Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Happy 41st Birthday, Yrma La Douche!

Madam MoreMore will be celebrating her 41st birthday very quietly this year according to all reports, and by her own admission the other day at the Designers' Nest. Yesterday at the Royal Opera House, she handed out an award from the Danish Cancer Society to a cancer research doctor who himself is afflicted with this atrocious disease. Aww, that giant bouquet that goes to the winner is loaded with eucalyptus leaves, so that the winner can go home with a little piece of Australia. Everything's about Mary and Oz!

She had tragic, fried curls and was wearing a cheap-looking, boring blue dress nearly completely identical to one she wore in China recently and the one she wore to the christening of the Miracle Twins, except with a peplum. Like Kate Middleton. Because that sh*t will never stop with her. Never mind that for World Cancer Day, Letizia looked the best she's looked in a looooong time in her smart suit - professional and gorgeous, balancing a lack of ostentatiousness against looking cheap and coming out ahead.

To celebrate Yrma's 41st birthday, and nearly 10 years before she was used as the luckiest pawn in Daisy's PR scheme to cloud Joachim and Alexandra's impending divorce with a 'love story', and also to basically try to convince Danish readers that More-y is the greatest thing that has ever happened to the country and that sunshine, perfume, and rainbows burst forth daily from her flat bum (instead of the reality of sweat stains, armpit stubble and dirty hair), BT is providing a few photo galleries of The Danish Miracle. Enjoy on an empty stomach, or next to a barf bag.

"Mary Surprises Youth By Talking Openly About Sex" - the trip to Africa and discussion about HIV. Can you imagine the surprise and delight if she's really talked openly about the role of sex in her own life, snagging and manipulating all sorts of men folk?

Mary in Mozambique - more silliness from Weird Mary while in Africa a few months ago.

Mary's tears at Tina Jørgensen's funeral - note that her eyes are not red, nor did any water come out of them. But BT's going to give it one more try to convince you otherwise - the power of suggestion! Mary was surely sad about Tina's death, but she is only going through the motions. But dirty hair! Oh, Mary, really.

Here are some highlights from the blowout for Mary's 40th birthday last year:
The guests from the private party at Amalienborg
The photies and interview in Berlingske
Politiken's "tribute" to the birthday girl
Part one of three on BFF Amber Petty

On a happy note, Princess Isabella starts school in August at Tranegårdeskole where Xian will be in 2nd class. Yay! More time away from MoreMore! Friends! Learning! Playtime! Discipline! Positive attention from responsible adults! Congratties, Izzy, you're on your way!

Photos: Jens Astrup


  1. Funny Fred have today decided to get out of bed of his third day of "work" this year, maybe to avoid celebrating More-More?
    Cece, thanks for the important input not being like Billedbladet on everything DRF do. I hope us Danes wake up and see that the "something wrong in the state of Denmark" May be having a lazy expensive royal family in a modern democracy ??

  2. not wishing yrma a happy birthday !


    errr alright ..ok ..ok..ok
    ..hbd to Douche face Mary!!!!!!!

    May Denmark be spared soon of your disgusting greed and obscene over spending! Soon enough you'll be back to Holebarf oh I mean hobart and fade into oblivion

  3. let's have a guessing game what kind of party Mary is throwing for herself..

    A botox party!! ..complete with all her aristocratic pals, also known as Mary's convenient "friends" she uses to shore up freebies and cushy holidays:
    .. Helle Reedtz-Thott, Baroness Caroline Fleming, Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg, Rigmor Zobel.

    perfect time to pert up Mary's chimpmunk cheeks with a dose of botox , fillers , replace her butt collagen - the whole shebang!!

  4. Happy school days to Isabella! Finally she will learn from the best and the smartest! Staying around mummy will just corrupt the poor thing annnnnnd she's probably happy to escape Mary picking on her!
    Mary always seems short with Bella...does she not like her own daughter? poor thing..

  5. After 10 years in public life, this bogan is still a wannabe and getting much worse and weird in looks and behaviour. She is hideous in every way.

  6. Isabella always look sad and messy. Believe me, this will be the reprisse of the Snowhite fairytale. One day this little girl will bloom in a very pretty young woman and her mother in an old and ugly insect. Let´s see how Yrma tries to send her away.

  7. Yrma looks so boring In that dress, well She always looks boring, I Think She is boring.

  8. Mary is hobart's disgusting piglet ! oink oink oink oink