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Mary 40: Birthday Party at Amalienborg

Kylie Matthews in Jezebel red! Poor Mary, having to invite Kylie to everything now after she and Derf were cavorting on a boat in Oz with her foot up his bum and her bare bottom in his face. Well, keep your friends close and your enemies closer!

So, Mary had a party at Amalienborg to celebrate her 40th birthday. A few royal cousins made it, as did the Norwegian and Belgian heirs to the throne with their wives, and some Aussies seemed to make the trip. Fred's friends were out in force, too, but no sign of Rigmor Zobel; Dutch, Spanish or Swedish royals; or the Sluuuuurrrrrrpppppsons. Even Prince Joachim didn't seem to bother crossing the plaza for the party. Too cold out for a barbie by the pool, what sort of havoc was wrecked to the newly restored palace with that many potential drunks (Aussies and Danes kind of have it up on each other in the drinkie department) lolling about. Interesting that Daisy's favourite priest Peter Parkov was there, too. Blessing, or exorcising the whole event?

Daisy arriving from across the courtyard with Carina Axelsson

Princess Mathilde of Belgium

Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium

Prince Nikolaos and Princess Alexandra Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Fred's first cousins

Count Valdemar and sister Countess Marina af Rosenborg, Danish noble cousins of Fred via a royal ancestor. Valdemar is Facebook friends with Katja Storkholm and Søren Jessen - Team Derf!

Freddles' school friend (but never girlfriend) Ellen Hillingsø and Michael and Caroline Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille, themselves partners with Prince Joachim in De Fem Gårde

Jean Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (who works at Georg Jensen) and Caroline Fleming

Caroline Fleming, born Baroness Caroline Iuel-Brockdorff and owner of Valdemars Slot

Preben Kristensen (parter of Mary's hairdresser Søren Heddegaard), Mary's stylist Anja Camilla Aladji and her friend Steen Christiansen

Holger Foss and his wife, prima ballerina Rose Gad. Holger was at Harvard with Fred back in the 90s and accompanied him on their cross country tour of the US. Rose babysat Mary Donaldson after she was arrived in Denmark and also babysat Amber Petty at Christian's baptism (Rose was seated next to Amber, wearing a bright blue beret).

Christel and Frederik Luttichau, who himself is a major landowner. Christel's mother is Susanne Heering, Daisy's dance theatre friend and collaborater, and Cristel's brother is Peter Heering, husband to Mary's private secretary and lady-in-waiting Caroline Heering.

Caroline Heering's sister Marie Louise and her husband Marc Høm, a photographer whose photo of Michelle Obama was less than impressive and didn't allow for much of an international break-out. It was at this wedding that Mary was seen quite diminished on the steps of the castle.

Rikki Juul Brandt, cousin to Ellen Hillingsø, and her husband Michael. Rikki is a serious horsewoman.

Julie Mølsgaard and Søren Jessen, the London restauranteur who gallantly lent Mary his jacket one chilly evening instead of Fred while all three were out and about.

Landowner and Master of the Royal Hunt Jørgen Skeel and his wife Malou in what looks to be the same dress she wore to the boat party for Fred's 40th birthday. Malou was Mary's partner on a secret visit to Thailand back in 2009. The Skeels own the summer house at Blockhus that they loan to Derf and Yrma. Malou is godmother to Izzy.

Dr. Christian Buchwald and his wife Elisabeth. Christian is Derf's longtime tennis partner and godfather to Izzy.

Denmark's richest landowner Bendt Wedell-Wedellsborg and his wife Pernille.

Mary's fake boss at Navision and owner of the Verbier chalet she regularly uses, Peter Warnøe.

Jarl Friss-Mikkelsen and his wife. Jarl Friis co-wrote the song Mary sang for Fred at his 40th birthday party.

Scanomat coffee billionaire and luxury yacht Parsifal III owners Kim and Nina Vibe-Petersen. Kim's businesses got promoted by Derf and Yrma in NYC and in exchange, the Dumbledorks get to party in the Mediterranean on the Petersen's yacht!

Kim and Nina Vibe-Petersen

Baron Otto and Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott

Charlotte Velin who has the unenviable task of accompanying Mary, the kids and Ziggy to the horse trials every year

Long-suffering Private Secretary and Lady-in-Waiting to Mary, Caroline Heering and husband Peter

Tanja Kjærsgaard Doky and jazz musician husband Chris Minh Doky

Mary's first Lady-in-Waiting, American-born Victoria Bernstorff-Gyldensteen

Per Horning, disgraced former chief of the court of the Crown Prince and his wife. Horning was canned not long after he manhandled a member of the press who dared to ask Mary at a public event an embarrassing question.

Julie Fagerholt of Heartmade and her date.

Aussies? The sheila in blue looks very similar to the one who visited Mary in Copenhagen back in 2002. They were seen leaving Cafe Victor, where Mary was seen recently accosting Haakon and Mette-Marit after Daisy's 40th Jubilee celebrations.

Richie Rich Fritz Schur, Friend of Daisy and Henrik, CEO of Dong Energy (that is priceless for a gay man), with his date

Hella Joop and Henrik Jepsen

LEGO heiress Sofie Kirk Kristiansen and husband Christopher Kjær Thomsen

Alexandra and Nader Mouzavisadeh, the latter having attended high school with Derfie

Peter Flinth

Julie Meulengracht and Peter Bang. Julie's grandfather was Derf's grandfather's doctor. Her grandparents were among Queen Ingrid's good friends. Peter Bang is an IT millionaire and was the one who actually got Mary the fake job at Navision in 2002 with Peter Warnøe as her fake boss.

Malene Birger and date

Fred's sailing partner and Pixie's Cutie Shore Manager, Søren Bredvig Nielsen and his wife Ida

Gitte and Christian Dalum who have known Fred for 20 years or so since Gitte and Fred worked together at the UN in New York.

Lars and Anne Katrine Wilhjelm, owners of an estate on the island of Lolland. Fred and Anne Katrine went to Krebs together.

Mary's Belle Property boss and Fred's friend Chris Meehan with his Danish sailor wife Michaela

Jakob and Anne Sofie Reese. They live in London, and Jakob is a regular at royal hunts.

Signe and Jan Tholstrup who own the fashion firm Whiite.

Daisy's favourite preacher, Peter Parkov.

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