Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not So Sportif!: Derf and Yrma at the EU in Brussels

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark are in Brussels today paying an official visit to the EU and its commissioner Herman van Rompuy. The video is here.

Unofficially, this is a make up day to sweep the last visit under the rug and atone for behavioural sins. When the couple was last in town in 2006, Mary manhandled a bottle of water, ripping off the cap with the grace and ease of an old school, east German athlete, freaked out the young flower girls, and Freddums embarrassed himself by showing up pasty, high, and calling out 'Sportif!' whenever someone addressed him.

Mary wore the green Prada skirt suit that she wore to Harlem on their first visit to New York, but this time with black shoes, not the multi-coloured ones as then. The black crocodile Hermés bag makes a comeback, too! Woo, how many jillions of kroner did that baby cost!? The Kate Middleton weave has been properly trimmed in the back.

THESE TWO ARE SO FREAKING AWKWARD. They say hello or god dag to the people they meet, but otherwise move in silence. Could they be any more unsocial or uncouth or completely rude to their hosts? Mary stands like a bull in heat, presque-zizi caught here and there at full attention (what excites it? hearing her heels click against the bare floors or is it the flashbulbs?), no grace, no femininity. Fred looks more awake and sober than last time, but also more neutered. No love lost between them, that is for sure!

A few days later, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg was in Brussels, discussing with Herman van Rompuy their shared experiences of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

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  1. Has Ms. Mares had surgery on her mouth? It used to be more pinched, but it's as if she has had her mouth...stretched. I'm not sure how to explain it.