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The Christening of Prinsesse Athena Marguerite Françoise Marie: Advantage Schackenborg: Hey Mary, 1985 Called, They Want Their Clothes Back

"What!? Evil Auntie Mary's here!? And she brought my gargoyle cousins!? Oh nooooos!"

20 May 2012 (Uncle Pavlos' 45th birthday - is Athena's name a pressie?)

What a bag of treats! Mary 'Kate Middleton' Donaldson in a dated peplum and bitch face dragging a nanny and no twins to the church (as she did with Nanny Natasha to Henrik's christening); a spunky lille baby prinsesse; an ADORBS lille prins Henrik (in silk tie, contrast to Yrma's scuzzy offspring); Izzy in fake hair and an old dress; distant-eyed, spastic, mouth-breather Xian; American bogan Carina on crutches as godmother; Marie dazzling in a beautiful dress, gorgeous brooch and huge smile; practically no royal cousins in attendance; and the baby named after the goddess of wisdom and war to prevent mean Auntie Mary from exerting any anti-feminine influence over this precious, new soul with a very pretty and girly string of names. Marie and Joachim have seen what is happening with Izzy and they absolutely do not approve.

A word on the apparent division between Joachim's children by Alex and those by Marie. Lord, y'all. It was awkward stage-managing at worst. The church's altar is TINY, even Marie's parents sat way down yonder in full 75-degree neck-cranking view of the proceedings, there was barely enough room for the two rows of three chairs on each side of the font - and Marie and Joachim are going to trust Daisy with the care of their 3 year old? Nah. Daisy and Henrik need good kiddie-PR and it's a nice division of older and younger sibs that they took their older Schackenborg grandsons with them in the car to and fro. How lovely that at the end of the service the boys ignored the flunkie (who was probably only going on Daisy's orders in the first place) to skip out of the pew and follow their father down the aisle (as Marie seemed to whisper to them to do), Nikolai kindly taking lille Henrik's hand and Felix saddling right up to Marie who put an arm around his shoulder. That the boys were then stopped in the vestibule and told to wait for their grandparents as their father left with the little ones is too bad, but that whole leaving the church bit was just awkwardly executed. How can anyone have any doubts that the intentions are good? Look at the great photo at the bottom of this post with ALL THREE of little Athena's older brothers gathered round her. Lucky girl!

Lille Athena's Swiss cotton, Empire-cut christening gown was worn by her older brother Henrik and designed for his baptism in 2009 by Henrik Hviid, dress designer to both Daisy and Countess Alexandra, including for her wedding to Martin Jørgensen.

Reception Buffet Menu:
Poached pétoncles in crisp lens with buckthorn
Home-smoked salmon fillet with smoked cheese and black brioche
Lightly salted cod fillets with glasswort and mustard cream
Lobster, onions, and herbs frissé
Poached quail egg with trout roe and mild anise


Tomato confit on crispy bruschetta with basil
Little tarts with new peas, gedefriskost and own shots
Asparagus, Fanø ham vinaigrette and lettuce

Thymus in maidera cream and croustade
Organic Sødam chicken parfait with crunchy bread and South Jutland ice salad
Fillets of Schackenborg stud with svampeprofitterole and self-glace
Tatar of French country rabbit with vagtelsolæg and coarse mustard
Danish lamb with lemon and potato noisettes

Vesterhavs cheese and red Kristian with apricot, kumquats and pickled walnuts

Rhubarb ribbons, vanilla cream and almond
Rødgrød med fløde

"Cream Edge" with strawberries in acacia honey
Chocolate cake with white and dark Valrhona with rhubarb and ginger
Raspberry and vanilla macarons

Mr. Gregory Grandet, Princess Marie's half-brother (from her mother's first marriage)
Mr. Edouard Cavallier, Princess Marie's half-brother (from her father's second marriage)
Ms. Carina Axelsson, girlfriend of Prince Gustav of Berleburg
Ms. Julie Mirabaud, Princess Marie's friend (from school days in Switzerland and the Marie-mentary)
Mr. Diego de Lavandeyra, friend of Princess Marie and Prince Joachim (friend from Switzerland, Henessey cognac heir)
Mrs. Henriette Steenstrup, friend of Princess Marie and Prince Joachim (Marie is godmother to their daughter Agathe)

The Royal Family
HM The Queen
HRH The Prince Consort
HRH The Crown Prince
HRH The Crown Princess
HRH Prince Christian
HRH Princess Isabella
HH Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
Miss Carina Axelsson
HH Prince Nikolai
HH Prince Felix
HH Prince Henrik
H.E. Count Ingolf af Rosenborg (would-be king of Denmark, Elisabeth's younger brother)Countess Sussie af Rosenborg (did Mary outright ignore again them like at Henrik's christening?)

Other Family
Monsieur Alain Cavallier
Madame Marielle Dubern (Marie's father's girlfriend)
Monsieur Christian Grassiot
Madame Christian Grassiot
Monsieur Charles Cavallier
Monsieur Edouard Cavallier
Monsieur Grégory Grandet
Monsieur Jerome Grassiot
Madame Jerome Grassiot
Madame Jennifer Shorto (Christian Grassiot's daughter)
Monsieur Benjamin Grandet
Madame Nina Arichi

Other Guests
Hofjægermester, greve Christian Ahlefeldt-Laurvig
Hofjægermesterinde, grevinde Ahlefeldt-Laurvig
Hofjægermester, greve Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille (partner with Joachim in De 5 Gårde)Hofjægermesterinde, grevinde Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille
Hr. Simon Stansfield Bast
Fr. Maria Bast
Le Comte Hadelin de Liedekerke Beaufort
La Comtesse Hadelin de Liedekerke Beaufort
Hr. Martin Berner
Fr. Conny Johannesen
Hr. Henning Boysen
Fr. Malene Boysen
Vicechefjordemoder Lotte Broberg
Hr. Christian Tellefsen
Godsejer Peter A. Busck
Fr. Inge Busck
Fr. Birgit Christiansen
Hr. Jørn Christiansen
Bestyrelsesformand, kammerherre Jørgen M. Clausen
Kammerherreinde Clausen
Fr. Bitten Clausen
Mr. Alastair Bruce of Crionaich
Mr. Stephen Knott
Professor, overlæge Peter Damm
Fr. Lone Nørgaard (Danish author)
Direktør Michael Darsberg
Fr. Benedicte Darsberg
Madame Veronique Demon
Oversygeplejeske Pernille Emmersen
Hr. Per Bagi
Hr. Søren Enemark
Fr. Louise Enemark
Direktør Lars Engel
Fr. Birgitte Engel
Koncernchef Ditlev Engel (CEO of Vestas, windmill company)
Fhv. Hofdame Marianne Engel (Marie's first Lady in Waiting)
Mr Marc Farah
Ms Emma Farah
Madame Françis Fenwick
Hr. Peter Flinth
Bestyrelsesformand Camilla Bredholt
Adm. direktør Philip Foss (older brother to Derf's friend Holger who lived with him in the US)
Fr. Dida Foss
Hr. Iver Gram
Fr. Anne Mette Hannemose
Hr. Danny Gudnitz
Fr. Rikke Gudnitz (designer of Marie's dress today, plus the one worn to the Monaco wedding)
Madame Guilioli
Hr. Torsten Hansen
Fr. Birthe Hansen
Hr. Jesper V. Melchior Hansen
Klinikchef Morten Hedegaard (Marie's Ob-Gyn)
Fr. Birgitte Hedegaard
Hr. William Helmbæk
Afdelingsjordemoder Birgitte Hillerup
Hr. Nicolai Grut
Fr. Lone Hunderup
Hr. Poul Hunderup
Hr. Paul Hvelplund
Fr. Christine Hvelplund
Hr. Jakob Hyldebrandt
Fr. Camilla Hyldebrandt
Hofjægermester Michael Iuel (Danish landowner)
Hofjægermesterinde Désirée Iuel
Fr. Lene Jansen
Direktør, hofjægermester Hans Michael Jebsen
Hofjægermesterinde Jebsen
Godsejer Anders Kirk Johansen
Fr. Anja Johansen
Adm. direktør Dieter Kasprzak
Bestyrelsesformand Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak
Fr. Mona Knudsen
Hr. Jørn Knudsen
Hr. Dennis Knudsen (stylist to Marie and Frex-Ex Maria Montell)
Kammerherre, bestyrelsesformand Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (Lego CEO)
Kammerherreinde Kristiansen
Sognepræst Anne Nielsen Krogh
Hr. Eyvind Lender
Afdelingssygeplejerske Vivi Kronborg
Hr. Dan O. Kronborg
Læge Søren Lassen
Fr. Hanne Lassen
Monsieur Diego de Lavandeyra
Fr. Gisela Leonhardt
Hr. Christian Leonhardt
Hr. Joakim Lilholt
Fr. Ida Maria Davidsen Siesbye (famous restauranteur and mother to Joachim's friend Oscar)
Fr. Tina Lindholm
Hr. Jens Peter Lindholm
Hr. Magnus Lorentzen
Monsieur Nicolas Mirabaud
Madame Nicolas Mirabaud (Marie's friend and Athena's godmother Julie)
Kommunaldirektør Svend Erik Møller
Fr. Tove Rosberg
Hr. Alex Niemann
Fr. Helene Christiansen
Vicechefjordemoder Agnete Nørrelund-Madsen
Hr. Søren Nørrelund-Madsen
Fr. Margit Olesen
Hr. Christian Friis
Hr. Peter M. O'Neill
Fr. Gyrithe Nielsen-Man
Centerdirektør, professor Bent Smedegaard Ottesen
Fr. Anne Marie Ottesen
Pastor Peter Parkov (Daisy's priest)
Hr. Mark Patterson
Fr. Mie Egmont-Petersen
Fr. Birgit Poulsen
Hr. Egon Poulsen
Direktør Troels Holch Povlsen
Bestyrelsesformand Michael Pram Rasmussen
Fr. Anne Kjølbye
Komtesse Marina af Rosenborg (distant royal cousin, great-granddaughter of Prince Valdemar)
Hr. Portus Ekman
Greve Valdemar af Rosenborg (brother to Marina, above)
Borgmester Laurids Rudebeck
Fr. Lene Rudebeck
Adm. direktør, advokat Christian Scherfig (lille prins Henrik's godfather)
Fr. Agnete Arnø Scherfig (Marie's bridesmaid)
Direktør Hans Schlaikier
Fr. Wendy Schlaikier
Fr. Jonna Schrøder
Hr. Ib Schrøder
Bestyrelsesformand, generalkonsul, kammerherre Fritz Schur (CEO of Dong Energy, Friend of Daisy)
Monsieur Amaury Silvestre de Sacy (former director of LVMH-Christian Dior, Scandinavia)
Madame Agathe Silvestre de Sacy
Chefjordemoder Mette Simonsen
Hr. Henrik Jacobsen
Fr. Charlotte Sparre (designer and friend of Joachim and Marie)
Hr. Jens Wittrup Willumsen
Hr. Peter Steenstrup (friend of Joachim)
Fr. Henriette Steenstrup (godmother to Athena)
Bestyrelsesformand Bengt Sundstrøm
Direktør Mette Margrethe Rode
Kgl. konfessionarius, biskop Erik Norman Svendsen (presiding priest)
Fr. Margit Svendsen
Fr. Johanne Sølvhøj
Hr. Flemming Hansen
H.H. Prins Christian zu Schaumburg-Lippe (distant royal cousin)
H.H. Prinsesse Lena zu Schaumburg-Lippe
Hr. Per Sørensen
Fr. Susan Sørensen
Fr. Birte Elisabeth Toosbuy
Monsieur Christophe Tschanz
Madame Tschanz
Kammerherre, hofjm., oberstløjtnant Erik Vind (distant royal cousin, descendant of Prince Erik)Kammerherreinde Vind (former Lady in Waiting to Princess Alexandra, née Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille)Fr. Irene Warncke
Hofjægermester, lensgreve Wedell
Hofjægermesterinde, lensgrevinde Wedell
Direktør Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg
Direktør Peter Aandahl
Fr. Lone Westensee
Hr. Kim Westensee
Fr. Christine Wiberg-Lyng
Hr. Erik Wiberg-Lyng

Schackenborg Slot
Hr. Bent Richelsen
Fr. Mette Espe Kristensen
Hr. Jakob Boyschau
Fr. Jane Jessen Andersen
Hr. Magnus Lorentzen
Hr. Peter Linnet
Fr. Gitte Præst Linnet
Hr. Thorkild Jensen
Fr. Inge Johnsen
Hr. Mogens Mamsen
Fhv. oldfrue på Schackenborg Inga Jensen
Hr. Martin Petersen
Hr. Jan Jannsen
Fr. Christina Dyhre Nielsen
Fr. Hanne Marie Toft
Hr. Arne Buczek
Hr. Peter Fält-Hansen
Stuepige Fylla Tjørnelund Jensen

The Court
Court Marshal, kammerherre, ambassadør Ove Ullerup
Mrs. Ullerup
Kabinetssekretær, ordenssekretær, kammerherre Henning Fode
Kammerherreinde Fode
Hofdame for H.M. Dronningen, kammerherreinde, grevinde Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs
Ceremonimester, kammerherre, oberstløjtnant Christian Eugen-Olsen
Kammerherreinde Eugen-Olsen
Privatsekretær, kammerherre, oberst Kurt Bache (Joachim's private secretary)
Kammerherreinde Bache
Hofdame, privatsekretær Britt Siesbye
Hr. Oscar Davidsen Siesbye
Økonomichef, kammerherre Søren Weiskopf Kruse
Kammerherreinde Kruse Weiskopf
Kommunikationschef Lene Balleby
Hr. Erik Brink Andersen
Sekretariatsfuldmægtig Olivier Lesénécal
Adjudant, major Ole H.B. Jensen
Kommunikationskoordinator Kirsten Baltzer Kahr
Hr. David Kahr
Læge Niels Dyre Skovgaard
Læge Per Høeg
Fr. Sara Wiemann
Christening Information: Danish Royal Website

Video: DR (EWWW!! at 36:51, Yrma tells Fred to spit saliva to fix something Xian broke in the pew!! What a bogan!)

Condensed Video: YouTube
Photo Gallery: BT

Susanne and Erik Vind followed by Caroline and Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille (Susanne's brother)

Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg and Peter Aandahl

Countess Sussie and Count Ingolf af Rosenborg, oldest son of Prince Knud

Monsieur Cavallier and his girlfriend Marielle Dubern

Evidently, Carina tripped over the dog and twisted her ankle. Trainers, honey?

"I may not have legal right to any of this shit, but I am IN, baby. See if Gustav dumps me now!"

Cranky Yrma with sprogs and a nanny

She cheers up when the cameras are nearby!

Edouard, Carina, Gregory

Julie, Diego and Henriette

Leaving Schackenborg Slot for church

Official Photos: Steen Brogaard


  1. At the end of the baptism, Marie also performed a deep and graceful curtsey in front of the Queen, while holding baby Athena and wearing quite high heels.
    Mosh should take notes : this is how you do it with class !

  2. It was a gorgeous, effortless curtsey! Mary never dips low, just does a quick, little bouncy thing, then back up and off like a bull in a china shop.

  3. Jokke sure makes beautiful babies..

  4. Hr. Danny Gudnitz and Fr. Rikke Gudnitz from guestlist: Rikke Gudnitz is the designer of the dress Marie is wearing. Also Rikke did the yellow afternoondress Marie wore in Monaco - Danish Design:)

  5. Thank you. Much obliged, Anony! Added it to the list. There are a few more familiar names, but I'm too tired to look them up. Good on Marie for wearing Danish names for her big public engagements!

  6. I just had to laugh even harder when I learned that Mary's dress was designed by Dannii Minogue. Was she wearing Kim Kardashian perfume and Jessica Simpson shoes too? Such a bogan.