Thursday, January 26, 2012

Boo-Boo-Bi-Do Fail: Mary and Fred Attend Concert with Philippe and Mathilde in Brussels

This evening Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark had a private audience with the heir to the Belgian throne, Prince Philippe and his wife Princess Mathalide, who has herself just returned from meeting Crown Prince Haakon of Norway at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland earlier in the week. From intellectual and engaged highs to new lows, all in one week. Then the foursome attended an evening concert together. Again, AWKWARD!

Mary brings on the aging, sourpuss showgirl! Is this woman unhappy or what? In her glittery, Prada housecoat (dowdy hem length, compare to Mathilde's legs-a-palooza dress length) and cutesy bow pumps. Notice her self-conscious right knee bend as she's receiving flowers from the young girl. Please compare to Mathilde doing the same; leaning in to be close to the girl, but not putting on a show. Carol Channing's got nothing on Mary! Philippe and Mathilde are not known to explore too far outside of the box themselves, but then, they have a fragile government and populace to please, so caution works in Belgium; nonetheless, they are a couple who have never been afraid to show public displays of affection: hand holding, caressing, being arm in arm, and general looks of love and leaning in. Compare to Derf and Yrma who lean away from each other! Freddles looks like he is about to cry; he certainly can't be bothered with his wife. Mary looks angry, unhappy and definitely not pleased to touch or be touched (even by the sweet Mathilde in greeting!). What uber-losers. Denmark, you still have the adorable Schackenborg tribe!

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