Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hmm: Yrma Hits the Ballet Alone. Hits the Lead Dancer Later?

Is Billed Bladet inadvertently revealing Madam's secret life in a futile attempt to convince us after over 40 years that the vacuous and greedy hussy from Tassie has somehow just discovered culture?

Very interesting development that BB reports: Mary seems to have gone off to the ballet by herself. Yes, sans husband or friends or kid-props or ladies-in-waiting. Very strange indeed, as she never goes anywhere by herself, nor does she ever even attend theatrical productions unless Daisy or an official event demands it. Fred's the thespian in the family, his best performance being that of "Husband of Bogan/Wife No. 1". So, what on earth could get Mary to the theatre, alone, and in a brand new frock, no less?

Hm, the emotional affair (as one-way as it seemed to really be) with Mr. Bach seems to have cooled. Derf doesn't give a crap about her. Wait, didn't Rigmor Zobel's sister Sarah divorce her husband Alexander Kølpin last year? Alexander and Sarah had been party to lots of the Mediterranean cruising (particularly at the stops in the south of France) Derf and Yrma did with coffee magnate Kim Vibe Petersen a few years back and the couple were at the table at La Vela restaurant in Vedbæk during the infamous dinner with Rigmor that got Mary into so much trouble with Daisy and others (and others still). (All that nasty backlash in early 2010 puts the surprise Miracle Twins announcement in summer 2010 into perspective, eh?) Alexander is a dancer, actor and director, and owns a restaurant/club/hotel in Tisvildeleje, where Derf and Yrma have taken the kids now for the past few years in early to mid summer. Alexander is 48 years old and just broke up with model and former ballerina Ibi Støving, as reported by Danish weeklies recently. Alexander also has a son named Vincent and a daughter Roberta. There are loads of Billed Bladet articles on Alexander Kølpin here.

A dancer. So Diana, Mary!

Article: Billed Bladet

Crown Princess Mary Crazy About the Ballet

The Crown Princess was excited for this year's summer ballet at the Bellevue Theatre

Even though it was pouring down at the Bellevue Theatre in Charlottenlund, north of Copenhagen, our crown princess was summer fresh when she showed up at the ballet premiere.

Mary was not officially working when she saw the two plays "The Picture of Dorian Gray" and "The Elephant Man" with, among others, Alexander Kølpin on stage. It was out of sheer interest that she chose to sit as a spectator in the theatre.

Crown Prince Frederik was not there; this experience was pure self-indulgence to Mary.

After the performance, the princess enthusiastically applauded, and she told me that she is very fond of watching ballet.

See the beautiful pictures and read more about Crown Princess Mary's visit to the theatre, the other guests and the performance of Billed Bladet on Thursday.

Just as Mary looks like a melted, hungover Sarah Zobel, Alexander's got a bit of the Freds - with eyeliner a la Nic Cester. Someone at the palace needs to feel like a woman-foxxy-woman!

Mary greeting Sarah Zobel with Alexander in profile, at the Bellevue Theatre, August 2007.

Top Photo: Krestine Havemann


  1. I love the nickname Yrma! How did you come up with it? (I see it's the same letters as Mary but thought maybe there were more reasons?)

    1. Are you aware of the charming French musical and American film "Irma La Douce" (Irma the Sweet)? Yrma La Douche is the Danish version.

  2. a lonely bogan looking for a good root. sounds about right you may be on to something. if mary wanted to be seen at the theatre she would have called the tv channels. that might be stock photo of her. good looking chap but the eyeliner is weird. but so is mary so god bless them.

  3. Ugly bogan, don't pretend to be cultured.

  4. I am sick of the mug shot of this hideous man-woman. Cece, you know she and her freeloader gang are coming to australia in october at the expense of us taxpayers again and again. We are here also taxed to eyeballs. This waste of space is provided with first class travel and accomodation by us. What a sick joke.

  5. Is the same anonymous writing all the comments?