Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Countess Alexandra and the Schackenborg Boys Enjoy a Christmas Concert By the Danish Girls Choir

Last Sunday, the Countess of Frederiksborg went with her husband Martin Jørgensen and her children Prince Felix and Prince Nikolai to the annual Christmas Concert with the Danish Girls Choir at the DR broadcasting house in Copenhagen. Alexandra has had this patronage from early on in her princess years. How nice for both her and them that she has continued her association with them. And how very nice for her two young boys, soon growing in young men, to continually be exposed to hard working girls and young women.

This is exactly the kind of interaction that young people need: to see each other in roles that focus on skills, talent and responsibility, with the enjoyment of female aesthetics being seen through a lens of substance and worth. These boys will no doubt grow up to appreciate strong women who express their value through the arts and with diligence. Add that to having a strong artistic grandmother and a strong mother and these are the boys you want your daughters marrying. What fine husbands for the Spanish Infantitas these boys would make! Or perhaps one of them will enjoy the company of Lady Louise, the daughter of Nikolai's royal godparent Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex. The Schackenborg boys certainly have the advantage of not having daily contact with Lazy Unca Derfie and Greedy Auntie Yrma who do not provide positive parental role models to their own boganettes.

Article: Her og Nu

Alexandra Keeps Christmas Traditions

When Christmas peace descends upon Countess Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen's home on Svanemøllevej, there aren't many new-fangled and fancy decorations. Countess Alexandra holds on to the old traditions and retrieves old Christmas decorations out from hiding.

"We get the Christmas tree delivered from Schackenborg, and we decorate it with ornaments that are many years old. We are not so crazy about modern decoration", revealed Countess Alexandra, 48, as she and the rest of the family watched the DR Girls Choir Christmas concert.

And there will be a closed little Christmas at the home of Alexandra and Martin Jørgensen, 34, this year. "Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix are to spend Christmas with their father at Schackenborg, and my mother will spend Christmas with my sisters. She has Christmas with us the year when the boys are home with us", said Countess Alexandra, who thanked the choir for giving the whole family light and love and a home in their hearts.

Photos: Bo Nymann/POLFOTO


  1. Felix and Nik are too handsome for words!!!
    Infantas Leonor and Sofia of Spain for a love match !!
    Awwww what a delicious thought! :)

  2. future heartbreakers Felix and Nikolai .....soooo cute! they both look more like their dad.

  3. Nice family, with Jorgensen, of course. Nikolai shall be our king

  4. Ces deux garçons ont les beaux yeux de leur papa