Thursday, May 31, 2012


Uh, tiny nose, Kate eyeliner and plumped up sourpuss lips along with Ingrid's rubies as earrings and a judgmental mien. Interesting "artistic vision" (strict orders from Madam!?).

Yrma got the orgasm of her life when her latest portrait was unveiled next to one of US President Barack Obama by the same artist at the National History Museum at Frederiksberg Castle today. Inspiration to artist Guggar Petter must have been found either here, here, here, here or here. Riding high from her overrated position as godmother and "namesake" to little Princess Elle in Sweden, Madam La Boganista admired her own very well-madeover visage as rendered in newspaper, the medium which in her mind made her a STAR. And sitting next to Obama's newspaper face, WHO AMONG THE PEASANTS WOULD DOUBT IT?

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

"Yes, My Royal Magnificence is here!"

"Yes! They are all staring at my magnificent body!"

"Weeeee! So exciting! About to unveil my newspapered magnificence!"

"I am magnificence personified!"

"What magnificence!"

"Do you peasants see how beautifully magnificent I am even rendered in newspaper!?"

"Look how magnificent you made me!"

"I really am so irresistably magnificent that I will continue to not make eye contact with this person in white who is standing too close."

"I can't stop looking at my magnificence!"

"Your piddly flowers are less magnificent than me, but I'll take 'em anyways."


Photos: Torkel Adsersen/Scanpix 2012

Hillary Visits Copenhagen: Hey, Daisy, This Is What a Real, High-Powered Career Woman Looks Like

Hillary in her silver Georg Jensen "Daisy" pin at her neck - now that's how you honour and flatter your host!

US Secretary of State and general bad-ass Hillary Clinton was in Copenhagen today to meet the queen and take questions from students at the Black Diamond, otherwise known as the Royal Library. Daisy, this is what a hard-working career woman from the anglo-saxon world looks like. Well, if not extravagantly, groomed; practically but appropriately clothed; unglamourous but approachable with a body language that says 'let's make things happen!', without intimidation or threat. She is relaxed but ready to get it done. She is not a phony "real estate agent" or pseudo-lawyer (she's a real attorney from a top notch university, Yale Law '73) who started a company in her twenties with the very revealing name of King Cash with the dude she was shacked up with who wouldn't marry her. In her twenties, Ms. Clinton was registering disenfrancised Hispanic voters along the US-Mexico border and fending off her equally intelligent and well-educated boyfriend's demands for her hand in marriage. When Ms. Clinton was 28 years old she was not bedding 18 year old rookie rugby players, but was a university faculty member. When you are going to be the future president of the US - you know, have a plan - it just doesn't pay to do anything but work your arse off and strive to make your brain and the world better from it.

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

Photo Gallery: Berlingske

Article: Berlingske

Sisters are doing it for themselves. A preview of 2016?

Hillary Clinton Thanks the US's Good Friend - Us.

Denmark's role as an international frontrunner is important, declares Hillary Clinton, who is in Denmark to say thanks for the efforts of her close allies.

If there are two countries that go hand in hand on the international scene, it's Denmark and the USA. Despite various changes of government the two countries insist upon a partnership, and this was acknowledged as the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday paid a visit to Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Prime Minister.

"It is an honour for me to be here. We have a close cooperation, and Denmark plays an important role as an international pioneer in several areas, so I come first and foremost to say thank you", said Clinton.

"Sometimes you forget that the ones you always can trust deserve thanks, so on behalf of my country and my government, I thank you and the Danish population", said the Foreign Minister to Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

The Danish Prime Minister reciprocated by confirming that the ties between Denmark and the US are strong.
"Our countries share important core values ​​and we are close allies", declared Thorning-Schmidt, before the two politicians went in private to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, the European economy and the green partnership between the US and Denmark, which will be launched during Hillary Clinton's visit to Denmark.

Denmark is the first stop on the Secretary of State's tour, which will also go to Norway, Sweden, the Caucasus countries and Turkey.

Photos: Keld Navntoft

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Pills In Extremis: Yrma Goes Psychodelic at Henrik's WWF Party at Fredensborg

Tonight is the celebration party for the 40th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund - Denmark at the Orangerie at Fredensborg Castle (where Fred's 40th birthday party was held, therefore where MoreMore's all-night air guitaring session was held). As predicted with Mary's prior engagement today, psychotropic drugs are definitely in the water - but this time they must be in Anja's glass. Derf looks caught in a fluorescent Henry Darger painting that's been filtered through a psychodelic Polynesian acid trip muumuu, standing between his wife-bot and his mother. Look at poor Marie's face; I get it, girl, they're ridiculous, but the bottom line is, you're the most normal one of this bunch. Félicitations!

Henrik was at the Asia House just prior to this dinner for their Elephant Parade. This is similar to the event that Xian attended a few years ago at the zoo's Elephant House when his Nanny Mette was able to coax lots of love and smiles out of the little one, after which she was summarily sacked. NO ONE upstages Madam La Boganista, and that includes Daisy in a gala cheomsang-off like at the dinner tonight. Funny she didn't even find her psychotropic Sex and the City party dress to be loud enough for this event!

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Photo Gallery: Sjællands Nyheder

Article: BT

Gitte Seeberg on Her Way to See Henrik

When the Prince Consort this evening hosts the celebration of WWF's 40 year anniversary, one person especially will be a bit nervous.

The General Secretary of the Fund, Gitte Seeberg, has written a speech to the Prince Consort, who 40 years ago founded the Danish division of World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and ever since has been its president. The speech is written with humour, and Seeberg hopes that the Prince Consort also take it with a smile.

"I've made ​​a little speech to His Royal Highness, and I am pleased to give it to him. He has plenty of humour, and I hope he too will have the same when I get told I need tonight," says Gitte Seeberg to

She will not reveal what the speech is about, and instead tells about what she has experienced with the Prince Consort.

"His Royal Highness himself has such humour, and I have had the pleasure to travel with him a few times. There was one time in Indonesia, where we saw orangutans and coral reefs. Recently we were in French Guyana in South America, where we looked at all sorts of exciting projects", says Gitte Seeberg and tells a little bonus info on the Prince Consort.

"And it's been a pleasure every time because he is fun to travel with. He gets into it deep, no matter where he is and who he meets with", says Gitte Seeberg, who looks forward to the anniversary celebration in the Orangerie at Fredensborg Slot.

"I've been looking forward to this for half a year and I hope it will be a fun night", she says to

241 guests have each paid 4,800 kroner to attend tonight's dinner, offering a sumptuous menu. Profits from the event will go to WWF.

The royal couple, the crown princely couple and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are all in for tonight's event.

Photos: Keld Navntoft/Scanpix 2012

Yrma's Kate Wig is Newly Fluffed For Aarhus Hospital Family House Opening

Manic! "ARGH, I'm surrounded by KIDS and COMMONERS! Put on a crazy face and pretend you're SO excited about it!!!!!!!!!"

Aarhus University's new Tryg Fund Housing for families was the scene of Yrma's new manic persona at the intersection of Kate Middleton Lane and Queen Rania Boulevard. Pity the poor neighbours! While the wardrobe is good and professional, if a bit bland, Yrma must have been slipped an overdose of Derfie's happy pills, or else she's still riding high thinking that the future queen of Sweden shares her name and she's a godmummy and Kate, didja see that, I'm pre-approved for your sprog! The lows will come if she ever realises that being a godmother is mostly symbolic but would generally require lifelong maintenance of a personal relationship of a loving, benevolent Christian nature. Mary sent Jayson Brunsden a misspelled thank you note for free dresses one and a half years after the first Looker Me! Tour of Australia. Crown Princess Victoria is wise: little Elle will learn from Cousin Mary: How Not To Do It.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Photos: Axel Schütt/Scanpix 2012

Sportif!: Fweddie Hep Wiff Noofpaper Bizness, Learn Big Words

Well this should be an amusing challenge. Even the editor seems to understand that Derf can only work on the inconsequential part of the paper. But aren't newspaper editors supposed to be eloquent, expressive and ambassadors of language? Planet *#^$*borg is about to have its moment in the sun as Derfie twies to expwain da noos in dare langwage. Yay. Noofpapers weeve bwack marks on his fingahs. Boo.  Nanny haf to cwean dem hersef. Naked. Yay. Fweddie bwing sissors an gwue and make funny aminals wiff da noofpaper. Yay.

Article: BT

When employees at MetroXpress come in to work on 26 June, it will probably not be an ordinary day at the office.

Journalists and photographers and graphic artists will indeed have a very special editor in the Royal person of Crown Prince Frederik that day.

"We have decided to have him as guest editor, in his capacity as a dedicated IOC member. And because he is the prince, of course", recognizes Metro's editor Jonas Kuld Rathje.

As the Crown Prince is a member of the IOC and is a dedicated sports person, he has decided that on that day he will decide what should be included in the newspaper, MetroXpress is published for the newspaper stand under sports and the Games' symbol.

It is far from the first time that MetroXpress has guest editors from all other subjects. Previously, among other things, the Danish band Outlandish been a guest editor for Metro in Denmark, while the newspaper's foreign editions have had both Lady GaGa and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld as the business editor.

"I look forward to, just like when we have other guest editors, putting the newspaper in the hands of others who are not used to making a paper. It will be a different take on what a newspaper can be and what content a non-newspaper person focuses on", says Jonas Kuld Rathje.

And he seems confident about the newspaper results in the newspaper-ignorant royal hands when Frederik switches his sports cap off with the editor cap.

"It will be fine, because we feel good we can do something else without the world coming to an end", says confidently from the daily editor.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rewind: The Wedding of Prince Joachim and Mlle Marie Agathe Odile Cavallier

Lille Athena's christening this week has led to a request for the Billed Bladet scans from her parents' marriage ceremony in Møgeltønder on 24 May 2008. Great idea, dear commenter! How about a little walk down memory lane?

(Click here for the BB scans from Victoria's wedding, if lille Elle's christening did the same thing for you regarding her parents' very royal and romantic wedding.)

Fred, Yrma, Carina and Victoria at Graasten the day before the wedding.

Clockwise from upper left, Marie's cousin Gabriel Peretti with his wife and two kids (one of which is Marie's godson and who was a page boy); aunt Evelyn Dollfus; brother Grégory Grandet who is one of Athena's godfathers; and step-sister Jennifer Grassiot Shorto with her daughters.

Athena's godfather Diego de Lavandeyra, Hennessy cognac heir, and his date, fellow Beau Soleil classmate Béatrice Denache

Denmark's richest landowner, Bendt Wedell, with Baroness Caroline Fleming

Rose Gad (wife to Holger Foss, Fred's friend) and Monpezat cousin Thomas Beauvillain's Danish wife Mie both in repeat dresses for Fred's and Joachim's weddings

Ellen Hillingsø

Old buddy Rigmor Zobel and her husband and Philip Foss and his wife, both guests at Athena's christening

Birgitte and Jeppe Handwerk. Jeppe is godfather to Xian.

Rebecca and Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg. They were the ones who hosted the dinner with Mary and Rigmor Zobel both present that got Mary in tons of hot water. Johan also had his 40th birthday party in Verbier with both Mary and Fred flying in with other aristos.

Schackenborg secretary Trine Ellemann who said of Marie, "she is fantastically lovely, and she and Joachim get on terribly well."

Joachim's bestie Oscar Davidson Siesbye and his wife Britt, Marie's current Lady in Waiting.

Princess Alexandra's former Lady in Waiting Susanne Vind and her husband Erik. They were at Athena's christening.

Some of Marie's friends.

Lene Balleby and her partner.

Fred getting emotional seeing Marie walk up the aisle. Joachim was breaking down at about the same time. Note how Madam's face just looks critical and judgmental.

Marie's bridesmaid Agnete Arnø

Marie's little page boy is the son of Peter and Henriette Steenstrup. Henriette is one of Athena's godmothers. Also pictured are the Geneva-based designers of Marie's dress and their Danish assistant.

Henrik showing off the Bugatti that Joachim and Marie drove away in. "Derf, don't expect people to be patient with you as king. Better learn a trade. How 'bout fixin' cars?"

A son et lumière for Schackenborg during the wedding reception.

Fred, Mary (unseen) and cousin Alexia on their way back to Graasten after the reception.

Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Christian and Maman Grassiot looking at BT the next day at Schackenborg Kro.

Saying goodbye the next day to the French family.

Marie hugging her grandmother goodbye.

Also from this issue:

Madam and her presque-zizi ready to board the Dannebrog for Derf's 40th birthday party.

"Catch it, bitches?"

Fweddie get a birfday cake! Yay!

Daisy at her friend Susanne Heering's "Mrs. H's Dance Institute"

Henrik in a go cart. 

 Jock giving a speech on globalisation, speaking about his goals for himself and Smoody, no doubt!

Katja! You're welcome, Derfie!