Monday, December 10, 2012

Derf and Yrma in Beijing, Day Three: Madam Is Attacked By Leftover Strip of Sister Patty's Crime Scene Carpet 'Fur' Coat

Mary: "See? That's my father giving a speech on wind energy!"
Official: "So, is this your step-mother?"

Final day of this tour to promote Danish business interests and design. The party moved to a freezing cold Beijing for a more artistically oriented agenda. The bogan princess seems to have been given a fur wrap to wear by Kopenhagen fur, but it sure looks like sister Patty's crime scene carpet fur coat for the playground as well as a ratty scarf Mares tied around her neck at a 2003 Christmas mass in Aarhus. She didn't exactly dress for the weather, so someone had to do something for her: red coat meant to evoke Kate Middleton, her beige engagement shoes with dark stockings (ugh). She still pulled the scarf up around her face like she did in Iceland with her jumper. Like a child. Or her husband. Same thing.

This couple barely care about each other anymore. I think at their peak, they had settled from trying to each approach love in their own strange way, evolved quickly into a special 'we're partners in crime' mutual beneficial society about them. Never really love. But now the contempt is nearly palpable. When Mary's ready to play lovebirds for the cameras, Derf doesn't play along. When Derfie is feeling "sportif!", Madam MoreMore won't play along. They are a contemptable pair of doofuses showing the world that Denmark is not the country where you want to place your bets.

Video: TV2

Red Brick Contemporary Art Museum
The Crown Princely Couple will be present at the new Red Brick Contemporary Art Museum in Beijing and be present for among other things an installation by Olafur Eliasson, an exhibit by Michael Kvium, a sculpture by Christian Lemmerz together with the museums main exhibit of Erik A. Frandsen.

Faurschou Foundation
The Crown Princely Couple will visit the Danish gallery Faurschou Foundation at 798 International Arts District and be present for the exhibition ”Alone and Together” with work by Louise Bourgeois.

LEGO Education Centre
The Crown Princely Couple visits the LEGO Education Centre and kick-off event for the LEGO competition “Build your world”. The Crown Prince together with the director for LEGO in China Esben Stærk Jørgensen will start the competition.

The Crown Princely Couple participates at the kick-off of Arla's new product in China, UHT (langtidsholdbar) milk, at the Danish Ambassador's in Beijing. After the kick-off, the Crown Princely Couple will watch a Danish top chef cook a meal.

My Danish Footprint in China
The Crown Princely Couple will be presented at the Danish Ambassador in Beijing's CSR initiative ”My Danish Footprint in China”. The Crown Princess will give a speech. Afterward, the Crown Princely Couple will watch a match between Danish badminton player Peter Gade and the Chinese badminton player Bao Chunlai.

Fashion Event
The Crown Princely Couple participates at the Danish Ambassador's in an event with representatives of Danish fashion companies Kopenhagen Fur, LINDBERG and House of Amber. The Crown Princely Couple will watch a fashion show by three Danish fashion companies and be presented with the firms' charitable initiatives.

Gala Dinner
The Crown Princely Couple participates in a gala dinner at the Kempinski Hotel. The Crown Prince will give a speech.






Photos: Keld Navntoft and Jason Lee, Scanpix


  1. Mary is a nasty twat wearing fur! she looks like the dead pheasant suffocating her around her neck...
    what a trash-heap this woman is !

    1. Oh my god did you actually see the photo's of all the royal family standing around with smiles on their faces looking at those poor animals they had just murdered for no other reason than their own sick entertainment go take a good look at their stomachs slit open and tell me who trash-heap are the whole royal family are murdering barbarians you stupid person are paying them to do that with your taxes!!!!!!!!!!

  2. last pictures: Mary should be the one wearing those burning candles on her head instead of the kids!
    A great symbolism of her "crown" ..she will only burn and crash Denmark with her obnoxious uppitty nonsense and endless spending!

    Take a look Danes ...thieving Mary is no way near finished squeezing your balls for more kroners and prada. She won't be done til her filthy paws have looted the royal vault of your tiaras, diamonds and rubies.
    Don't say you weren't warned!

  3. those large circles on her dress symbolizes empty void in her head ... Mary the simple minded, birdbrain, imbecile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Dear Cece,

    You say that "This couple barely care about each other anymore. I think at their peak, they had settled from trying to each approach love in their own strange way"...

    Do you think they have never ever been in love with each other? I can understand that for Mary...I would like to think she had tried at the beginning, though...but Frederik, what about him?...And if he loved her - and I suppose he did, otherwise why on Earth should he had to go to a pub at the opposite corner of the world to pick this big and unflatterly looking girl - when did he start to lose affection? why?
    To me, as being a total stranger to all their dynamics, (as I said I live in Spain) - the key person seems Frederik! I still cannot understand why does he act as if he were the guest here...Why doesn't he react? Is it the old regal "maintain the status quo" position?

    I would really appreciate if Cece, or anybody, could indicate me where could I read more about the background and the motivation for his behavior. ("Copenhagen K" seems not to be the key, since 10/10 opinion I've raid say it's inconsistent)

    Thank you really very much! I have nothing in common with the Danes - wonderful people, I've heard - but I started to care about the Danish monarchy. ...Queen Margaret is very genuine, an intelligent and remarkable person, seems the best of the family.

    Un cordial saludo

    1. Hon, open up an account over at Royal Dish. It is a terrific forum for discussing the Fred and Mary Issue.

      Of course the key person is Fred. He is the heir and he is the weak person who has allowed his mother and now his wife to control his life. At a ridiculous price. Fred and Mary IMO never had any healthy, realistic, fully formed love between them. She loved the status and he was cute enough to sleep with. He loves any attention at all and he may have initially been attracted to the slightly chubby unsophisticated Mary he met in a pub. He is known for being the opposite of a snob - which makes him popular, but not so much king-material. I think Mary's bitchy, controlling personality was a subconscious attractive quality - Fred is anathema to decision making - but she played it well, holding it all back a bit and giving him all the sex he wanted until she got the ruby ring. Good timing and lots of luck got Mary where she is. Fred I think was willing to go along at first with his mother's decision to get them engaged. Fred knows how to "fake it 'til you make it" for the cameras, but clearly, he is crumbling inside now because Mary's a harpie shrew, not a loving, supportive wife. But as you say, it's up to Fred, not Mary, to make a positive change for the better. He seems, so far, very unwilling to do so.

    2. time to wipe the slateDecember 11, 2012 at 10:42 PM

      wish someone would slap the weakness and idiocy out of Fred!! Someone needs to reach him and talk some sense into his brain! Wake up and wise up dumbass!! Mary is only interested in clinging onto you to finance her rich, prada-filled life.....GET RID OF HER and find your happiness Fred. You'll be fine!!!!!
      It's like peeling a bandaid - hold your breath and do it quickly. Dragging things out is only prolonging your misery!

  5. is that real fur? is it real?
    then Mary is uglier than ever !!!

  6. Great synthesis, Cece! Concise and clear! I appreciated a lot!!!
    For such a price he could have got much better. Sad for him...Sad for Denmark..."Weak" and "king" are opposites!
    Thanks a lot! and I'll go to Royal Dish.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. You're welcome, SE! You'll enjoy RD because it's better for chatting than in a blog setting. Stick around here, too, though! ;) Felices Fiestas y Prospero Año Nuevo

  7. Mary really is an ugly woman. nothin special about her looks at all. her close up in third pic from the bottom - she's just an average looking woman. her face is tight from botox and her eyes look like a deer peeking out in the dark, all wonky cross eyes, dried shriveled up skin made worse by terrible make up.....prominent crows feet !
    We will have a lot of fun watching her aged into a sad, contorted prune!!! stick around Mary! you're the best amusement there is in Denmark!!!!!