Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Derfy Works Hard, Y'all, So Shut Up, You Meanies!

The pro-monarchal forces are ramping up the defensiveness! DR will be airing a show tonight that discusses the Crown Prince's workload. Some people have noticed it's a bit light. The 90 year old Duke of Edinburgh - who constitutionally has no required role in public life in Great Britain - works much more than the future king of Denmark. And Derfy got a raise for it last year! Suckers. But Berlingske and BT have his back and are fighting the haters! With all the Mary birthday garbage, it's been a bad week to be either a republican, or just anti-Derf and Yrma. Keep a working toilet nearby, you just might need to keep driving the porcelain bus. Perhaps photos of la petite prinsesse will soon be released to carry us temporarily away from our misery. Are you listening, Team Schackenborg!? Your country needs you!

Article: Berlingske

The Crown Prince Works So Hard

136 work days in 2010. 140 days in 2011. So many or so few days that Crown Prince Frederik was at work over the past two years. The data shows that the Royal House has underperformed, according to the programme 'Detector' on DR2.

The question of the extent of the Crown Prince's work has been in focus since the DR-journalist and commentator Kjeld Koplev in an article in Politiken on 5 January, made the assertion that the Crown Prince only works 40 days a year. To compare, the typical wage earner works between 220 and 230 days a year.

Koplev also claims in his article that Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are immature and superficial, and he also believes that the crown prince is working too little.

But according to the royal house's official calendar, the Crown Prince is at work more than Koplev claims.

Crown Prince Frederik has been at work a total of 276 days in the last two years. That is significantly more working days than the 40 per year, Koplev claims.

But the question arises as to what counts as a day with the Crown Prince. The Court counts as a working day, for example, when the Crown Prince participates in a race on his own boat in Florida, USA.

Preparation for official events are counted but not included in the inventory.

The programme 'Detector' will be seen on DR2 tonight at 8pm.

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