Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sportif!: Fweddie Go Sailing, It Really Work, He Work Hard, Then Fweddie Go To Pawty Wiff Bwonde Wadies, It Really Work, He Work Hard, It Twue!

Love the Prince photobomb. It's like he's blessing little Freddie's double date.
Yesterday, Freddles was at the Skanderborg Festival 2013 handing out prizes and posing with busty or half naked ladies. The gal in the sheer lace top just saw Mary's half-arsed Diana-esque see-through skirt and raised her some ballsy all the way action. THAT's what Fred likes, bitch. Look at that posing Fred and his ladies are doing. That is some serious dedication to people holding other people close in, tight and with no embarrassment. Fred NEVER gets that close to Mary when they're posing!
The previous day, 8 August, Fred participated in the Nations Cup sailing race in Middelfart. This of course shows up on his calendar as "Work". Naturally. However, despite the dorky Forrest Gump haircut, it is hard not to notice how relaxed and happy Fred looks when he is away from his wife, out with his mates and doing his sporty thing. If this sailing habit were a respite from actual hard work, there would be no problem, but this is actually considered work in the Kingdom of Denmark. This is the problem.



Photos: Henning Bager, Ard Jongsma/Smukfest

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  1. We see it time after time. Fred looks really happy and engaged, tactile and relaxed when he is away from Mary.