Saturday, January 14, 2012

Margrethe 40: Concert at DR Concerthall

Saturday, 14 January. An evening of ballet, comedy and other performing arts were on display at the DR Concerthall (including a couple of songs by Sanne Salomonsen who serenaded Mary with "Proud Mary" at the Rock 'n Royal concert a few days before the 14 May 2004 wedding). Dress was black tie with tiaras. Nice to see Countess Alexandra and the diamond drop tiara there, and how proud she must be of her two sons who are the queen's first grandchildren to join her in evening formal events. Don't Nikolai and Felix look handsome in their tuxedos!

DR video of the arrivals and pre-show at the concert hall. Lots of goofy Mary at the end.

DR video of the show Cute footage throughout of the Schackenborg boys.

A dinner of canapes was served at intermission to the 1600 guests, drawing "unmistakable traces of a recognized Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen". All were served with the Prince Consort's wines, La Cigarelle du Prince and a 2008 Chateau de Cahors, Cayx.

• Rimmed salmon, radish, smoked cheese, horseradish and watercress
• Kalveterrin, burnt hay, truffle cream, cranberries and herbs
• Dehydrated beetroot, blackberries and powdered spruce
• Cucumber, lumpfish roe and creme fraiche
• Crispy Croquettes of "stockfish"
• Caramelised onion, cheese and thyme dust
• 72% chocolate, coffee and dried fruit

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