Monday, May 7, 2012

Yrma's Ugly Truth Revealed By Cheeky Brazilian Artist Romero Britto

"Yay, ME! Pattycake!"
As predicted, Romero Britto's portrait of Madam La Boganne is especially revealing of Yrma's superficiality and arriviste tendencies, as well as her uber-ordinary origins. Well played, Romero! Look at Mary's face - she has no idea Britto has completely taken the piss out of her! Crown Princess Mary of Denmark feels so happy when people paint her portrait that her narcissism completely obscures the hard-core truth that has been exposed about her. Romero sees through her sh*t and has told the world about it.

First: the highly photoshopped photie that Romero copied from. Guess Daisy put the kabash on Mary travelling to Britto's Miami studio for weeks at a time with Ingrid's rubies. (You're welcome, south Florida!) Britto compensated by reducing the rubies to a deconstructed wreath of metal boomerangs (what you throw out will come back to hit you), some painted red to underscore how small the rubies within the jewellery actually are. They could also be seen as tin hearts, in an ode to Mary's failed attempt to take up Diana's mantle of Queen of Hearts.

Interesting to note from the photo gallery below that this unveiling was a bit of a celebrity event. Former American ambassador to Denmark James P. Cain was seated on the dias (is Yrma trying to get Jock more work via US business interests? Cain was the ambassador who invited the Sluuurrrpsons to their parties in the first place. Cain was Bush's appointee; Obama's can't be bothered with the bogans), and other Danish players like handsome Peter Mygind, Malene Birger, Charlotte Spare, Remee and Birthe Kjær were in attendance.

Photo Gallery: Starlounge DK

An allusion to the mask Mary wears as "Crown Princess of Denmark", hiding an ugly interior and unfulfilled person.

Add a tribute to Mary's pre-Søren days when she applied her own cheek makeup with a clumsy and clownish hand, in contrast to today's pneumatic, airbrushed foundation and heavy Kate Middleton-esque eyeliner. Although, the wonky eye has also been incorporated!

The pink skin below Mary's bleached white face and apple cheeks is a direct allusion to Mary Donaldson's redneck origins; origins that still come creeping through the dilberately manufactured exterior.

And finally, there is a strange, Tudor headdress wound up with Mary's weave in the painting. Clearly a nod to Queen Mary I of the House of Tudor, aka Bloody Mary. You have been warned, Danes!

I love to look at ME!

The face of the sad child on Mary's left says it all. She knows instictively that not only is the visiting lady not a nice person, but that unveiling a portrait of her does actually nothing for the Children's Day Foundation for which the portrait was commissioned.
Even James Dean on Britto's shirt is all, what the hell am I doing at this bogan's event?


Event Photos: Uffe Kongsted/Starlounge DK


  1. Ymra looks less than thrilled, but who can tell with that ever lasting fake half smile.

  2. If you look really closely at the portrait, you'll see that the ruby puke-rure, the earrings, and the chicken-anus lips are all highlighted with ... glitter! Perhaps Britto is saying "all the glitters is not gold ..."

  3. hahahahahahaha!!! good one CeCe` I agree, Diog! All that glitters on that stupid mouth is definitely not gold. And what comes out of it too - for ex. the CNN interview she just did. What a moron.

  4. What you're saying guys is not nice at all. Would you like somebody to talk about you that way. Mary is a lovely lady. Come on!