Monday, February 27, 2012

Søren Pind: Mary's New Bestie Also a Self-Aggrandising Prick with Disdain for Peasants and Other Icky People

Get a life, diversity sucks and stop being haters. That's the message in the entry that Mary's fellow Africa-saviour, disgraced former minister Søren Pind has written in his blog on Berlingske's website. Wow. Random! Show me your friends, Mary, and I'll show you who you are. First Amber Petty, now this whinging, self-pitying, bigoted censor who spews really weird crap trying hard not to give away the side of his unpleasant, hateful personality, but failing at it miserably, blaming everyone else for his problems (has Amber tried dating him?). No wonder his former girlfriend dumped him for one of the grandsons of rich bastard and Elephant-knight Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller. Mary Antoinette, your reputation's already in the crapper. Think about what hanging out in Africa and Washington with this angry loser is all about! Friendships with fellow sociopaths aren't exactly mutually beneficial, nor helpful to society. If this isn't proof that Mary is a narcissist, only concerned with herself, not with others, this is it. Or she's a total and complete idiot. Even the Danish Anti-Racism Front has called out this fool.

Blog Entry: Berlingske


Not again, I thought the other day and skipped through the entry. Apparently a post that dealt with the appropriateness of that new film about former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was based on the Baroness's senile dementia, a disease that came to her a long time after her political work was completed.

Although, the night before I returned home from the premiere with somewhat mixed feelings. The film was presented through the prism of senility. It is the film's constant focal point, and her political career was summarised and breathless. We shall barely touch on it. Completely into the hallucinative conversations with the deceased husband there is confusion, loneliness, grief. Sentimentality. It is as if we in this time, all must be something. Sick. Homo. Immigrant. Handicapping. Depraved. Skinhead. Psychopath. Poor. Greedy. Something outside the normal. For the idea is there so no minorities. And the idea we are all equals. Normality has been lifted, and when normality is lifted, we're all equal. Happy happy. While there is no privacy. Why? Nothing is grotesque, ugly or horrible, but just give character and variety shows. This is how a film about a conservative icon in the 20th century ends, to act on a really quite inconsequential disease at the end of her life, rather than on the lifework that was hers. And before someone calls on me to call dementia indifferent, forget it. I myself have had the horrifying and dignity-killing disease very close to my life. It's horrible. But why it must be the focal point of this is incomprehensible to me. And I can not bear to watch the proceedings anxiously in such a way.

So am I bigot? Do I have allergies to sick people or individuals? Am I a homophobe? Do I have disdain for immigrant groups? I look down on women because they are women? Continue the list. The answer is no. But why am I tired? Tired of the claim that everything must be understood through an illness, a minority, a sexuality, a gender. Thatcher in the movie became more of the view that these days everyone should be something. And therefore not anything. It may well be a true perspective. An analysis that leads to a film being made about major political figures, rather than what they have done, about age-related impotence instead. It is a distortion of reality, which is tiring. And perhaps the reason why so many people increasingly become selective in their choice of news coverage and input. I do not want anymore. Dim all the talking, yelling and screaming about everything that people have completely though, but basically not very interesting. It is noisy. And we are people who actually have a life, a job and a reality to fit into.

NOTE: I am honestly tired of vulgarities in the blogosphere. From now on I'll edit away vulgarities (including language), irrelevant or coarse-grained posts, including grievances over censorship to the extent I have time - and posts where people do not appear in public with their full name.

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