Friday, August 2, 2013

Joachim and Marie Out On the Town: Stylist Dennis Knudsen's 50th Birthday: Alexandra and Martin There, Too: No Awkwardness Among Grown-Ups

This happened a little while back, but Her og Nu has now made the photos available. Stylist Dennis Knudsen celebrated his 50th birthday with a big party to which were invited many friends and clients, including the Schackenborgs and Countess Alexandra, and many of Denmark's leading show biz personalities. Dennis has also styled Frex Ex, singer Maria Montell for her videos and publicity shots and has been the leading style guru for all the Schackenborg ladies. Dennis is even seen in the moments before lille prins Henrik's christening, as gussying up Nikolai and Felix. He is a hairdresser and makeup artist before anything, and may advise on clothing, but never sells fashion or acts as a middleman between the royals and designers. He also is one of Alexandra's neighbours in Turkey.

Meanwhile, the Boganborg "lady" still reaps advice from Anja Camilla Adjani, who is not only responsible for the train wreck outfits that Mary wears on a regular basis, also anonymously resells Madam's free clothing in a grotesque display of greed and ethical cluelessness and who, through her business partnership with jeweller Marianne Dulong, gives MoreMore free Dulong jools to wear and has had Queen Ingrid's ruby parure completely dismantled and rebuilt into many loose and easily lost pieces that could be impossible to find again once in the folds of a gargoyle's hands or pockets.

Photo Gallery: Her og Nu



Britt and Oscar Siesbye, the Schackenborg BFFs

With Henriette Zobel, Pureheart designer and former stepmother to Rigmor

With Sanne Salmonsen who seranaded Mary on the eve of the wedding with "Proud Mary"

Internationally known and infamous director Lars von Trier


  1. Just a loving couple having a fun night out. No tension, acting, camera-whoring like that minger from Tasmania

  2. I recently showed a picture of Marie to my mother. Her reaction? "Well her head looks a bit misshapen and wonky, but she's still better looking than that Mary."

    Ha! Misshapen head still trumps Mary's face. Gotta love it.