Monday, February 27, 2012

Mary Takes the USA By Storm! Or, Not.

Just try finding Mary's name anywhere as a speaker, presenter or conference VIP. Nada.

Complete Brochure and Programme: 2012 World Shelter Conference

Update: On the heels of getting a telegram from Africa saying "Go Away", Mary quickly got wind that her suburban Maryland hotel was no where close enough to the real action that SHE, Crown Princess of Denmark, needed to be a part of (so much for Mary's strategery planning skills). "Who else can I visit and save for 15 minutes of camera time in a world capital?", she seemed to ask herself. So, apparantly after a quick visit to Nancy Pelosi's dermatologist, a fuller-cheeked Yrma hopped over to the Inter-America Development Fund building and got her photo taken with the director who himself agreed to sign some papers in Mary's presence no doubt pre-arranged by the Danish Prime Minister when she was in Washington on Friday. Daisy placed a special call for thatty. Luckily, Lene called ahead to make sure this organisation - one that tries to keep overhead costs low so that more money goes to those who need it most - had a beautiful bouquet of flowers ready to present to the princess-thinggie by any ol' small child taken out of school for the best 20 seconds of their life! See, the flowers are the only way you can tell that Mary is the princess in the room. The IADF funds enterprises in Latin America. You know, where Denmark had so many colonies and cultural connections. Oh, and no worries: Mary's new bestie Søren Pind may not like brown people living in Denmark, but he's ok if they are encouraged to stay in their home countries.


  1. Oh come on! According to the Danish press not only is Mary running the conference but if not for her domestic violence wouldn't even have a voice. Doesn't that just bring tears to your eyes.

  2. Oh! yes, boohoo...domestic violence, mobbing, it's now completely eradicated, a past tense, deceased as Cleese's parrot, thanks of course to the KabukiQueen Yrma, she never ceases to amaze!

  3. If only Fred would apply to be a speaker at next year's conference. He could call his session Secret Shame: Husband Abuse: Never Marry a Narcissistic Taswegian Hillbilly with Anger Issues: You Can't Hide Behind Your Bullying Eradication Programme Anymore, Mary!