Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Verbier 2012: Amber Petty and Mary Go Sledding With Children Too Young To Enjoy It

Crown Princess Mary of Boganson really has no good sense. Not only does she continue to expose her royal children to the unsavoury Amber Petty, but she drags out young babies for speed rides on plastic, Made-in-China crap. Stuff. That's always the answer for the Mary types, just get more stuff. Look at her merrily carry all that junk. More stuff keeps the kids distracted from their poor upbringing and lack of coping skills. And those poor bubs are just too small for this sledding business; such an activity is more about More Mary than them. At the most in an outside environment, they should be participating in exploring snow and maybe making snowmen as an activity. They're one year old, out in the cold, sledding at a speed that puts them in direct line of cold air, while their little bodies are churning to make heat from all the activity. A recipe for a cold if ever there were one. And Princent's dummy should at least be taken out of his mouth! Not so sportif!

Given how many nannies that were recently flown in as the escorts to four young kids, how many must be at home right now forced to make lunch and do laundry since Mary's got her friends working as free babysitters. How resentful must they be, or are they thrilled to be thrown the crumb of getting to cavort with royal kiddos? Notice Derfie is absent: either back on the slopes to escape his wife or "supervising" the nannies. How many people have crammed into that chalet? Mary's really trying to recreate Boganson halcyon days when crowds of cousins were so high that no children could be properly supervised and no one had to really interact with anyone else. We're on to you, Mary!

All photies by Starlounge MSN-DK


  1. Mass murder of defencless animals, skiing, spending various holidays in various palaces, floating around Denmark on the gin palace Dannebrog, and other esoteric, mostly dumbass activities are part and parcel of the DRF's annual programme, and all these things are totally and utterly alien to Yrma, - so, she really must be relishing the opportunity to avoid actually skiing, considering she can't, but the Bogwins will grow, and be indoctrinated into these futile activities, and surpass, and pass Yrma on skis, and the bogan backround will rear its ugly head, just to remind her that she's really on foreign turf.

  2. These children have the potential to embody the worst of both royal and bogan backgrounds: the sense of entitlement and superiority without any sense of obligation, duty or responsibility. Cashed up bogans in the house on the hill at Fountain Lakes. Grotesque, rude and classless. And sadly lacking in any interpersonal skills, if their non-loving mother is any indication. You know it's a weird world when Amber Petty gives you more love and attention than your own MoreMore.

  3. That clown of a princess continues to use her children as accessories in her desire to put her bogan face plastered daily in Danish gossip magazines. Of course we can't rule out the fact that the twins frequent appearances in recent days have something to do with the birth of a beautiful, delicate & well-mannered princess who shall speak several languages fluently (just like her older brothers)and uphold the term "to the manor born".

    The twins also looked like wooden stumps....can hardly move, or stand, and must be incredibly uncomfortable with those goggles shoved on their little faces. Well who cares how they feel...MoreMore MUST have her pics taken and live up to her status as Mother Icon. Barf.

  4. again stealing other peoples work.....stop using our pictures
    i will find you and my lawyer will find you and put a stop to this
    buy your own pictures and stop using other peoples work..now!!!

  5. uffek,
    Try engaging kindly and specifically naming your issues. Who are you? What are you talking about? All photos used on this site are being used on so many others: Royal Dish, Foro Hispanico, My Royals blogspot, the list goes on and on. Starlounge doesn't even credit the photographer, so all I can do is credit Starlounge.

  6. Wow you people are so petty!