Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I SAID, LOOKER ME!!! Rejoice: Yrma Saves Syria, Er, Wait, Commits Reverse Crime Against Humanity By Pretending to Care About The World's Most Desperate

"I am Saint Mary of the Narcissist Order of the Bogans. I'm totally gonna make your life better!"

In one of the most egregious acts of largesse that Madam has financed - and she has a stellar portfolio in this regard - Mary Boganson heading to Jordan's refugee camps for Syrians is definitely up at the top. Un-f*cking-believable. Guarantee you she has packed her camera and some very pricey tunics for her photo shoot in the desert with The Poors. Is she thinking that this is exactly the kind of "saviour" publicity she needs on which to sail triumphantly into Sydney later this year to maybe finally generate some decent publicity in her beloved country of Australia?

The stupidity of the Danish government to send More-y Antoinette, her Nikon and her Prada down to the site of one of the world's greatest tragedies is astronomical. Of course, Fred could have been a party to the negotiations so as to keep her out of the US while he parties and talks dirty with his sailing mates in San Francisco (or Mary arranged this to passive-aggressively make Fred look like a useless toff promoting an expensive sport by raising a glass every night in SF bars). Mary brings NO awareness, NO spotlight, NO assistance to this cause. Unless she's in fatigues helping to dig trenches for proper water and wastewater plumbing, her ugly mug has NO business in these camps. This is in so many ways classic and typical behaviour for a narcissist: with no regard for how others might perceive her, she goes forth to reep personal benefits from the misery of others. I wonder if the godfather to Princess Josephine, Prince Carlo di Borbone-Due-Sicilie, bestie of Bashar Al-Assad, arranged this visit for Mary? Does the Danish Government or the Danish Refugee Council understand this association!?!?!

To add insult to injury, please read the quotes by Friis Bach in the article below. The real reason for the Danish government's visit is to make sure the icky brown Muslim people don't find their way into Europe. SERIOUSLY? Oh, and Friis Bach, you've been drinking Madam's koolaid. Mary is the laziest immigrant to Denmark. You have more to fear from entitled white idiots like her than hard working brown folk who want a better life for their children. Mary brings nothing but insults on behalf of Denmark to this region. The situation is too complex for these two smug fools. Cut the trip short and get the hell home. Four little children in an empty palace could use a parent right now.


Article: Berlingske

Crown Princess Focuses on Syria Disaster

What Mary can expect - World History's greatest plea for help - 20,000 Syrians have fled to Jordan - Badly in need of more Danish support for Syrian refugees

When Crown Princess Mary and Development Cooperation Minister Christian Friis Bach travel to Jordan on Tuesday, it will be to visit a refugee camp for the Syrians who had to leave home and family to get away from the civil war horrors. The visit will focus on "the giant humanitarian disaster both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, where more than six million Syrians now need relief," says Friis Bach, who appreciates Mary's participation.

"Crown Princess Mary's commitment is unique. She does an incredible amount of work internationally to focus on women's and girls' rights, and they are particularly vulnerable in a disaster situation such as we see unfold in and around Syria. Women are vulnerable to abuse, violence, sexual violence, unwanted pregnancy, and I am sure that the Crown Princess' visit to the degree will signal that there is an important task to be solved in the refugee camps and to protect girls and women," said the minister, who praises Mary for daring to take the task upon herself.

At the same time, he explains that it is not only the outside world's attention, that is the object of the visit.

"We also take off to show refugees in the region that we remember and help them and to sustain the strong organisations working in the area, including the Danish and the Danish Refugee Council, the Red Cross and Save the Children," says he said, adding.

"And then I'll go to get an overview and see what is needed and what Denmark can do more. Denmark is leading a major European initiative to help the refugees in the community."

The European work trying to protect refugees in areas in and around the civil war-torn country, according to Friis Bach is becoming more and more desperate and frustrated because they lose the opportunity of education and a part of their future by going unemployed around the refugee camps.

"Some refugees do well now in their second year in the refugee camps, we must help them with education, employment and new opportunities nearby. Otherwise, many will try to push against the borders of Europe to try their luck there," says the minister.

Crown Princess Mary is the patron of the Danish Refugee Council, which distributes basic relief in refugee camps for victims of the war, both in neighbouring countries, but also inside Syria.

Two million displaced Syrians have come to neighbouring Jordan and Lebanon and to northern Africa, while four million are still inside Syria. In some particularly chaotic areas, the people are caught between the fighting forces, and therefore it is difficult for international aid agencies to help them.


  1. Very true, one of Mary's expensive Prada bags will surely buy food for a month for several of these refugees. Completely disgusting this behaviour: such hypocrites!

    1. This is beyond offensive. This pathetic excuse for a Crown Princess thinks she can just appear somewhere and problems will magically disappear? She will just come and walk among them and things will get better? What a deluded idiot ... and whoever approved her visit is equally stupid.

  2. Why do the Danish government send this narcissist stuck-up creature to torment the refugees? The refugees need the real aid workers who care their well-being, not some stupid, crazy skank to promote herself in a refugee camp.

  3. Her shirt is a Kors from the "safari" collection. Alomst 600 USdollars. Disgusting how she appears so self-satisfied in her designer duds. Diana was not this stupid and wore cotton shirts. and you couldn;'t identify the designer!!