Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crown Prince Frederik and Mary are Immature and Superficial

Leave it to serious, republican broadsheet Politiken to call out the only two 40-somethings in Denmark who live without connection to their own generation. Despite university education and international family roots, both of these losers live in their own private Versailles, far, far removed from contented, socially involved, young parents that populate the rest of Denmark. They act like sans-coulottes, but have a disdain for their era and its political expectations on par with Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. Is their Let Them Eat Cake train quickly arriving on the express tracks?

Politiken article by Kjeld Koplev

Am I the only one who thinks that it will be a huge disaster if Queen Margrethe prematurely left the throne to Crown Prince Frederik?

The Crown Prince is still an immature young man without depth and regrettable bilingual devoid of cultural and social understanding.

In many interviews he has repeatedly reiterated that he is very fond of life at home with family. It cultivates he so effectively that people who have more sense of it than I have figured out that the crown prince only works 40 days a year.

Not much for a young, hearty and healthy man. Neither has Crown Princess Mary grown to royal power. She swans around the seemingly superficial lives of needle-like high heels and an affable smile.

Despite the crisis and economic lean times she wanders - as emperor in the Hans Andersen's fairy tale - constantly into fashion stores and come out with larger and more expensive dresses to the delight of the royal press photographers end representatives.

I have nowhere found evidence that the royal couple, as opposed to the Norwegian and the British Crown Princes, has taken part in or expressed understanding for our society's outcasts or endangered.

Their Norwegian counterparts are constantly out in social errands. British Prince William speaks to the homeless issue. He even slept solidarity with them one night in London.

But for our crown prince, there are homeless people in Denmark? Neither Frederik or Mary expresses understanding for the crisis that rages over Europe. When William married his Kate in April last year, they declined wedding gifts for themselves. Englishmen were instead encouraged instead to send money to aid agencies.

Mary and Frederik's wedding gifts filled three floors at Amalienborg.

If we are to have a royal family in Denmark, it is important to keep as long as possible, to Margarethe and Henrik.

The Queen even at a very young age took part in archaeological excavations, she has always drawn and painted, and we've seen her crawl around on the floor in a pair of simple work pants.

And we can smile at Prince Henrik's Danish, but he translates and writes both books and poems. All the qualities we find in the Queen and Prince Henrik, we miss at Frederik and Mary.

It requires culture, depth, and social understanding to become replacements in a modern monarchy. Family idyll, parties and fine clothes do not.

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