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Princess Elisabeth Sells Her Charming North Zealand Home: Could Be Yours For Nearly 14 Million Kroner

Blog favourite and general bad-ass Princess Elisabeth is downsizing and putting her very adorable wedding-cake home on the market. The 1916 villa in the upscale but not ritzy town of Holte in North Zealand may have too many levels for the nearly 80 year old gal. Who could blame her? And she'll make a mint. She bought the pile 33 years ago paying just over a million. Good! Your father may have been denied kingship, but you can have the last laugh as one of the few members of the Danish royal family with boo-coo cash on hand. Well played, girl.

The photos show a very lovely mini-palace of 288 square metres. There are small but dignified reception rooms at ground level and very functional private spaces with a lovely view out onto the nearby lake. What a perfect post-divorce home this would be for Madam, la Comtesse de Nez-en-air! Can't you just see MoreMore on the balcony of her own personal Elba? It's situated somewhat between Fredensborg/Kancellihuset and Xian and Izzy's school in Hellerup so that she can still show up at her Daisy-mandated official events in her own children's lives. It's also halfway between Copenhagen and Tisvilde on the north coast, in case romantic getaways are necessary?

Listing: Jesper Nielsen

Article: Berlingske

Princess Elisabeth Puts Multimillion Kroner Villa Up For Sale

Queen Margrethe's cousin, Elisabeth Caroline-Mathilde Alexandrine Helena Olga Thyra Feodora Estrid Margarethe Désirée - or for convenience 'Princess Elisabeth', is looking for a new place to live.

The 78-year-old princess today made her magnificent villa at Gammel Dronninggårds Avenue at Furesøen in Holte available for sale for the staggering sum of 13.9 million kroner, well above the purchase price in 1980, when she paid 1,866,000 million for the property .

If you choose to buy the mansion, you must, according to the broker - who has announced the house under the heading 'In POMP & MAGNIFICENCE' - expect to spend 2-3 million DKK to put the property back into good condition, but then you can in turn impress guests with an entry hall with fireplace, two large living rooms ensuite, stucco ceilings, a balcony overlooking the lake, party room and sauna.

Princess Elisabeth, who is unmarried, is the daughter of Crown Prince Knud and Princess Caroline-Mathilde and older sister to Ingolf and the late Christian of Rosenborg.

She worked in the Foreign Ministry from 1956 to 2001, stationed among other places in Washington, DC, and at the Danish UN mission in the Swiss city of Geneva.

She is number 12 in succession to the throne.

Photos: Jesper Nielsen

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