting you with both Billed Bladet and Søndag, two weekly rags better known for their appearance in your granny's hair salon. Maybe now you'll take notice. Sheesh. Except, this being a Mary PR effort, it just serves to make her look like a coddled self-centred idiot. Someone smart provide Anja with a script next time, eh? And maybe focus on something other than fashion?

Søndag's article bloviates about Mary's status as an "international style icon" and someone who inspires other princesses. It also includes several photies (below) to prove Mary's resplendence from various recent visits to Hong Kong, Brazil, Chile, Mozambique, Luxembourg and various places in Denmark including several recent kurs.

Billed Bladet's article includes excerpts from the Søndag interview with Mary's stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi - who is now also called a "personal assistant" and is partner with Marianne Dulong, proprieter of Madam's ugly jools - about what your clothes say about you, through picking up a copy of this week's Søndag magazine. (Save yourself some money: the answer is that you aren't as incredible as Mary and if it feels good, do it.) So helpfully, she gives you tips on having your clothes send the message that you love yourself. Honey, mission accomplished with MoreMore. But then, that isn't so hard when you're working with a cashed up bogan narcissist, now is it?

Article: Søndag

Why Is the World So Crazy About Princess Mary
By Miriam Meyer

Crown Princess Mary is known for her good style. In fact, the international fashion press is so sure about her style that she is often highlighted as an example of how to dress in a way that is feminine, timeless and elegant.

Since she married Crown Prince Frederik in May 2004, Mary has ranked high on the list of the world's best-dressed. In 2012 she was once again on Vanity Fair's prestigious honours list 'Best Dressed Women'. But what exactly is our Crown Princess doing stylistically? Why are we all so crazy about Mary?

"I think she is modern and elegant. She is conscious about the trends that characterise the season, and I like that she is faithful to Danish designers and therefore is a good representative of Danish design and the Nordic culture. She uses things like fur, because that is what we traditionally have to keep us warm in the winter", says IN's fashion editor Louise Amstrup.

And that is exactly what her style is: a Nordic touch that makes her so popular and she seems indeed to have inspired a younger style-competitor: namely Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, the former Kate Middleton. The two style-princesses are often compared.

"The younger generation of the royals have been good fashion ambassadors. Both Kate Middleton and Mary have a bourgeois background. They did not grow up with stylists. They even had to make choices," says Louise Amstrup of the royal style icons.

However, anyone can see the difference between the two. For example, Mary primarily uses exclusive brands and fine Danish jewellery, while Catherine has been known to go for budget-friendly brands and mix them with English designer finds like Roksanda Ilincic and Alexander McQueen, among others.

IN's fashion editor believes Mary has a timeless style that is well complemented by an always friendly smile and dignity.

"You can almost call her a modern Jackie O", she says.

Yeah, almost, as in, not quite.

Article: Billed Bladet

Crown Princess Mary's Personal Assistant and Stylist, Anja Camilla Alajdi, Gives Her Thoughts on What You Tell Your Surroundings with Your Clothes. 
By Nadia Louise Kristensen

Anja Camilla Alajdi known as Crown Princess Mary's personal assistant and stylist, and if there is anyone who collects roses from around the world for her style, it is Crown Princess Mary. And how you dress actually has a bearing on what signal you send to those around you. Here's her take on what you really tell yourself and your surroundings in your clothes.

How do you tell yourself that you love yourself, with clothes?

To do this, decide what suits you. Everything is modern in one way or another, so it is about learning to know yourself in relation to what suits you. Spend some gunpowder to see what benefits you and highlight that. If you can not, then get a friend to help you. To have good style is more about what suits you than being modern.

Why does it matter what we have on?

Whether you like it or not, it means something. Take for example the newscaster with the tie, which is wrong. There is no one who hears what he says. It may sound superficial, that it matters what we have on. But it goes deeper. It signals that you think of yourself, make an effort and go up to look good for the party, for example. You're signaling something with what you have on. Clothing is a tool. If you go out with a hole in your clothes or clothes that are too small or large, it radiates indifference.

What do you think it does for women when they get clothes that really suits them?

They are two centimetres taller, with better posture and feel more comfortable. Unconsciously, they appear better when, for example, they're on the job or with other people, when they're a bit lifted up and out of themselves. It lifts your confidence. The feeling you get inside of the clothes you have on, it has an effect on how you feel and how you act.

What are your best tips to get a wardrobe that says, "I love myself"?

Use half a day to clean up. Try on all your clothes. All gaps in or missing buttons, you must repair or throw out. Look at yourself in the mirror. Keep the clothes that make you smile, and you feel speaking to you. If you are in doubt, there is a good chance that they aren't the clothes that you should keep. So you can also conscientiously better your wardrobe over some months or a year by supplementing your wardrobe with things that look good on you and make you happy. If you find it difficult to see what suits you - and feel what you feel comfortable in - you can get help from a friend, which is good to see you from the good side - or another knowledgeable person.


  1. Trendy, fashion, style, suits. Good vocabulary if you are an international model, but this is not the case. The idiot (idiot in ancient Greece was the person with no interest in the government stuff) you are talking about, the one with long nose and big bones, DOESN´T SPEAK DANISH !!!! She knows how to match shoes with dresses with Anja´s help, but what about our language? To More More is more important her wardrobe than our culture and identity. She has our nationality as a gift, does she deserves it?

  2. I see Mary and I see nothing but taxpayer money wasted on a vapid bitch and now f*ing Anja says that your clothes should show you love yourself? That's f*king fairy dust bullsh*t. Hey Mary, write a check to the Danes for the money you've wasted on your self-love fantasies. There's kind of a global economic crisis. I think this makes it clear she is completely stupid and that she and Fred don't have a good, fulfilling relationship. A husband and four kids and you still shop to show the world you love yourself. EFF you Mary!

  3. I am agree. Yrma loves herself and anything else!

  4. Could someone please refute this bull shit by sending the above publications photographic evidence of Madam's so-called fashion iconic appearance prior to getting her grasping man hands on the black Amex and fleecing the poor slow Danes to indulge her hedonistic lifestyle? All of her pre-Fred Sydney pics are a real hoot!

  5. Cette "folle" ne connait pas la crise du moment qu'elle satisfait ses besoins de "fringues"
    Les Danois doivent la renvoyer dans son pays, c'est un monstre !

  6. The world has big troubles with employment, healthcare, social security, energy, hungry, wars, contamination and this idiot waste our money in dresses and hats to "love herself"? What about if she loves herself by LEARNING DANISH !!!!!!!!!!! and reading Karen Blixen in DANISH ???????

  7. Danish is a dreadful language, I should know being half danish myselves..