Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sportif!: Billed Barf and Jyllands Posten Team Up To Sell Papers: Claim That Derf Should Be King: Only Throne Derf Can Handle Is The Can

"You want me to be king? You sure about that?"

What are the subscribers of Jyllands Posten smoking? Please keep in mind that Jutland is the most traditional and religious of the regions of Denmark. They love them some God and Daisy. The monarchy's greatest visceral support is most likely here. Lots of little old ladies and Billed Bladets at the hair dresser's. So, the support for the monarchy is there, but this support for little Derfie is strange indeed. Most likely, the survey was skewed so that the respondents were told of the charming Philippe and Mathilde in Belgium "allowing" his parents a lovely retirement and of the glamourous Maxima and Willem-Alexander in The Netherlands "gifting" his mother with well-deserved rest and relaxation. They probably just want Derf to do something awfully nice for his mummy, with whom they no doubt both identify with as the lead arbitor of Danish tradition, and idolise. When Daisy's out there in a floral shower curtain rain coat or a 25 year old madras shirtdress, she looks just like a regular Danish housewife. That appeals, but just as those housewives want their own sons to reap life's riches and rewards, they want the same for doofy little Derfie who has managed over the years to portray himself both as a dashing, athletic he-man and a pitiful victim needing the love of his mother and his wife. This is a cyncial poll and an inaccurate article. Derf does not "show interest in sports, public health and Danish welfare" as long as he is only participating in personal Ironman or mountain biking events, and only cutting the ribbon or shooting the starting gun at kid's events in the park. Sorry, JP, ASH called him out on that in February.

Article: Jyllands Posten

The Danes Want Crown Prince Frederik On The Throne

There are several reasons for the crown prince's popularity - he should not count on the crown preliminary assessment expert.

Should Queen Margrethe let her son, 45-year-old Crown Prince Frederik, have the Danish throne, or should she stay until her death as tradition dictates, and as she has repeatedly stated that she will?

The question has repeatedly been raised in Denmark in recent years, and it has been given new life, after both the Queen of the Netherlands and the King of Belgium has abdicated, giving way to their children during 2013.

It is more an expression of Frederik doing it well, than the queen making it bad.

Now the Sunday edition of our newspaper asked the Danes, and the poll shows that 51 percent of the 1,005 respondents believe that Queen Margrethe should abdicate before her death and let Crown Prince Frederik get to it.

Frederik is ready

30 percent of respondents believe that she should stay until her death, while less than 77 percent believes that the formerly maligned prince is ready for the role of king.

According to historian and royal family expert Sørensen be the big support for Crown Prince Frederik as king, first and foremost as an acknowledgment by the Crown Prince and not as a criticism of the Queen.

PollYouGov has for the Sunday newspaper asked 1,005 representatively selected Danes about their attitude to the royal family's future.

51% of respondents believe that the Queen should abdicate and leave the throne to the Crown Prince.
30%  felt that she should stay until her death, while 11% answered "do not know."
77% of respondents believe that Crown Prince Frederik is ready to be king. 11% disagree with that.
7% of respondents believe that it would be okay to have a queen who is over 80 years old, while 45% believe that the Queen should abdicate before she turns 80.
40% would like to see the Queen abdicate as soon as possible.

"It's more an expression of Frederik doing it well, than the queen making it bad. It is a pat on the back for him, since the Danes are generally satisfied with the queen," says Sørensen told Jyllands-Posten.

Sorry for the Queen?

He also points out that the Danes are affected by the two abdications in Holland and Belgium earlier this year, while large support for the retirement of the queen may also be related to the fact that many think it is a shame for her if she needs to be seated on the throne longer than her health allows.When an entire 77 percent of Danes think that the formerly maligned prince is ready to be king, it is because of Hovbakke Sorensen that he now appears more mature than before.

"The Crown Prince has cultivated some matters to which he shows an interest in society. Sports and public health have been key issues for him, and he has shown commitment to Danish welfare. He simply shows more interest in the community than in the past, and it has made him more popular."

Abdicates hardly

But even if the successor is ready, and although the population thus also seems to want it, Crown Prince Frederik can hardly become king before his mother's death.

"I do not think that Queen Margrethe wants to abdicate, because she has said on many occasions that she will follow tradition on this point. Of course it can not be denied that it might suddenly happen, but there is a very long tradition of not abdicating in Denmark. You have to go back almost 500 years to find someone who abdicated," says Sørensen.

Queen Margrethe is 73 years old. Jyllands-Posten's readers debated the future of the Danish royal family earlier this year.


  1. Bring it on. The deluded Danish media would then claim the new clown king and queen of boganland conquer the world with his intelligence and wit and her beauty, glamour and multi-lingual skills. All heads of states including QEII can't wait to meet with the most glamorous and powerful couple on the planet ever.

  2. Fred is the greatest gift to Danish republicans. They should be leading the parade to have him be king as soon as possible!