Friday, January 20, 2012

Desparate Mary Holds Haakon and MM Hostage?

Isopix photos of the Norwegian royals in Copenhagen

Interesting! From this set of photos, it looks like Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is holding Norwegian Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit a bit hostage after the trio apparantly dined together at Cafe Victor in Copenhagen. Mary seems very diminished in their company and tries to hang on to them there on the sidewalk in order to corner them with a pronouncement about something. Mary is the one who seems to be the one on a mission to be heard, and trying to steer the conversation. What ever could she be acosting them about? Know how to say goodbye, Mary! Or does she desparately want them to be her friends after the divorce? "You'll side with me, right?" How beta! Not a position of strength, Mares!

But it doesn't seem to last long! They seem anxious to get rid of her, so they hug her to jump start a goodbye, but only barely! Haakon's hands seem to be set wide on Mary's back and hovering over the cloth of her coat instead of really embracing her in a big, friendly hug. He's afraid to touch her! MM seems to be engaging in that kind of non-committal overblown friendliness that people who don't really know or like each other - but have to stay on terms with - do. These people are not close other than sharing a unique role in society - a role they approach on very different scales! Haakon and Mette-Marit are engaged with the world, initiating dialogue among young activists, participating in Davos conferences, showing their privileged young children other parts of the world and through encounters with other people, demonstrating kindness, compassion, the sad truth of material inequality in the world and the reality of happiness and richness from more internal sources. Derf and Yrma just got a new vroom vroom!

Then the rest of the photo set is of the happily married couple walking off to meet up with mother Sonja for some shopping - so, ultimately, the joke is on Mary: she doesn't have a husband who will take her in his arm and take pleasure in feeling her body next to his, nor does she have a good relationship with her mother-in-law! Daisy and Mary have never been seen shopping together as far as we know and who could imagine them ever doing so? And if they did, you can be sure Mary, Lene and The McCann Group would have photographers there by the dozen to document that "Daisy Loves Mary". Which leads us to think that Mary, Lene and/or The McCann Group called the photographers out to document "Mary With Her Royal Besties: Screw You, Victoria: Didn't You Hear Marie-Chantal Rave About Me on CNN International?" There is no doubt Haakon and Mette-Marit and Queen Sonja would never have called the photographers out to snap them shopping together, but they followed the Norwegians after Mary left them at Cafe Victor. So much for anonymity after an encounter with starf*cker Mary Boganson!

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