Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ecstasy of Mary Donaldson: Princess Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary of Sweden, Duchess of Östergotland

Ew, a Mary! What fun: Ew right in front of Mary! LOL. Well, Mary will finally be a godmother to a royal child, perhaps. Victoria truly is a kind-hearted soul, taking pity on the royal outcast, seeing how she is isolated and strange. But then again, the article below indicates that Swedish opinion is that the name Mary is to honour the connections between the British royal family. Also, giving the child the name Mary might get Vickan off the hook naming La Boganista as godmother - pretend it's for Mary, get other royal heirs to actually be the godparents and she won't know any better. Shhh, don't tell Mary, as she is flying high as a kite over Copenhagen right now! But don't worry, Vickan, Mary knows all about snubbing people and still pretending to be their friend. Exhibit A: Amber Petty.

As for the rest of the names, both grannies are honoured - very nice - and Estelle harkens back to the American wife of Folke Bernadotte, a few of Victoria's paternal cousins and is a French name meaning star. Vickan's Bernadotte cousins via her father's sisters have chosen Estelle as a first name. Frenchy to match her last name Bernadotte. Common, pleasant enough and without a royal pedigree in Sweden, but what do we expect from a couple who had a Disney song sung to them at their otherwise beautiful and digified wedding?

Lille Elle will be Duchess of Östergotland (east Gotland), and her parents are Duke and Duchess of Västergotland (west Gotland). A little too cute, very Vic and Dan, and not a duchy on the level as, say, Skåne, the large southern region across from Denmark.

It may be very safe to say that the choice of name and ducal title indicate that on some level, at least, this young girl will never be queen of Sweden. Time will tell!

Denmark's conservative Berlingske broadsheet has a front page article up describing the name as one of a nightclub queen. The Swedes, apparantly, are not amused by the names.

Video: King of Sweden announcing names

Article: Berlingske

Estelle Sounds Like a Nightclub Queen

This is how Swedes have come to know the name given to their new little princess who came into the world Thursday and is the daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel. And it was a bit of a surprise, according to several Swedish media, after the name had been announced by the Swedish king on Friday morning.

Elisabeth Tarras-Wahlberg, a former press officer at the Swedish court, told the news agency TT that it was "completely unexpected" that the princess has gotten such a name that she, like journalist and popular historian Herman Lindqvist, is 'appalled'.

"It is totally unexpected and very inappropriate for a Swedish, future queen called Estelle. It is completely against all tradition and experience," he said to Aftonbladet.

"It sounds like a nightclub queen, he says.

Estelle is French and means "star" and also is the name known from the Swedish nobility as Count Folke Bernadotte had married a woman named Estelle.

Additionally, the little princess has received names respectively from grandmothers, Silvia and Ewa.

And then there is the name of Mary that the Princess has as her fourth name. Here Katarina Leibring researcher from the University of Uppsala, guesses that the name comes from the Danish crown princess.

"Mary, I think, may indicate that Crown Princess Mary of Denmark should be godmother," she says to Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Several others point out, however, that the name is probably due to the connection between the Swedish and British royal families.

According to the Swedish court's parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, have agreed on the name in consultation with the king.


  1. I can't believe they named the baby after Mary. No matter how obnoxious she is, she seems to land on top.

  2. Damnedest thing, isn't it Anony? Mary's got the Sarah Palin Effect. Perhaps you can take comfort in the fact that the Swedes themselves sure as hell won't acknowledge the connection to the Danish heir's wife, assuring themselves that one was for the Brits. Charles and Camilla will be going to Stockholm next month, so we'll see if there is anything reported about "Queen Mary's great-grandson meeting her little Swedish namesake". Well, we can dream.