Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lille Prins Henrik!

"Ne t'inquiete pas, mon cheri. Tante Mary n'est qu'une phantome. Elle ne peut pas nous toucher."

Little Prince Henrik Carl Joachim Alain is 3 years old today, born 4 May 2009 in Copenhagen, a year after his parents' marriage in Møgeltønder, South Jutland. Félicitations, jeune monsieur!  Never forget: you are so cute and adorable that Mean Auntie Yrma was threatened enough to shoot a couple of Miracle Twins up her twat with a turkey baster in Uncle Yehudi's Manhattan office with Miss Amber Petty holding a dull Greenlandic fish gutting knife to his throat to keep his moaning to a minimum and his compliance to a maximum. Have a great day, little one!

New photies from den lille prins' birthday home at Schackenborg!

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