Thursday, January 12, 2012

Backlash against Fred and Mary!

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are immature, superficial and lacking understanding of the crisis that characterizes the rest of the world.

Politiken readers respond to Kjelk Koplev's article about Fred and Mary being immature and superficial.

Therefore, we must stick with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik as long as possible, wrote contributor Kjeld Koplev in an article published yesterday in the wake of a poll showing that a majority of Danes want Margarethe to leave the throne in favour of her eldest son.

Koplev's posts have sent a lot of readers to their keyboards, and while some agree with Koplev, many others disagree, while others again open the discussion on whether or not Denmark should even have a royal family.

Frederik and Mary have continued to be big kids.

Mogens from Valby is one of the readers who agree with Kjeld Koplev:

"The royal couple do nothing more than go around in expensive clothes - fun with plenty of delicious food and drink - be transported around by a chauffeur in expensive cars and lots of tax free goods', he writes and is backed by Lillian A:

"I am a royalist, but Frederik and Mary have continued to be big kids, they do not take part in the country's population, or understand that there are many who lack the necessities of life," she writes.

And this lack of social commitment is echoed in several submissions. Here the Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit and Britain's Prince William are seen as better role models.

"Personally I prefer Mette-Marit's appearance ... down to earth, compassionate. Mary swings more and more up to be a style icon more than a princess who serves the people. Humility is missing," writes Inge Marie from Kolding.

Margarethe and Henrik are no better

But there are also those who do not believe the solution is to keep Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik of Denmark's heads.

"Although I agree with the assessment of Frederik and Mary, there's not much else to say than that they have learned their habits from the Queen and the Prince - as true for virtue as they never showed any kind of public spirit," writes, for example, Carol E. from Støkkemarke, backed by Lone from Randers.

"Totally agree with your (Koplevs ed.) comments about the Crown Prince, but I find it hard to see that Henrik and Margrethe are much better, just because he can translate books, and she can draw and paint - how cool are these sovereigns???"

Should they move into Fælledparken in a residential tent with all 4 kids ...

40 working days a year

Kjeld Koplev writes among other things, that the crown prince "has repeatedly reiterated that he is very fond of life at home with family. He cultivates it so effectively that people who have more sense of it than I have figured out that the crown prince only works 40 days a year."

But this allegation is attacking, among other D. Pedersen from Farum.

"I understand well if Frederik would like more time with his children while they are quite small. Suggest mature reflection not to repeat his parents' pattern. He'll probably want to be more present. Drop the index finger."

Should they move into villa tent?

Finally there are the readers who have a more positive perception of the royal house's residents. Among other Lasse Overgaard from Copenhagen, who regard Crown Prince as a benefit for Denmark.

"I'm not big royalist. But I perceive the contrary, Crown Prince as much community involvement and in balance with what is happening in the world as well as in the small kingdom. I think frankly we're lucky to have such a pair, as we now have a royal family - in spite of fashion shoes and motorcycle!"

Also Sally Poulsen of Odense can't condone the crown prince couple's lifestyle.

"Now close the theater of a royal family! It is undemocratic and a relic from a bygone era."

Folke, Copenhagen

"It is possible that the Crown Prince is immature and so what? Lots of people are never adults. But to say that he has no depth, I think is totally wrong. The same goes for Mary. What should they do? Move down to a Copenhagen park in a residential tent with all 4 kids ... engage in alcohol and drug abuse, so they can really talk to others about their problems?" she asks.

Close the theatre!

The debate on the royal family's legitimacy will also be pulled forward by 's readers.

One of them is Jørgen Rasmussen of Aarhus:

"It should be obvious to everyone: A Royal House of Denmark is outworn, meaningless, anachronistic and a waste of money. To those who constantly claim that the Crown has looked impressive impact on export earnings, etc., etc., let us see one, just one fairly meaningful estimate for this!"

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  1. Relic? Bygone era? I think Danes can be proud of their history, and their Royal Family. Why throw away all of this? And, as far as I know, the Royal Family of Denmark are more actively involved in charitable work than the majority of Danes. I would venture to suggest that they have done more for Denmark than all of the authors of negative comments I have read here on this blog put together. I pose a question to each of you: What have you done for Denmark? "Attacked your own Royal Family" is the only thing I know of...
    It seems to me that some people may simply be jealous.