Friday, February 1, 2013

Berlingske Op-Ed: And The Day Frederik Becomes King (...Is The Day Denmark Becomes A Republic?): Psst, Frex: Kick It Into Gear, Mate!

Hm, thinking about working, but also thinking about having a beer with that blonde next to me.

We here at DRMW just love Anne Sophie Hermansen, an unrepentant progressive. Her Op-ed blog in today's Berlingske, a conservative broadsheet, gets to the sticking point: Derfie isn't ready to be king because he is failing in his attempts to be Crown Prince and here are some practical ideas for getting out of his fix. This may very well be a part two/response to her blog from the day before, predicting what happens when Denmark's 'rock star queen' takes off, as a response itself to Queen Beatrix's abdication announcement last Monday. Anyway, our Anne Sophie goes out on a limb regarding the royals, and takes a lot of heat for it, so show her some love and give her props. Hats off, ASH!

As you know, Derfie-Doodle tops annual 'Most Popular Dane' polls most years. People love him. He is indeed very down to earth, easy-going, imperfect, un-snobby, sporty, etc. Men and women both like him. He's good-looking by most standards without being intimidatingly heart-throbbish, like many people. He's married to someone who nags him, like many people, but more openly and frequently so. He had a rough childhood emotionally speaking, like many people. He looks tired half the time, like most people with four young children. In other words, he is like a lot of us and acts like it without airs (although the privileges are another matter, but better able to be hidden), so most Danes like him. He's a good egg deep down and so people give him the benefit of the doubt and figure he'll be a good king. But he needs loads of help. He has bad advisors, a bitch of a wife and no self-motivation. But change out the first two, help him with ideas on how to re-kindle his pilot light based on his actual interests (especially how they could be combined with some of Mary's patronages), and now we're getting somewhere! Ms. Hermansen is trying to do that here, using the power of her widely distributed pen. Good luck, Anne Sophie, in getting his attention! It ain't gonna be easy to get the Derf Man into gear, but these are great ideas and ultimately, it's up to Freddles himself to take this ball and share it with his staff to get it rolling. Mange tak!

Op-Ed: Berlingske

This past autumn, the magazine Euroman published a very long interview with Crown Prince Frederik. Here, the the Crown Prince talked about, among other things, wanting to make a difference, but for whom and how he did not elaborate.

The Crown Prince, however, did get something right. If the royal family would lose its connection and degenerate in consumption, by tugging and pulling the Crown Prince Couple must come into its own as role models for a new generation, which calls for substantive and public utility.

It is, for example, very few who are impressed by a middle-aged crown prince, who still goes to Simon's, a crown princess who is passionate to the tune of 16,000 kroner single visit to the hairdresser or looking at pictures of the couple from Verbier and Saint Tropez, where they live the sweet life with pop stars and royal playboys. Perhaps it was fine in the 2000's, when many cultivated consumption and home equity instead of the correct values, but 'the times they are a-changing'.

Today, about every 6th homeowner is technically insolvent. Not since 1995 have so many houses been smoked up at auction. There are still more unemployed people for fewer and fewer jobs, about 2.1 million. Danes are on benefits, companies are increasingly moving abroad, and our competitiveness is declining.

The New Normal is about social responsibility and doing something for others rather than yourself. We do not want to look at Anni & Erik, but would like to hear what people with boots on the ground have to say about the world. Mrs. Grisehandler Larsen is more interesting than Jørgen Varnæs. 'Mormors bordel' (docu-reality tv) is a richer place than the superficial interior designers' exhibition of objects and things and stuff. Political discussions have replaced Italian Amarone wine at the dinner table, and even Nik & Jay have stopped singing about bling-bling. So a crown prince that will make a difference - yes, it sounds sincerely sympathetic.

Frederik, who in 2009 was elected to the International Olympic Committee, also called IOC, had in 2012 participated in two out of 21 board meetings. Despite the fact that the committee has been haunted by corruption scandals, nepotism, has Idi Amin's old army chief as a member and a Spanish fascist as an honorary member, the meetings have probably been shakingly boring. On the other hand, the Crown Prince seems truly commited to sports.

One can only wonder why he is not used for something more worthy and significant. Excuse the little provincial focus, but why be a disinterested member of an international committee when a national one can accomplish something truly meaningful for others?

If only Frederik's advisors had more ambition than just posting in Billed-Bladet, or had advised him to go back to his roots, to reconcile Denmark and to do something of value for future generations.
For example, he could make Fredensborg Palace available for an annual or biannual sports events for children.
Just think how successful transportation company DHL is annually organising relay races that gather over 200,000 Danes.

In collaboration with the Danish Christmas Seal Homes, Council for Children, Save the Children or the Cancer Society, Crown Prince Frederik could create a sporting event and provide children with social problems, overweight problems or serious illness the experience of a lifetime. Using his knowledge of exercise and health in a way that gives many benefits and let Fredensborg Palace form the framework in a place where children are inspired to strive higher, form friendships, help each other to victory and be there for others.

It would not only be a nice project, but also place the crown prince into the realm of culture and values instead of being a culture-less celebrity prince with a wife in Prada. The latter is what to run from, and the former could mean that the Crown does not abolish itself with the next generation.
While elite athletes around the world will survive without a crown prince on the IOC board, a future king on Danish soil could get kids well rounded and feel valued.
And it would make a difference.


  1. Do you remember Yrma´s pictures in her 40th birthday? She was sitting on her big wooden desk, smiling at us. Look at Fred desk in this photo, make the comparison and think!
    FRED, YOU ARE THE PRINCE, you were born prince, your mother is the Queen of Denmark, remember? Wake up Fred and kick the bogan ass!

  2. uh no! Fred taking over after mummy is not gonna work with horrid Mary in the picture! he's miserable with her and he needs to have the balls to cut her loose! Joachim went first and gave him the start so Fred's divorce will be a soft landing on Denmark. It won't be such a shock when it happens.
    Mary is a drag to his psyche! With the right understanding, supportive consort by his side Fred could actually be an effective king. Mary won't give him that! She'll just be a cause of his depression which leads to straying which leads to drinking which leads to more straying which leads to more drinking which leads to laziness ... with Mary in the picture it's a vicious cycle.
    Get rid of the source of sickness and healing can begin.

    GO FRED! man up already and stop crying
    and just do it!
    the kids will be fine.
    Fred is actually a good father which is very endearing and sexy! So that's another reason the public likes him but he needs to stop being a doormat to Mary's bullying! It's not hard to see she bullies Fred. and he pushes back by shutting down, not working and being passive aggressive. Emotional abuse can do a LOT of damage to a sensitive guy like Fred and Mary knows that. Time to stop letting her jerk you around Fred. The palaces, the crown, the status, the jewels are all yours!!! but how frustrating it must be for him to let this cruel arrogant witch dictate to him? wow the nerve of the woman....

  3. Republic of Denmark is sounding more and more sweeter...February 1, 2013 at 11:57 AM

    The article makes good sense. We Danes need to stop being so accepting of the royal family's screw ups. and they screw up A LOT! Danes need to ask more questions, speak out more and make Daisy and company accountable! Be like the Spanish people and the Brits! (especially the brits!) When their RF step out of line they're going to hear it from the press and the public. Nobody is above criticism there which is the right way for monarchy to function in modern times. DRF has to absolutely get with the current times when it comes to appeasing the public because after all who is paying for their behinds? That's right! Their sole existence is due to the public and their money!!! You take their money you need to listen and be grateful and not flaunting your extravagance in their faces. Mary is an expert at this!! She's the Queen of flaunting like bloody kroners grow on trees!

    Anne Sophie said it right and instead of feeling offended the royal family needs to get off their high horses and use the advice given. If the DRF refuses to work with the public and chooses to remain stubborn arrogant fools then Denmark as a Republic is not far off in the future.
    good riddance freeloaders! get a job just like everybody else and pay for your vast expenses yourself!

  4. royalty is a bunch of dog sheeeiit!!! why r all these countries with royals so stupid? paying for a bunch of users just to sit there and look rich and have expensive balls??!!??!!??!!!?!!
    doesn't make any friggin sense in this day and age!!
    it's 2013 Denmark!! wake the farrrkk up!

  5. I just saw a video on Mary's shoes on youtube, I was blown away. What a feckless and reckless woman.

  6. It's time for Margrethe and her gang of robbers to go.
    A Democratic Denmark is the right choice! That's justice!
    Democracy now!

  7. really like the idea of a sporting event for the kids as suggested by ANNE SOPHIE H.
    Ferdles could do so much more in his position! And an annual sporting event like that would be such a boost for these under privileged kids. It's not like he will actually lift a finger and carry out any real work to make it happen. A whole lot of palace people will do all the necessary prep and all Fred has to do is show up with squirrel face Mary and smile for the cameras. That's all they need to do! How hard can that be? Hard life indeed!

    But the problem is, Fred is so unmotivated and effin lazy you just want to shake some sense into him. I mean look at him! He's in a shitty marriage and even that he's too lazy to do something about it. He's too bloody lazy to get a divorce!! ..oh lord he's doomed! And his advisors are just spineless yes-men cowardly wasting public's money to upkeep these miserable mofos!

    Referendum for the Republic of Denmark !!! oh it's gonna happen! you'll see people! it's not a matter of IF but when!!!!

    1. ASH has some really good ideas there. Let's do it Fred!!! "Just Do It"!!

  8. Cece how old is that picture? that's some outdated computer Ferdles has
    he needs spiffy office equipment ..maybe Mary can forego her next pair of Prada shoes and Prada handbag and buy some snazzy 'puter instead ..
    some apple hardware and isht .... get with it Froyodles!

    1. That photie of Derfie was taken at the Danish Embassy in Paris when he was stationed there 1998-99. It was during that time that he met Bettina outside of a Parisian nightclub. She recognised him since she's Danish; when the bouncer wouldn't let him in, she vouched for him, said he was with her.

      Strangely, Mary's computer is something like a Samsung PC. It's in her 40th birthday photies. It was surprising that it wasn't a Mac since she's all over the iPhone. Very un-snazzy.

    2. Bettina was good to Fred and he cheated on her with Mary!
      karma is a bitch Fredderloony!! karma bites you in the asssss and you get what you deserve.
      so now he's with tranny granny Mary looking like a lobotomy patient half the time!

      Tranny Mary's got Fred on her ball and chain! Now he wishes he could free himself from her ball and
      it's not too late FedEx! keep trying to break free!

  9. Right they are freeloaders and they say people who complain about them are haters or jealous or whatever. Could it just be that the working stiffs of Denmark are tired of paying for their
    Magnificent lifestyle. That's all What in the ........ do these lazy slugs do for their money
    Daisy is a shrewd broad and good at manipulating the peasants but when she steps down and Freddy and the Martian step in watch out monarchy. You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you can't fool all the people all the time. If the royals were honest with themselves they would admit they're legalized 21st century thieves