Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yrma Gives Vickan Half-Hearted Congratties; Other Scandi Royals Are More Sincere

No word on whether the bouquet Mary sent to Victoria (referenced in this article) had been plucked half-dead from a vase on Mary's desk, a treatment Princess Marie knows all too well.

Press Release: Danish Royal Court

Article: Jyllands Posten with video of Daniel's morning press conference.

Frederik and Mary have congratulated Victoria

The Danish royal family want the Swedish Crown Princess Couple to be congratulated on their newborn girl. Flowers should be on when a new baby comes into the world.

Therefore, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary sent a bouquet to the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, who on Thursday morning were the parents of a fit baby girl.

"The Royal Couple have also expressed their joy, and sent flowers to Their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel," writes the Danish court in a press release entitled "Happy Princess".

Queen Margrethe also welcomes the fact that her cousin, King Carl Gustaf, for the first time can call himself a grandfather.

She has followed court tradition and sent "congratulatory telegrams" to the Swedish royal couple and to the new parents.

Also the Norwegian royal family sent warm greetings from the palace in Oslo to Sweden.

"The royal family has sent congratulations to the new parents and the Swedish royal couple for the birth this morning," says deputy communications director Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen to the Norwegian news agency NTB.

While the newborn girl at 3,280 grams and 51 centimeters is the first grandchild - and thus heir to the throne - in Sweden, so is the Danish royal family and Queen Margrethe enriched with as many as eight grandchildren.

In Norway there is also a large brood of children among the royals. There are five children in the third generation of the royal family - and something as modern as a bonus-grandchild

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