Friday, May 25, 2012

Rewind: The Wedding of Prince Joachim and Mlle Marie Agathe Odile Cavallier

Lille Athena's christening this week has led to a request for the Billed Bladet scans from her parents' marriage ceremony in Møgeltønder on 24 May 2008. Great idea, dear commenter! How about a little walk down memory lane?

(Click here for the BB scans from Victoria's wedding, if lille Elle's christening did the same thing for you regarding her parents' very royal and romantic wedding.)

Fred, Yrma, Carina and Victoria at Graasten the day before the wedding.

Clockwise from upper left, Marie's cousin Gabriel Peretti with his wife and two kids (one of which is Marie's godson and who was a page boy); aunt Evelyn Dollfus; brother Grégory Grandet who is one of Athena's godfathers; and step-sister Jennifer Grassiot Shorto with her daughters.

Athena's godfather Diego de Lavandeyra, Hennessy cognac heir, and his date, fellow Beau Soleil classmate Béatrice Denache

Denmark's richest landowner, Bendt Wedell, with Baroness Caroline Fleming

Rose Gad (wife to Holger Foss, Fred's friend) and Monpezat cousin Thomas Beauvillain's Danish wife Mie both in repeat dresses for Fred's and Joachim's weddings

Ellen Hillingsø

Old buddy Rigmor Zobel and her husband and Philip Foss and his wife, both guests at Athena's christening

Birgitte and Jeppe Handwerk. Jeppe is godfather to Xian.

Rebecca and Johan Wedell-Wedellsborg. They were the ones who hosted the dinner with Mary and Rigmor Zobel both present that got Mary in tons of hot water. Johan also had his 40th birthday party in Verbier with both Mary and Fred flying in with other aristos.

Schackenborg secretary Trine Ellemann who said of Marie, "she is fantastically lovely, and she and Joachim get on terribly well."

Joachim's bestie Oscar Davidson Siesbye and his wife Britt, Marie's current Lady in Waiting.

Princess Alexandra's former Lady in Waiting Susanne Vind and her husband Erik. They were at Athena's christening.

Some of Marie's friends.

Lene Balleby and her partner.

Fred getting emotional seeing Marie walk up the aisle. Joachim was breaking down at about the same time. Note how Madam's face just looks critical and judgmental.

Marie's bridesmaid Agnete Arnø

Marie's little page boy is the son of Peter and Henriette Steenstrup. Henriette is one of Athena's godmothers. Also pictured are the Geneva-based designers of Marie's dress and their Danish assistant.

Henrik showing off the Bugatti that Joachim and Marie drove away in. "Derf, don't expect people to be patient with you as king. Better learn a trade. How 'bout fixin' cars?"

A son et lumière for Schackenborg during the wedding reception.

Fred, Mary (unseen) and cousin Alexia on their way back to Graasten after the reception.

Aunt Evelyn, Uncle Christian and Maman Grassiot looking at BT the next day at Schackenborg Kro.

Saying goodbye the next day to the French family.

Marie hugging her grandmother goodbye.

Also from this issue:

Madam and her presque-zizi ready to board the Dannebrog for Derf's 40th birthday party.

"Catch it, bitches?"

Fweddie get a birfday cake! Yay!

Daisy at her friend Susanne Heering's "Mrs. H's Dance Institute"

Henrik in a go cart. 

 Jock giving a speech on globalisation, speaking about his goals for himself and Smoody, no doubt!

Katja! You're welcome, Derfie!

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