Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mary! Thanks For the Laughs, the Blog Friendships, the Good Times: My Work Here Is Done: You Are Still a Loser. Good Luck With That.

"What? You'll be back. After all, it's ME!"

This is the last post of the Danish Royal Media Watch. Barring any head injuries or divorce announcements at the court of the Clown Princely Couple, this is it. One last chance to say goodbye and to thank you and Maz for all the good times.

Nota bene: there is no truth to the rumours that this blog has been shut down by Daisy, the Grey Men (tm), or any another person or entity. It's just time to move on and focus on wonderful life changes. I'm also finally tired of waiting for Fred to divorce and have no more energy for a dipshit fame whore from Tasmania as she brings Denmark closer to revolt and a republican form of government.

I hope Hester will pop up in the comments and give her two kroner on thissie, but I think she'd agree that the whole time she and I put this blog and the CPMary blog together, you all (both our friends and the sourpusses) have kept us going. Yrma may be the petrol that has fueled this motor, but you've been there to make us want to drive down this scenic royal road. Thanks for the fun, here and on RD. Most of you have been a delight to write for and have fun with. It's amazing to see how many people all across the world have followed the blog. Every funny and lovely comment was an uplifting joy to read. Nearly every pissy comment was pretty fun, too. As Derf is yet to discover, you can't fix stupid, but you can have fun with it! Thank you all.

Today is Mary's 42nd birthday. I still take no comfort in the fact that she is a woman who has arrived at middle age with every material comfort and extravagance at her disposal as a person with no sense of duty, no self-awareness, no empathy, no sense of obligation or responsibility except to her own vanity, with a jowly face full of fillers and as a truly corrupt and ineffective representative of the Kingdom of Denmark. She doesn't just suckle at the public teat; she demands more and better milk beyond anything she can drink. Mazza is a vapid, unimportant, uncaring, totally narcissistic tick on Denmark's arse, sucking up all the blood she can drink until the peasants realise they should pull this toxic insect out of their skin, yank its head off (metaphorically), then send it to the waste bin of history.

Mary, you will always be a loser.