Tuesday, January 24, 2012

La Petite Prinsesse Gets Her First Visitors

Farmor Daisy, Grandpère Henrik and older brothers Nikolai (12), Felix (9), and Henrik (2.5) visited la petite prinsesse this morning just a few hours after her birth. The boys brought with them a present wrapped in pink paper and the grandmother and father were both wearing pink shirts. Nice touch. Don't recall this being the case when Isabella was born.

No word on when and how Unca Fweddie and Auntie Mary will present themselves at hospital or if Yrma will again re-gift Marie with three day old flowers.

EB article on the three brothers visiting their new sister.

Nikolai is quoted as saying he hopes she looks like him. You're not the only one, kiddo!

24 January BT article on Daisy visiting the new baby.

Nikolai is quoted in the article as telling that he received an SMS at 5am telling him that the baby was on the way.


Here's a video of Uncle Freddles and Auntie Mary after they unclipped his prozac drip and her blood transfusion, to visit la petite prinsesse in hospital. The sound quality is bad, but Derf looks to have been ordered to hold his wife's hand (cupping it to hide that he's barely touching her at all) while Yrma practises her best Nancy Reagan adorable gaze look in his direction. She manages to squeeze in something to say even if Fred was directed to do the talking: "we're very happy for them". Not original or sincere. No flowers, either.

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  1. Wow, Mary looks genuinely happy--not! She is so fake. Wake up Fred.