Monday, January 23, 2012

Prince Joachim's Friend Fights Corruption at the TV & Radio Board

This is an article from today's Politiken about how the Radio and Television Board is initiating some internal investigations regarding a member station participating in terrorism plots. The chairman of this Board is none other than Christian Scherfig, close friend of Prince Joachim, and former head of the Danish Design Centre (for which Crown Prince Frederik is a patron). Fitting that Team Schackenborg would be populated with upright citizens who calmly call for investigations into shenanigans and lead unafraid toward a conclusion of justice! Crown Prince Frederik's friends set him up in discoteques with comely, blonde pieces and then lie to the press once busted about them all being "good friends" and "work partners", implying that Mary finds the young thing sweet and adorable. Ha!

23 January Politiken article

A lawyer by training, Christian is a godfather to lille prins Henrik and his wife Agnete Arnø was Princess Marie's bridesmaid in 2008. Christian and Agnete were married in France at the Chateau Vignelaure near Aix-en-Provence in September 2009; Prince Joachim was best man. Her og Nu's brief video from the wedding is here. They have a young daughter. Christian's sister Lone Scherfig is a film director whose credits include the international hit Italian for Beginners and 2009's acclaimed An Education.

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