Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Derf Meets 200 Fellow Blood Donors: Vampire Mary Sucks Out More Than a Litre a Day From Derfie's System

"You give blood? Ah. I give my life, drip by drip."
"I hear you're the drip, sir."

Freddles paid a visit to the Rigshospitalet Blood Bank today to meet a blood donor who has given his blood over 200 times. Nice recognition for a very generous person. Derfie bored the poor man, Peter Eiersted, with tales of how his own wife has been sucking out his soul, happiness, motivation, care, and will to live about 200 times a year. Derfie win! Wait. Oh.
Article: Sjællands Nyheder

The Crown Prince Met the 200-time Blood Donor
Wednesday afternoon, Crown Prince Frederik made a quick trip to the National Hospital's Blood Bank, where he attended the blood donor Peter Eiersted having his blood drawn for 200th time.

The Crown Prince is the patron of Blood Donors in Denmark and arrived at the blood bank at 2pm where he was welcomed by the Blood Bank Clinician, Morten Bagge Hansen. Crown Prince Frederik, who in the last days has been busy with christening events in both Mølgeltønder and Stockholm, got a tour of the blood bank prior to greeting Peter Eiersted. This is the first time in Denmark that a blood donor gets his blood drawn 200 times.

He then gave a short speech, and there was just time for a glass of champagne and refreshments before the Crown Prince left the hospital nearly an hour later.

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