Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Margrethe 40: Reception for the Diplomatic Corps

At the Christiansborg Gala Dinner for the Diplomatic Corps stationed in Copenhagen, there was a rare multicultural and multiethnic gathering in Denmark. Nice to see so many guests in national costumes. Mary wore the Carolina Herrera skirt that she usually pairs with the brown sleeveless 'bubbles' top and put a white top on with a puffy-sleeved gold jacket that she has also worn before. Princess Benedikte looks smashing in embroidered soft pink. Fred looks semi-alive, so I guess he got a new blood transfusion recently. Poor Mary will only be able to converse with the guests in English, and not the traditional language of diplomacy French, nor be able to open her conversations with greetings in any other language. Not so diplomatic, is she?

The Menu:

Game and goose terrine
Brussels sprouts and hummus

Filet of Fallow deer
Sauted potatoes
Rosemary baked apples
Pepper sauce

Cheese Mousse


The Prince Consort's wines

US Ambassador Laurie Fulton

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