Thursday, December 6, 2012

Derf and Yrma in Hong Kong, Day One: Madam's Face Has Jumped the Shark, Frozen Into Place With Fillers and Botulism, She Can't Even Flirt With Her Special Georg Jensen Man

Pretty dress minus maybe the epaulets. Wait, is that a teensy bit of a Spanx line right there under the waistband? So close! Otherwise, same song, different concert hall. Noting that Madam La Boganista has basically become a robot princess-thinggie, and that the Derf Man is coasting through life on whisky and blondes with occasional lapses into sobriety and interaction with his children or a sailboat, the Grey Men (tm) have wisely decided that it shall be our Disappointing Danish Duo who are sent around the world to open the same dog and pony show on Danish Design and Innovation. As a result, they will not be helping the "innovation" part of that branding; design is a stretch, too. The artificially-enhanced pair (he injects alcohol as she does face fillers) will repeat the same small talk, the same talking points about the iconic Ant Chair or the restaurant Noma, plugging the Made-in-China products of their rich besties: yacht owner and Scanomat coffee man Kim Vibe Pedersen; the private jet, Lego toys and amusement parks of Keld Kjær Christiansen; the patronage and windmills of Vestas' Ditlev Engel; the private jet and environmental systems components of the executives at Danfoss including Hans Michael Jebsen, pictured with the Derfs below.

Same, same, same. So no chance with this uncreative and useless pair to make any real mark. Such a shame. All that's new about Mary is that she's taken out the Romanian wiglets and is letting her fried, ratty-ends hair fly in the wind. At least MoreMore was able to ogle jewellery and to meet up with a man she's openly flirted with before, a rep from Georg Jensen. Fred had a moment to chat up the Asian lady there.  Yet BT is still focusing on someone other than Mary. She's like a Where's Waldo on a website she used to own. Mary, you've jumped the shark, along with your youth. Good luck shilling Legos!

Agenda, Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hong Kong

Business of Design Week
The Royal Couple is responsible for the official opening of the Fashion Fair Business of Design Week (BoDW) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. HRH Crown Prince Frederik gives a speech.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council
The Crown Princely Couple attends the opening of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council World SME Expo and Hong Kong Inno Design Tech Expo (IDT Expo) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. World SME Expo presents various business opportunities including Chinese trading strategies, IT and e-business. IDT Expo is an innovation exhibition where new technological design solutions are presented.

Design Society Denmark
The Royal Couple is responsible for the official opening of the Danish pavilion "Design Society Denmark" on BoDW. HRH The Crown Princess makes a speech. After the opening, the Crown Princely Couple will visit 25 Danish companies' booths in the Danish pavilion.

The Crown Princely Couple visits the Danish jewellery company Pandora's new store in the mall Hysan Place.

Carl Hansen & Son
The Crown Princely Couple will be present in Victoria Harbour to see a selection of Carl Hansen & Son furniture and the company's strategy in relation to Hong Kong and China.

Georg Jensen
The Crown Princely Couple visits the Danish jewellery and design firm Georg Jensen store in the mall IFC Mall.

Gala Dinner
The Crown Princely Couple participates in the Danish Commerce gala dinner at Hong Kong Parkview. The Crown Prince will give a speech.

Everyone with their new partners!

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

Photo Gallery: BT

Article: BT

Inspired Crown Prince: Was It Something About Mary?

Starting today, Thursday to Saturday, Frederik and Mary of Denmark are official representatives in Hong Kong and Beijing, China.

The visit aims to promote Danish interests in business, design, fashion and culture. And the Crown Prince couple's first task was to open a major exhibition in design and business in Hong Kong.

Here, Denmark was of course represented not only by the royal couple but with a pavilion with 25 booths, where guests could see many different examples of Danish design.

Music lover Frederick's gaze immediately fell on a set of speakers in a modern design. And since Mary just smiled sweetly, because she also has an ear for music, so it is certainly not inconceivable that the modern speakers will soon have a place in one of the royal rooms in Frederick IIV's Palace at Amalienborg.

In addition to the modern speakers the couple also saw furniture, jewellery from Georg Jensen and Pandora, models of urban environments and what you can build with Lego bricks. Additionally, they will at the World SME Expo exhibition, which is an exhibition where new technological design solutions will be on display, will also be presented to the Chinese trading strategies, IT and e-business.

Later in the evening, Frederik and Mary will come in stylish clothes to participate in the Danish Commerce gala dinner which will be held in Hong Kong Parkview. Here Frederik will also give a speech.



Bang & Olufsen

Carl Hansen and Sons

Copenhagen Solutions

"Hmmm, are these the free ones?"
Does she ever look at anything else with so much passion?

She has never looked at her own children so adoringly.

Georg Jensen

Suddenly, there's a tummy and no boobs. Horrid purse and shoes with that dress.

"I want to flirt with this bloke but I can't move my face!"
 "Ugh, this is definitely not jewellery...tuning out again!"

Pretending to be loving and caring, but it's all an act.


At the home of rich Dane Hans Michael Jebsen who is on the board of Danfoss, the company that lent Derf and Madam their own jet to escape Thailand a few years ago during riots
At the gala dinner

Photos: Philippe Lopez


  1. Hopefully, the similarly deluded danish media won't claim that their beloved bogan took Hong Kong by storm. From what I have found there was only a tiny news article in a popular local newspapers mentioning the activity at a Georg Jenson store. That article was more about that Hong Kong actress in blue gown than the clown couple. The reporter didn't even mention their names and titles, just a prince and a princess from Denmark.

    1. Yeah nobody cares about these two morons. They'd be lucky if they are given a tiny blurb of mention in the bottom left part of the paper. Outside of Denmark and Australia, Mary and Fred barely register in the radar. Just irrelevant money grubbers ...
      In fact it's their wild spending, Mary's arrogance and Fred's boating and notorious laziness and cheating that gets more interest in the press. Nice going idiots! Making Denmark so proud ..... NOT!!!!!!!!

  2. Mary is such a copy cat! Catherine wore this blue outfit complete with the necklace just before the Olympics should do a side by side of the two of them!

    She's so dumb she has to copy other royal girls. Come up with your own sheeit Mary Bogus

  3. Mary with her greedy hands and eyes all over those jewelry. She's such a parasite! Gauche, noveau riche parasite!!

    Look at Fred ogling that Chinese woman in the top picture....he's a bloody horndog! There are other photos of him leaning in to whisper something to the woman like he was trying a pick-up line on her. Mary was standing right beside him with a stupid grin plastered on her face.
    Fred revels in humiliating his wife. This is his way of revenge when Mary makes life miserable for him at home. He waits when they're in full display of the cameras to shame Mary Clueless!
    He prolly slipped the Chinese woman his hotel room number. Send Mary off to shop imitation Prada while he frolics with the host.
    They're both gross pigs! Mary and Fred are both immature rats who don't deserve to be Denmark's head of state. They need to take their pathetic circus show somewhere else not do it in Denmark.

  4. Mary's face is so botoxed to the max it doesn't move anymore. A lot like nicole kidman's face, another self-confessed heavy botox user. The fact she's playing iconic beauty Grace Kelly is an insult. Nicole's face of stretched out botox mask playing the naturally beautiful Princess Grace. Sick joke!

    Maybe next time Mary goes to Australia her and her fellow Aussie Nicole can get together for a botox party. Their faces match and are immovable from the fillers and botox mess ...yeeeesh ugly bitches!

  5. Funnily enough, according to a local newspaper that Hong Kong actress was actually paid to attend the event at the Georg Jensen store. She would not have bothered to be there to greet Mare and Fred, super royals from Europe, if this was not a paid job for her. Sorry to burst your bubble, they are 'BIG' in Denmark only.