Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Ruby Parure: Dismantled, Re-Assembled and Horribly Supplemented By Cheap Looking Grey Pearls: Anja & Her Buddy Get the Commission of a Lifetime

Oopsies, dropped another diamond! I'll just shove it under the rug with the others.

Where does it end with the nepotism and the lack of respect for historic property? When we speculated years ago about Mary prying out little rubies to pass on to gargoyles, it was a joke because who would do that? Well, Mary would!

Joisus! Take a look at the video (link to it through the website below; click on the link under the top photo on the right side of the page "Se Film Om Rubinsættet") and watch as frickin' Anja Camilla Alajdi, Mary's stylist, and her business partner Marianne Dulong, purveyor of pricey but very basic and not particularly creative jewellery, sit down with two of Marianne's goldsmiths and set about completely disassembling Queen Ingrid's ruby parure and putting it back again in a most uninspired way. And not only that, but you can lay down nearly 300 kroner to buy the book directly from Marianne's website. Ca-ching! Mary IS helping Danish business - this one! More cronyism that is discussed in the newly published book Det Koster en kongelige.

Mary's head suit is different from Ingrid's and the parure can be re-scaled to "fit" Yrma better, no problem. Every owner has done something new. But now, the whole flipping parure was broken down into all of its tiny pieces and don't you know that a few may have found their way into little tiny envelopes then into little diplomatic bags to be shipped to the ugly sisters so Patty can get a new roof (wasn't that what her husband Scott needed?) and Jane can buy the gargoyles new cars (aren't they all driving by now, or almost?).

They really screwed up the tiara with the remodel. It had depth and a naturalistic appearance before, very balanced. Now it's a wall of diamonds - just the image Mary wants you to have. And it hurts to see the design team adding grey pearls to the mix, it's such a cheap add-on and the drops look fake.

Oh, and the Dulong team also is responsible for the pearl additions to Madam's wedding tiara. They look dumb - and cheap - but MoreMore can do anything she wants to that puppy. That's why Daisy and Henrik bought it sight unseen off the internet. They don't care and it probably didn't cost a lot.

Horrible fate for this wonderful piece of history that has been passed down to Derfie from the time when the tiara entered the Danish royal family via a Bernadotte ancestor. Even the publishers chose a photie of Mary in the "before" version of the tiara. Still prefer Katja's version any day!

Article and Video: Marianne Dulong

Fairytale Rubies

In February 2010, a meeting took place in Marianne Dulong's workshop, which is the prelude to one of our century's most extensive restoration projects in the jewellery world.

The beautiful and historic ruby parure will be transferred to Anja Camilla Alajdi, Marianne Dulong and the two jewellers who with gentle and steady hands will restore and change the ruby set over the next two years.

The process has been followed in every detail by photographer Sara Lindbæk and author Nina Hald.
Nina Hald has previously authored three books on gems and diamonds, and now she has published the book "Fairytale Rubies" about working with the amazing ruby parure.

The book provides a fascinating insight into the goldsmith's craft and the development of a new jewellery set. In addition, the reader travels through history to a time when any woman with self-respect, and with her position at court, had made extensive jewellery to follow the fashion. 
Fairytale Rubies also explains more about the precious stones, and the ruby's characteristics and symbolic value.

The book "Fairytale Rubies" costs 299.95 kroner and can be purchased in Marianne Dulong stores, at selected Marianne Dulong retailers as well as here in the shop.Klaus Kromann has more than 30 years of experience in the goldsmith's art. He has been chief goldsmith for Marianne Dulong since 2007.

"It is a great gift to be able to work with these precious metals. 18 karat gold is a tractable and yet very strong metal. It is beautiful and almost indestructible. If you make jewelry in 18 karat gold or platinum with diamonds or sapphires, it may in fact last forever. That
cannot be said about much that is man-made here on earth.

The most challenging part of working with the ruby parure has been maintaining the existing jewellery as it is, while fulfilling desires for change. It is old, fine handicraft that was made before they had power, gas, electric lights and machines. One can only admire what they could at the time and be careful not to change more than necessary. The hardest part has been to regard it as a normal, but severe challenge to find themselves with similar experience and then go to the task. It has required planning, preparation and perfect execution.
There may be no errors. That is where I am happiest with my craft, probably when work on something like the ruby parure has gone well and has been submitted and approved. We make jewelry that is beautiful and has the aim of bringing joy. When successful, the mission will end."

Per Dirksen is a goldsmith and jeweller with Marianne Dulong. He also has more than 30 years of experience in the craft. "The ruby parure is definitely one of the most important projects in my career. It has been wonderful to work with. Of course it was exciting to be able to implement change, but I was especially pleased to help bring about a new jewellery set. Obviously, it makes me proud to have been selected to work with these rubies, but overall it's not just the big projects that give me joy. Pride can also be found in everyday work, every time I feel an earnest joy and a challenge by creating a piece of jewellery. My specialty is to grasp gemstones in jewellery.

I see the natural beauty of the stones and always do my best to cultivate the most beautiful in the stone, which I have. I look at colours, sharpening, brightness and the stone's peculiar expression.The most challenging part of the job with the ruby parure was to handle the many facets of the craft of change and the creation of the new jewelry has demanded. The Ruby Parure jewellery had to be analysed thoroughly, so gold colours and old techniques were read correctly. Some parts had to be removed, new technical details were added, and the design was adapted to the changes of the original jewellery. You have to trust your own abilities, when you say yes to such a task."

Photos: Sara Lindbæk


  1. how can Margrethe let this witch get away with this? isn't there a law within royal court and decorum that forbids such drastic changing of royal heirlooms? That except for adjusting the way it fits everything else should be untouched? That the jewels (of a tiaras, rings, necklaces, brooches) should and must maintain its original look?
    Why is Mary going unchallenged by the grey men and Daisy ? Forget Fred intervening because Mary has him by the balls but surely Daisy and the courtiers could block the ruby parure from being tampered with...?

    Cece I just don't get why they're letting her have her way? why for christsakes???!

    and to give this project to her where and when does this bitch get off her high faluting bs? outrageous!!!!!
    Mary needs to be given her marching papers!! high time she does!

  2. Those jewels are part of the historic inheritance of Denmark. They do not belong to Mary. Even her wedding ring belongs to us, because Denmark payed for it. Yesterday was the palace with her psycodelic decoration, today the ruby parure, tomorrow what? Wake up danish! Does she knows something about tradition, history or public property? This is the way she shows respect to our beloved Queen Ingrid?

    1. The past tense of pay is paid.
      Mary does whatever she wants everywhere. Ask her father, her sisters, her boyfriends and her stepmother. Soon Fred will be the king and Mary his queen and the queen of Denmark and with your money danes, she will buy in Paris, Milan, London, New York and Estambul, Ha, ha, ha....

    2. Not if Fred is committed to an insane asylum!!! He won't be king of anybody then and where would greedy Mary be then? Hmm? Back to hobart and be the queen of their bingo palace! that's where!! bwhaahaha

      the way Mary is playing Fred now he'll be driven to insanity first before he could ever reach any so called throne!!!! Bitch is scary crazy! the twat is a nag and never happy with the lot she's pilfering from the Danes!

  3. If she didn´t like the ruby parure, she shouldn´t accepted it. She has no right to change our artistic inheritance.

  4. Mary Mary Mary Poison Berry! Not the brightest candle in the pack!

    Such a shame for Denmark to be stuck with this woman!

  5. It's laughable to think Mary would appreciate the historical value of these gems. She's too ignorant to appreciate royal heirlooms and art and their significant place in history. Mary lacks intellect and curiosity to appreciate such things.
    she doesn't know a diddly squat on anything that matters!! .....
    MARY = a waste of space!!

  6. How this thing became princess of Denmark? Does she knows who is Soren Kierkegaard? Mary, I swear, he is not a shoe designer. Believe me Mary, Rubens is not a rugby player, Medici has nothing to do with medicine, Peter the Great is not a pirate, Die Walküre is not a pop song by Red Hot Chili Peppers. How you feel being so ignorant?

  7. Can't expect much else from someone who's shopping stomping ground prior to hooking HRH was a bloody flea market.

  8. I love that picture of Queen Katja!! Now there's a dame! Take note Derfie.

    Mary can't be trusted with anything of value or significance because she's a BOGAN!!

  9. Katja looks beautiful

  10. Katja looks beautiful

  11. I love Queen Katja in the Rubies!!

    Mary is nothing but a big ass BOGAN that's why she can't appreciate anything that's good!!

  12. I wonder if Queen Elizabet will let Camilla do the same with royal heirlooms. Something is rotten in Denmark .......