Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yrma's Kate Wig is Newly Fluffed For Aarhus Hospital Family House Opening

Manic! "ARGH, I'm surrounded by KIDS and COMMONERS! Put on a crazy face and pretend you're SO excited about it!!!!!!!!!"

Aarhus University's new Tryg Fund Housing for families was the scene of Yrma's new manic persona at the intersection of Kate Middleton Lane and Queen Rania Boulevard. Pity the poor neighbours! While the wardrobe is good and professional, if a bit bland, Yrma must have been slipped an overdose of Derfie's happy pills, or else she's still riding high thinking that the future queen of Sweden shares her name and she's a godmummy and Kate, didja see that, I'm pre-approved for your sprog! The lows will come if she ever realises that being a godmother is mostly symbolic but would generally require lifelong maintenance of a personal relationship of a loving, benevolent Christian nature. Mary sent Jayson Brunsden a misspelled thank you note for free dresses one and a half years after the first Looker Me! Tour of Australia. Crown Princess Victoria is wise: little Elle will learn from Cousin Mary: How Not To Do It.

Press Release: Danish Royal Website

Photos: Axel Schütt/Scanpix 2012


  1. She does look very perky today. I guess the whole godmother nod inflated her ego even more.

  2. She loves wigs and extensions from the beginning. Even at her pre-wedding gala, or when she proudly exhibited her new horror tiara known as the Midnight tiara !
    But hey, don't tell the sugar lovers claiming she is "naturally" pretty...