Thursday, January 26, 2012

Presenting La Petite Prinsesse de Schackenborg!

Sikke en sød lille guldklump! Quelle jolie minette! What a little beauty! This morning, a button-busting proud Joachim and a serene and extraordinarily beautiful Marie presented their daughter to the media assembled in the foyer of Rigshospitalet as they left to return home to Amalienborg. It was such a touching scene of blissful, happy parents and their new babe. Joachim was dressed in pastels and was incredibly sweet and chivalrous toward his wife who held the little princess. They presented the image of a very united and loving family, calmly and graciously answering questions and holding the baby for the cameras to see her face. What a sweetie. She was very calm, and is a tiny little thing with a dusting of light brown hair. Marie said that she's eating well and very, very sweet. How lovely that Marie and Joachim hugged and kissed the birthing team at their exit, it is clear that close bonds have been made in their relatively short stay. Even their staff (Britt Siesbye, LIW, and Kurt Bache, Private Secretary) standing behind the family were all smiles and very relaxed.

The whole event was a total, 180-degree contrast to the exit of the Crown Princely Couple and their twins just a year ago with Fred's goofy, detached behaviour that he uses as a coping mechanism against his tense, self-conscious and deeply unhappy wife and their yellow 'miracle' babies followed by a glum Tanya Doky and a control freak Lene Balleby. Bienvenue au monde, petite prinsesse! Watch out for your gargoyle cousins (except for Izzy, you'll like her!) and enjoy being loved and protected by your adorable, older brothers.

Berlingske slide show

Berlingske video

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