Monday, February 4, 2013

Bien Jouée: Princess Marie Splits Duties Between Promoting Copenhagen Fashion Week and Working With Her UNESCO Patronage

Giving La Boganella's tush a run for its money!
Marie spent the last week in January in Copenhagen for a series of duties, including showing up at Fashion Week, Yrma's patronage. Knowing Madam The Countess of Freebies cannot be relied upon to always attend her patronages, Marie was sent off to the Royal Theatre with MoreMore for Danish fashion grande dame Malene Birger's 10th anniversary show, reliably tolerating Weird Mary for an evening. Then off to up-and-comer Peter Jensen's runway show over the weekend looking chic in black leather trousers and a fitted, tailored jacket.

On 31 January, the princess distributed scholarships to three women working in the field of science to pursue work after their Ph.Ds, in order to encourage more women working in science. These scholarships are sponsored by L'Oréal and handed out in conjunction with Marie's UNESCO patronage at the Royal Academy of Sciences. Anything to encourage more feminist outcomes in the working world and in areas of scientific research. A terrific cause for her to associate with!

Press Release with links: Danish Royal Website

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Photos: Abaca, Hanne Juul/Billed Bladet


  1. Marie looks great and is working hard. The only fly in the ointment is that L'Oreal has an atrocious record on animal testing.

  2. Nice work Princess Marie! Anything to promote Science and Technology advancement in Denmark is an excellent worthwhile cause! And even more special when it's women's involvement in Science that's been lauded. Very encouraging to see women in Science and at PhD level too! awesome! Thanks Marie for promoting this...

  3. Marie looks fantastic! Love the fact she does her own thing dressing for herself and not giving a hoot about fashion labels.
    The way to Danes heart is not to spend an obscene amount of money on designer wear while the average Dane is struggling to hold on to their houses and getting good medical care for their kids and family.
    Thanks Marie for not rubbing it in to low income families flaunting expensive outfits and shoes a la Mary.
    I'm sure she can afford to dress in Prada from head to toe but Marie has more sense and a caring heart not to go that way.

  4. I like Marie! she's still the same. sweet & friendly. she has nice smile too.

  5. ohhh nice perky tush Princess Marie! lol
    she's got curves!

  6. I do too. She is so delicate and has a kind of royal dignity that Yrma can´t buy. In fact, you born with it. With the Schakenborg couple we hsve secure our monarchy. Our Queen must think about it.

    1. you are correct! Marie is a natural! no fakeness ... no airs...
      We admire those things. she would make a much much better Crown Princess than Mary

  7. I want marie to be Crown princess!!!