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Copenhagen Fashion Week: Amber Petty Coats Mary in Notoriety Slime

Two Aussie grifters in their freebie ugly Marianne Dulong necklaces from weird sycophant "stylist" Anja Camilla Aladji, plotting their next self-interested move

Nice birthday pressie for her bestie, eh? Sing it, Se og Hør! They don't hold back a notch! Must be their new policy for going after the famous. Whatever the case, they really spell out poor Amber's past, her bikie association (forgetting - or leaving out - that she partied hard and was photographed with one who was found murdered just a few hours later); her nude modelling (hardly scandalous by Danish standards, but too vulgar to be royal-adjacent); and her taking the piss out of a foreign head of state (revealing Daisy to be a ciggie addict and a close confidante). As if!

They also provide a link (further below) to the ELLE TV interview Amber gave at the Ole Yde show on 1 February. She looks good here, but mouths off like a country hick dropped in the middle of Cartier telling the reporter with no shame that she wants freebies! Show me your friends, and I'll show you the person. Hick slapper Mary Donaldson lives on. Careful, Daisy!

Also featured at Se og Hør, an article (further below) titled "Amber Mocks Mary" and they include a photograph of Amber with Mary's bouquet at the wedding - a moment replete with tension and Mary's snarky orders to Amber. But they bite Ambs in the arse. Amber decides to stir up trouble in Dano-Austro-Anglo relations by saying Elizabeth is fine for Oz, but Charles needs to stick just with "England" (love it - not the UK, just England. Idiot.), and Mary and Fred are the ones Oz needs to rule them. Can't you just see the campaign slogan: Tinnies For Everyone! with Mary in a cowboy hat and chaps and nothing else rooting a drunk Fred on the beach while Amber and Hamish make out next to a bonfire and Josephine Rechter and Dr. Nadine Johnson tend to the children near the pile of empties.

2 February Se og Hør article on Mary's "Scandal Friend" Amber Petty.

Mary's Scandal Friend

Amber Petty will celebrate with the Crown Princess on Sunday.

She has a shady past. Has had herself photographed nude, was the girlfriend of a biker - and revealed much more about her relationship with the Danish royal family than is desirable.

Nevertheless, Crown Princess Mary keeps hold of her oldest friend, the Australian radio host Amber Petty. And so much so that Amber is currently in Copenhagen, where on Sunday she'll help celebrate Mary's 40th birthday.

The blonde Amber arrived in Copenhagen on Monday and has had time to attend Fashion Week. Yesterday, she was the fashion show at Ole Yde.

"I love being in Copenhagen, but it is somewhat colder than I remember. Luckily I got my warm jacket on today. In Australia, it may well feel a little too warm indoors, but today is nice jacket," confided Scandal-Amber to Billed Bladet magazine.


ELLE TV video including a short interview with Miss Amber Petty who has to suffer the indignity of still being "Princess Mary's bridesmaid".


11 November 2011 Se og Hør: Amber Mocks Mary article.

Amber Mocks Mary

Crown Princess Mary's best friend does not want the monarchy - "why pander to the famous?" she says.

On 19 November 2011, Mary and Frederik landed in Australia.

But now the Crown Princess' controversial friend Amber Petty steals the limelight with a column at online newspaper Adelaide Now.

On the blog Amber is sorry about the fact that her Australian countrymen behave like sycophants when celebrities from abroad visit Australia.

"Is it not just sad that we must be so happy and honoured that these hugely famous names find their way here?" Amber asks on her blog.

Amber believes that the time has come when Australians must regain their national pride without constantly having to be confirmed by people from outside.

Amber does not directly mention Mary and Frederik, but it is clear that Amber is not so royal that it does something.

She writes that she can live with the British queen as a figurehead in Australia, but she wishes that Prince Charles would not play any role in the country.

"Prince Charles can take over the throne as king of England, but he is not the one we need to inherit," writes Amber.

Normally, Amber Petty would not be troubled to act as "ass licker" of the royals. But now she's playing a different tune. Here she is seen, bowing and scraping at Mary and Frederik's wedding.

Here's the video of that tense moment from the wedding when Nasty Bogan Mary spits at Amber for being late to return her bouquet and Amber retaliates by refusing to take Mary's train next to Patricia. All the Tense Mary fun starts about 5:40.

Video: 14 May 2004, Copenhagen Cathedral

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