Friday, August 30, 2013

FAIL: Irony Alert!: Yrma La Douche Opens a Language School: Butchers Speech in Bath of Cutesy-Poo Storytelling Then Heads to INDEX Awards

 The blonde lady at the moment the language school event organisers realised their mistake.

Then that feeling of dread really sinks in. Dammit! Even Billy Cross would have been better!

Irony ho! Just watch the video below and don't worry if you don't understand Danish. That's beside the point. Madam's story is lame. But watch her EMOTE and ENUNCIATE and EXPRESS HERSELF and be CHARMING and DELIGHTFUL - in the most obtuse English-rhythmed Danish ever. What a maroon, "Our Mary"! It's painful to watch her butcher Danish pronunciation, but it is hilarious watching her ACT. She really sees imaginary cameras in her head at all times, with direct access to the computers of casting agents, producers and other powerful people in Sydney, Melbourne, New York and Hollywood, who when the moment they see footage of Madam are furiously emailing their contacts all over the world, including Canberra, Washington DC and the European halls of power so that someone can MAKE THIS WOMAN A STAR! "Gee, Cosmo, why aren't people jumping on this! She's SWELL! She's the NEW DIANA!"

Keep dreaming, Mary!

Video: TV2


Later that evening, Yrma and her sun damaged chestal area and her black bra were at the INDEX Awards. Detailed fashion commentary is rare on this blog, but honestly, even an amateur knows that silver (shoes) and gold (purse) rarely work together. And she PAYS Anja to tell her this looks great?


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy 14th Birthday, Prince Nikolai!

Handsome young Prince Nikolai, eldest of Daisy's grandchildren, celebrates his 14th birthday today! Tillykke, Niko! Such a charmer and really getting grown up, but brother, does he look like a rambunctious teenager! His looks are a nice combination of his mother and Prince Joachim. He seems to have Uncle Derf's physical, risk-taking characteristics. Don't know yet if that is good or bad; it's up to Alexandra and his father to keep thatty in check!

Photos: Steen Brogaard

Bien Joué!: Team Schackenborg Gets It Done With Pleasure and Dignity: A Real Value For the Money Team!

Looking regal and kingly!

Prince Joachim and Princess Marie have really been doing their duties! What a busy August, a month typically lazy in the run up to the return to school. Makes their tiny raise for the 2013-2014 fiscal year and their overall less-than-Derfie annual wages feel rather well earned. A novelty for Danish royals!

Joachim attended the 300th anniversary of the Army Officer's School. The Royal Life Guards band played, and there were representatives from Norway and Germany present. After the celebratory event in the courtyard, Joachim placed three wreaths at the school's memorial to fallen soldiers in WWII and international missions. Derf's still in San Francisco for America's Cup fun.

Meanwhile, Marie inaugurated the Rybners Gymnasium (high school) in Esbjerg, on the Jutland coast. A local to Møgeltønder venue! Nice! It's hard not to notice how Marie has really grown into her role now five years after her marriage and arrival in Denmark. She's fitter, leaner, more beautiful. She's completely blossomed as a person. A loving marriage, motherhood, country life, language skills and a total embrace of her new homeland. A real asset to Denmark!

Prince Joachim was in Paris yesterday to speak at a dinner meeting of the International Federation of Historic Motor Sport Commission. Nice to have this multi-lingual prince able to meet and greet related to his hobby of car racing.